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The Ultimate Wireless Winner

Chances are you've never even heard of this company. Yet your smartphone wouldn't work without it... and over the past decade, its stock has quietly made investors like you millions.

Dear Opportunistic Investor,

On a muggy fall night in 1985, an ordinary guy named Bob Pelissier's life changed forever...

It was nearly one in the morning, and the 56-year-old truck driver was flipping through the channels when he came across a late-night infomercial advertising "an unprecedented breakthrough in telecommunications."

Mildly intrigued, Bob listened as the announcer explained that something called a "cellular telephone" was about to "change the lifestyles of millions" -- and that investing in this technology was the "business opportunity of the century."

At first, Bob was skeptical. But when he heard that AT&T predicted one day as many as 40% of all calls would come from cell phones, he slowly began to change his mind.

Now, Bob had never made it past high school... and he had virtually no money to invest...

But the more he learned, the more convinced he became that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity he couldn't afford to pass up...

And luckily for him and his wife, he had the good sense to go ahead and get all the details, so he could decide for himself whether or not this really was the big break they had been waiting for...

Of course, you can probably guess how things turned out for Bob Pelissier and his wife, but I urge you to stick with me for just a moment longer...

Because this story has a unique twist that could help you secure a small fortune

Exactly how much are we talking?

Well, had you invested just $5,000 in the little-known stock I'm going to tell you about today shortly before early smartphones (like the BlackBerry 6210) began to hit the market, today you'd be sitting on over $506,000.

That works out to an average return of 52.5% per year every year for a full decade!

Granted, I can't guarantee those kinds of gains going forward, but I can tell you that one of the smartest investors I've ever met is convinced that right now is the perfect time to get invested in this breakout company. And he's not alone...

Famed money manager Gary Kaminsky calls this company "a pure play on wireless growth" and notes that it's "generating tremendous amounts of cash with a very shareholder-friendly focus."

CNBC's Lee Brodie says he likes this company because it's "closely tied to an industry that's poised to explode."

Oppenheimer analyst Timothy Horan says that of the select few companies that operate in this extremely important wireless niche, this one is "not only the biggest but also the best managed."

And apparently he's not the only one who thinks so...

Harvard Business Review recently named this company's longtime leader one of the "Top 100 Best-Performing CEOs in the World."

Nevertheless, you might be wondering if you wouldn't just be better off investing in a well-known giant like Apple or Verizon.

Which brings me back to my original story...

As you've probably guessed, Bob Pelissier and his wife, Lorraine, went on to retire as multi-millionaires -- despite the fact that he drove a big rig for the better part of four decades and she worked 12 hours a day selling sandwiches out of the back of a van.

And it probably comes as no surprise that dozens of other people just like Bob and Lorraine walked away with just as much -- if not more.

But here's something that I'm pretty sure WILL surprise you...

These folks didn't invest in the companies that made cell phones (like Apple)... or even in the carriers that owned and operated the cellular networks (like Verizon).

Instead, they invested in something far less obvious -- but far more valuable...

You see, what they essentially ended up buying were the rights to the radio frequencies that cell phones use to make wireless phone calls (tech types call this "spectrum").

In fact, Bob Pelissier owned the rights for just two cities: Manchester and Nashua, New Hampshire.

Now, I realize that doesn't sound all that impressive.

But, here's the thing...

Had Bob invested in a company that made cell phones, the value of his investment would have been directly tied to how many cell phones that company was able to sell.

Had he invested in a specific cellular carrier, it would have been directly tied to how many subscribers that carrier's network was able to attract -- and let's not forget that the competition was just as fierce back then as it is today.

But because all cell phones used the same radio frequencies, the value of the spectrum Bob owned increased regardless of which cell phone brands people were buying or carriers they were choosing.

All that mattered was that more and more people were using cell phones all the time.

In other words, it was the ultimate win-win wireless investment.

Today, I'm going to introduce you to an incredibly similar opportunity

Granted, this company doesn't own, license, or lease spectrum -- but it does provide behind-the-scenes infrastructure that is absolutely crucial to the functioning of virtually every single cellular networks...

