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OPEC's worst nightmare

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Warren Buffett does.

Find out why savvy investors are quietly loading up on this All-American energy stock, and why its breakthrough technology is making the global oil cartels hot under the collar.

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Dear Investor,

I have a friend. He's really smart.

He might remind you of one of your friends. Or even yourself.

He's taught me a lot of interesting new words. He has a Ph.D. and two master's degrees. He's even on Alex Trebek's short-list to appear on Jeopardy this season.

But my friend is a terrible investor. And he'd be the first to admit it.


Well, in my experience, it’s easy to outsmart yourself when it comes to buying the truly great stocks that can consistently beat the market. Year in and year out.

You know, the ones that can transform a life filled with should-have’s and hope-to’s into a life on easy street.

Because if you're a smart guy like my friend, you tend to look beyond the “obvious.” Seeking for patterns in the stock market that are highly complex. Which means you waste a lot of your time and energy looking for patterns in the stock market that don't even exist.

Meanwhile, if you're a regular guy like me, it's actually a lot easier to avoid that trap. And make investing gains like 2,140%, 2,471%, 2,718%, 3,450%, and 4,929%... without breaking a sweat.

You just need to follow a few simple (but important) rules of thumb.

Like these:

  • If a company rents out its high-tech tools for $41,000 an hour... and demand is so hot that the line to get them is three years long...
  • If Warren Buffett’s investment company Berkshire Hathaway has already bought 3.56 million shares of its stock this year... without breathing a word about it to anyone in public...
  • If it's positioned front and center at the intersection of the two biggest energy mega-trends to come along in a century... helping to make the United States a net exporter of oil by the end of 2014... and completely energy independent within a decade...
  • If Obama is waving the white flag on trying to stop it... because he's happy enough that it's forcing Big Oil companies like Exxon, Shell, and BP to clean up their environmental act...
  • If it's making Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez spin in his grave... and hanging other anti-democratic dirtbags like Vladimir Putin & the Saudi Arabian royal family out to dry for good...

Then I'm investing!

Without a second thought.

Because I don't care if I sound smart. I just care if I make money.

And if that's the way you feel too, then I want to tell you more about this no-brainer investment opportunity.

I'll also show you the simple “before and after” photograph that explains everything you need to know about the global energy industry, and introduce you to two other friends of mine.

They're the guys who bucked conventional wisdom by recommending this stock three years BEFORE Warren Buffett made his move.

It wasn't the first time they made small investors like us a tidy profit by catching on early to a Foolishly simple new idea. And it won't be the last time either.

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But I have to warn you... there’s a lot of smart guys out there in the financial world who will figure this no-brainer out, sooner or later.

Especially once the national news media start covering Resolution #1820.

Because that’s the political catalyst poised to kick this growth engine into fifth gear. And it’s also the reason why Dr. No begged me to write to you today.

(I call my well-educated friend “Dr. No” because he loves talking about investing ideas for hours and hours. But when it comes to making his move, every time I ask him if he actually bought the stock we talked about, he shakes his head sheepishly and says: “No.”)

Dr. No said he didn’t want me to let other investors make the same mistake he did, by waiting too long to act on a sure thing.

He burst into my office waving a copy he’d printed of this new legislation. And saying — or maybe I should say claiming — that he was going to start investing in this stock right away. (“For real this time!”)

And that from now on I could start calling him Dr. Yes.

He went on to explain that he’d had a sudden realization...

You don’t have to like Big Oil to take their $$$. Especially if Big Government is forcing them to shove it right into your hands.

You see, my friend gets particularly skittish when it comes to making investments in the energy industry. When he was younger, he got burned a few times.

  • He worries that the global energy markets are controlled by a web of complex factors much too difficult for ordinary investors like us to understand.
  • He’s concerned about the environmental impact of offshore drilling and hydraulic fracking.
  • And he just flat out doesn’t trust the major oil companies.

That’s a lot of baggage!

But it’s completely understandable... there’s probably a little Dr. No in all of us, right?

And we each have our own personal "light bulb moment."

When we find a stock that can wash all those worries away. (Like this one.)

David and Tom Gardner in New York

Most investors are still recovering from a turbulent “lost decade” in which stocks returned an average of just 47.7%. Meanwhile, readers who followed David and Tom Gardner’s recommendations in their Motley Fool Stock Advisor newsletter have more than tripled that return — they’re up an incredible 151.1%. And with this once in a century energy stock play, they’re poised to deliver you even HIGHER returns.

It just depends on what your past experience is, and what style of investor you are.

Some investors focus on getting a stock at the right price. There’s definitely something to be said for that, and it’s why I took notice when I saw Mr. Buffett’s company Berkshire Hathaway going all-in on this stock. (Joining other legendary gurus like Jean-Marie Eveillard and Frank Sands.)