Meaning its value isn't dependent on the success of any one smart phone brand or carrier.

All that matters is that more and more people are using mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers on cellular networks all the time...

But in order to fully understand exactly why it could double -- or even triple -- your money in the coming years, we need to quickly take a look at what has happened in the cell phone industry over the past decade...

Up until about eight or nine years ago, the term "smartphone" meant about as much to most people as "cell phone" did to Bob Pelissier back in 1985.

Crowd of people
Over the past 5 years, AT&T has seen
smartphone traffic soar 20,000%

But then a company called Research In Motion developed the BlackBerry, and before long, they started appearing in the hands of every time-strapped businessman in America.

Sensing a golden opportunity, Apple developed the iPhone, which instantly became the No. 1 must-have gadget for everyone from teenagers to professors, hippies to soccer moms.

And suddenly, everyone from Nokia to Samsung to Google began racing to get in on the action...

For awhile, investors were making an absolute killing off big-name, consumer-facing "smartphone stocks" like these -- and practically everyone was getting rich.

But then the competition between those companies really began to heat up...

The high-end smartphone market started to become saturated... and profit margins began to steadily erode as fewer and fewer people were opting for the newest and most expensive smartphones out there...

All of a sudden, once-mighty smartphone companies like Apple and Samsung began losing their luster and their share prices started to steadily sink...

Which has left even longtime smartphone perma-bulls declaring that the "Best Days for Smartphone Stocks Have Passed."

But here's what most investors are completely overlooking...

And the key reason only a few of the world's savviest investors will continue to make millions off the smartphone revolution from here on out…

Just because the best days for some of the world's most well-known smartphone stocks may have passed…

DOESN'T mean the best days for actual smartphones have passed!

It's quite the opposite, as you can see…

And as you probably know, despite ongoing woes with many other parts of its business, Apple recently blew away analyst expectations when it announced it sold a whopping 31.2 million iPhones in the most recent quarter.

That's over 5 million more iPhones than it sold in the same quarter last year, and the most iPhones Apple has ever sold in what has traditionally been the weakest quarter of the year for smartphone sales…

Meanwhile, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt recently told reporters that over 1.5 million new Android-based smartphones are being activated per day.

And market intelligence firm IHS forecasts that 2013 will be the first time that smartphones sales will account for more than half of all cell phone sales...

Which is a full two years earlier than they had originally predicted.

IHS further estimates that by 2016, over two-thirds of all cell phones sold worldwide will be smartphones. And when you think about it, that only makes sense...

After all, the major advantage that smartphones have over regular cell phones is that you can do just about anything on them -- check your email, log on to Facebook, surf the Web, or watch YouTube videos.

So it's little wonder that people are now using their mobile phones to do all the things they used to have to do at home or at work on their computers.

In fact, many analysts are going so far as to predict that mobile devices like smartphones will end up replacing traditional computers altogether. Now that might sound far-fetched, but consider this...

Apple sold more iPhones in four years than it has Macintosh computers across the entire 28 year history of the iconic PC line.

And according to the industry experts at IDC, last year smartphones outsold desktop and notebook PCs by a more than two-to-one margin.

These same analysts further predict that smartphone sales will nearly double between now and 2016.

But frankly, there's a good chance that estimate could end up being rather conservative, especially given that smartphones are becoming more affordable all the time...

Not to mention, that it's widely rumored that Apple is looking to release an ultra-cheap, low-end iPhone...

Which analysts say could convince tens of millions of regular cell phone users to finally make the switch to a smartphone...

And when you consider the fact that carriers like AT&T have already seen traffic on their networks soar 20,000% over the past 5 years, you'll begin to see why this avalanche of new smartphone users could be a major problem for already strapped cellular networks…

But it's not just that millions upon millions of people are making the switch to smartphones each and every month...

It's also that in a never-ending battle for market share, companies like Nokia, Apple, and Samsung are constantly putting out more and more sophisticated phones all the time.

And while each new generation of phones provides users with dozens of exciting and never-before-seen features...

Each new model tends to be exponentially more "data hungry" than its predecessor.

For instance, last year millions of iPhone users were shocked to find out that -- thanks in large part to features like Apple's revolutionary personal voice assistant, Siri...

The iPhone 4S consumes TWICE as much data as the iPhone 4 and THREE TIMES more than the iPhone 3G.

So you can imagine how much data all the iPhone 5s out there are using…and the exponential amount of data the next generation after that will gobble up…

Of course, this trend of skyrocketing data consumption holds true for virtually every other new smartphone out there.

Not to mention, the millions of tablet computers – like the iPad – that people are using to connect to cell networks each and every day…

Which, according to a recent study suck up 3X more data than their smartphone equivalents!

And as a result of the millions of "data hungry" new smartphones and tablets that continue to pour onto cellular networks month after month…

Companies like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile are going to be forced to spend billions to constantly expand and upgrade their networks.

And right there is your shot to make some serious money!

You see, only a handful of highly specialized companies have the state-of-the-art technology and artful know-how needed to build and maintain the infrastructure that allows these cellular carriers to keep pace with this unprecedented surge in network traffic.

And the company I'm writing you about today stands head and shoulders above all the rest!

Cell Tower
Thanks to an unprecedented surge in
smartphone traffic, demand for cell
sites like this one continues to soar.

Currently, it owns and operates roughly 56,000 "cellular transmission sites" around the world, which it leases out to all major cellular carriers at ever-increasing rates.

And not only is it the largest company of its kind, it's also the most profitable.

Over just the past 12 months, it has cranked out over $800 million in free cash flow -- more than double that of its closest competitor.

Speaking of which, competition isn't all that much of a concern here.

For one thing, favorable zoning laws in many of the places this company operates give it sole control of large amounts of territory.

For another thing, it sports much higher profit margins and a lower debt-to-capital ratio than any of its competitors.

And its abundant cash flow allows the company to reinvest in the business as well as expand to new countries and new markets.

Like Germany -- where this company is in the process of buying some 2,000 cell sites...

And where wireless data usage is expected to grow 4X over the next four years.

Another perk of owning the stock is that management has structured the company as a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) so that it can start returning the majority this cash to shareholders.

As investment legend Gary Kaminsky pointed out after that interview, there are "very few companies that can grow and return capital to shareholders."

But this is certainly one of them.

By now, I'm sure you are starting to see why this stock has shot up over 10,022% since smartphones first hit the shelves.

And you're beginning to get an idea of why this little-known stock is still such an incredible opportunity going forward...

Not to mention, why some of the country's top hedge funds have been buying this stock up hand over fist recently.

But what I've told you so far is really just part of the story...

Of course, if you've seen an ad for any of the major cellular carriers over the past year or so, you no doubt know what I'm talking about...

And while you may not understand exactly what "4G LTE" is, you know AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile are desperate to convince you they have the biggest 4G network out there...

In the same way that DSL was a major step up from dial-up Internet, the basic idea behind 4G LTE is that it is bigger, better, and faster... and will allow your brand new smartphone -- or tablet computer -- to work the way it's supposed to.

Which is why many of today's newest mobile devices -- including the iPhone 5 -- are being designed specifically to work on 4G LTE networks...

In fact, the market experts at IHS estimate that the number of people using 4G LTE networks will quadruple this year...

Nearly triple again next year...

And grow by a factor of 70 between now and 2016!

IHS further estimates that capital spending on 4G LTE infrastructure will jump from just $8.7 billion this year to $36.1 billion just three years from now...

And I'm sure you can understand why the company you've been hearing about today is perfectly positioned to cash in on this epic trend.

Even so, you might be wondering if it's too late to get invested...

Which is why I'm going to let you in on some little-known information...

Not only did one of America's most trusted stock-pickers just feature this incredible company in his award-winning financial newsletter...

Which was recently called out as one of the top three performing investment newsletters in the world by the independent industry watchdogs at Hulbert Financial Digest after it returned investors like you an average of 16.4% per year over the past 5 years

But he's also convinced there's never been a better time to snap up shares.

But why should you trust him?

Well, for starters, because he's legendary for leading investors to huge winners after all the hotshots on Wall Street have declared it's "too late" to cash in.

For instance, back in 2005, he recommended robotic surgery specialist Intuitive Surgical in the very same newsletter I just mentioned.

At the time, shares were selling for $44.17. One year prior, shares had sold for $17.46, and a year before that they were selling for just $8.68.

You read that right... Intuitive Surgical had risen 500% in the two years before he recommended it -- and that scared lesser investors off.

But this visionary investor recognized that Intuitive Surgical was both "top dog" and "first mover" (more on this in just a moment) in a rapidly emerging industry and that it still had plenty of room to run...

And as it turns out, he was right on the money!

Shares recently traded as high as $585.67 -- meaning investors who followed his lead have been able to turn every $10,000 invested into as much as $132,000.

But make no mistake, this wasn't just some sort of lucky break or fluke.

You see, this investor first caught the financial media's attention when he recommended AOL in the summer of 1994 -- after it had quadrupled in just 12 short months.

Of course, the story is the same with AOL... he identified AOL as both a "top dog" and "first mover," and he knew its growth was just getting started -- despite what everyone on Wall Street was saying.

Sure enough, just six short years later, AOL was a 100-bagger -- turning every $10,000 invested into a whopping $1 million -- and transforming this growth investor into a living legend.

And here are just a few more of the incredible investment opportunities he's led investors to recently:

  • Baidu -- Up 1,611%
  • Intuitive Surgical -- Up 749%
  • Catamaran -- Up 925%
  • IPG Photonics –- Up 340%
  • MercadoLibre -- Up 768%
  • Chipotle -- Up 602%

By now, I imagine you're ready to meet this legendary investor and hear more about the incredible "top dog" and "first mover" I've been telling you about today. But first...

Please allow me a proper introduction

My name is Mark Brooks, and I publish the award-winning financial newsletter that I mentioned a moment ago...

It's called Motley Fool Rule Breakers, and it's headed up by the extremely successful stock-picker I've been telling you about today...

You may have already guessed that I'm talking about David Gardner -- co-founder of The Motley Fool.

David Gardner on CNBC
David Gardner on CNBC's Worldwide Exchange
-- October 7, 2010

After all, you've probably seen David on CNBC discussing his favorite growth stocks with some of the nation's other top-tier equity analysts...

Or perhaps you've read one of his many best-selling investment books...

Or maybe you're just familiar with some of his remarkable stock recommendations... eBay in 1999... Starbucks in 1998... AOL in 1994... Amgen in 1998... Amazon in 1997.

Regardless, it's not hard to see why says he's "among the most widely followed stock-pickers in the world."

And I'm sure you can understand why any time David Gardner and the Rule Breakers team get excited about an investment opportunity, I stand up and take notice...

Well, right now they're extremely excited about the fortune-building potential of the company I've been telling you about today.

In fact, they just put together a brand-new premium research report that runs down all of the reasons they think it could be one of their biggest winners yet.

The Ultimate Wireless WinnerIt's called "The Ultimate Wireless Winner: One Stock To Profit Off The Smartphone Supertrend" and it will give you everything you need to get invested in this breakout stock today.

As a "thank you" for sticking with me today, I'd like to give you the chance to claim a free copy of this special report.

That way you can position yourself ahead of the masses that will inevitably begin flowing into this stock once Wall Street fully wakes up to this opportunity.

And I'd also like to give you the chance to join David Gardner's exclusive inner-circle at Rule Breakers without any risk or obligation for just half what investors like you normally have to pay.

That way you'll always be among the first to know about the "top dogs" and "first movers" that are about to hand investors monster profits.

I imagine you're not going to want to wait any longer to get the full story on the "top dog" and "first mover" that stands to benefit so much from this surge in smartphone sales.But first, let me quickly tell you what I mean by "top dog" and "first mover" and explain why this company is the epitome of a Rule Breaker...

Six traits that consistently lead to life-changing profits

Motley Fool Rule Breakers

It's quite simple really.

A "top dog" is a company that dominates its industry... and a "first mover" is a company with a technology or product so revolutionary that it disrupts an existing industry and creates an entirely new one.

On the rare occasion that you find a company that is both a top dog and a first mover, the chances are pretty good that you've found your next big winner...

Just think of eBay in the online auction market... Amazon in the online retail market... or Netflix in the DVD-rental market (David led investors to big gains on all three).

These companies redefined the way business was done, launched entirely new industries, and continue to dominate those industries to this day. And you don't need me to tell you how handsomely they've rewarded shareholders along the way.

So you can see why David Gardner and his Rule Breakers team work around the clock to find companies that are both top dogs and first movers.

But they don't stop there... You see, David discovered long ago that in order to find companies that will deliver truly life-changing investment returns, you have to break the rules and go against much of what passes for "wisdom" on Wall Street.

That's why he searches for companies with...

  • a sustainable competitive advantage that can be exploited for years to come (like exclusive rights to highly in-demand cellular transmission sites all around the world)
  • strong past price appreciation (like 10,022%+ gains in under a decade)
  • excellent management (like a long-standing CEO who top-notch equity analysts and the Harvard Business Review alike have called out as being one of the best in the world)
  • strong consumer appeal (like being the top behind-the-scenes provider to one of the world's most in-demand industries)

And here's the big one...

  • documented proof that the financial media thinks it's "overvalued"

Recently, I've heard this company's valuation called everything from "frothy" to downright "expensive"...

But don't forget, many of David Gardner's biggest winners were recommended after all the fast-talking experts on Wall Street already declared you'd missed your chance to buy.

And when you take into account this company's potential for blockbuster growth outside the U.S., I think you'll agree that there's never been a better time to buy.

In fact, it may be the No. 1 reason to get this wireless winner into your portfolio today...

Earlier I explained that every time a cellular provider like AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint wants to expand its network, this company absolutely rakes it in.

But honestly, when it comes to growth potential, the U.S. is just the tip of the iceberg.

You see, of the 56,000 cell sites this company currently operates, nearly half of those are outside the U.S., in emerging markets like Brazil, Mexico, and India.

Granted, that's not a very large percentage, but get this...

In India, 500,000 people are signing up for cell
phones per day.

In India alone, over 220 million people activated new phones -- just last year!

And in order to keep up with this unprecedented surge in cell phone uses analysts estimate that, as many as 150,000 new cellular transmission sites will need to be constructed in the next couple of years.

As you can imagine, it's a similar story in Chile, Peru, Mexico and Brazil -- which are both experiencing unprecedented growth in cell phone usage.

And I'm sure you can guess who's in the perfect position to build and maintain these new cell sites...

Of course, given this company's rock-solid balance sheet and ample free cash flow, it's also well-positioned to buy the rights to existing cell sites from companies that aren't in such strong financial positions.

In fact, a just-completed deal will give it control of roughly 4,500 more cell sites in India -- which puts it well on the road to its goal of tripling its presence there within the next year.

Not to mention, this company recently bought 3,200 cell sites in South Africa and entered another partnership in Ghana -- giving it a major head start in what is sure to be one of the fastest growing cellular markets of the next 10 to 20 years.

But as exciting a growth opportunity as this is, I certainly wouldn't want you to invest based solely on what I have been able to tell you here today.

That's why I'd like to rush you a copy of our just-released special report, "The Ultimate Wireless Winner." You can even download it and print it out right this minute, if you like.

And again, I want you to have it with my compliments.

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  • Chipotle -- Up 502%

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Mark Brooks
Mark Brooks
Publisher, Motley Fool Rule Breakers

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All official newsletter returns as of September 15, 2013. Unless otherwise noted, all numbers as of September 23, 2013.

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