Other investors focus on the quality of the company behind the stock, and its future growth prospects. That’s the view I learned from David and Tom Gardner, and it’s what led to my own light bulb moment.

It happened quite a while ago, but the memory is still fresh in my mind.

There I was sitting at our Motley Fool company board meeting — surrounded by some of the greatest investing minds in the world.

David and Tom were at the head of the table, of course.

They’re the founders of The Motley Fool... but you might recognize them from their 10 best-selling books, or their public appearances on everything from CNBC, to Larry King Live, to Dr. Phil.

Or maybe you remember them riding AOL to 203 times their original purchase price back in 1999. Testifying before Congress to protect you from financial fraud. Or ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

There were also MBAs, Ph.D.s, and CFAs up the wazoo at the board meeting that day. A major hedge fund director. A business school dean. Heck, even one of Jack Welch’s right-hand men at GE. Plus the #1 power player from a firm the Wall Street Journal calls “the next Berkshire Hathaway.”

And, of course, yours truly. Bryan White.

I really had to pinch myself.

Back when I was working at my uncle’s Italian restaurant in Rochester, saving money to start my own small business... and then working my fingers to the bone 18 hours a day to make that business successful... I never dreamed I’d be hanging out with this sort of crowd.

But it just goes to show you that The Motley Fool isn’t fooling around when they say they can help ordinary people become extraordinary investors.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you need to work at our company, or climb your way up through the ranks of its stock analysts like I did.

I’m just saying that whatever your investing dream is, David and Tom can help you get there.

And even more importantly... they’ll actually listen to you. And they’ll answer any question.

Like the one I asked that day:

Invest in a company that builds the equipment on drilling rigs? Are you guys #$^!&(^&*$ stupid?

Those aren’t the exact words I said. I was a bit more diplomatic. But clearly, they’d heard this question before.

The answer knocked me back on my heels.

And completely changed my outlook on the energy industry...

To understand why, you have to remember the national mood in April of 2010. When the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded off the coast of Louisiana — killing 11 people, and causing the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history.

A tragedy that becomes all the more sickening when you discover that it was completely preventable.

You see, everybody knows that Deepwater Horizon was being leased by British Petroleum.

Lots of tech stuff

BEFORE: Fragmented, un-standardized system. The oil and gas industry 5 years ago.

iphone image

AFTER: Unified, standardized system. The oil and gas industry now. Read on to learn how you can join Warren Buffett and invest in this “energy iPhone.”

What most people don’t know is that it was built by a Korean manufacturer called Hyundai (no relation to the car maker). Owned by a Swiss conglomerate called Transocean. And manned by a patchwork crew from several international staffing firms, including Halliburton.

And get a load of this. As a scientific investigation later determined, the reason the rig exploded is because one crucial part of the assembly — a blowout preventer supplied by a company named Cameron International — failed to operate properly.

Turns out it had a mis-wired electrical switch.

What resulted was a much needed wake-up call for the global oil and gas industry... and also a historic opportunity for American investors.

Because the factors that caused the Gulf oil spill weren’t unique to the Deepwater Horizon rig.

They were symptomatic of an industry that was poorly organized, and technologically backward.

Before Deepwater Horizon, most drilling rigs were custom-built. Using different parts and specifications, and requiring different maintenance programs.

Most of them were also very old...

(Think about how hard it is to find the right parts for an older car. And a mechanic who knows how to fix them.)

But in the late 1990s, a visionary businessman came up with a different plan... he wanted to modernize and standardize the equipment on drilling rigs. So that they would be much easier to operate, and much easier to fix if there was a potential safety problem.

Today, that businessman was just named “CEO of the Year” by the prestigious investment research firm Morningstar.

But back at the time, the major oil companies had no urgent incentive to follow his plan. And of course competitors like Cameron International had no interest in a single, unified system that was controlled by his company.

(Did Intel, Microsoft, Sony, Verizon, and Kodak lay out the red carpet for Steve Jobs when Apple invented the iPhone?)

drill image

It looks like a Mardi Gras crown. But this diamond-studded drill rents for $41,000/hr. And it's one of the new technologies this company is using to turn the global energy industry upside down. That’s why Motley Fool CEO Tom Gardner has recommended it three times, and put it in his personal “Everlasting Portfolio.”

Well, the Gulf oil spill changed all of that. For good.

Spurred on by an outraged public, President Obama and Congress put aside their differences and swung into action.

Passing new laws like the Pipeline Safety Act and the Restore Act... and putting sharper teeth into regulations used by the EPA and the Department of the Interior.

To make a long story short, oil companies like BP, Exxon, Shell, and Chevron were forced to invest in modernized drilling platforms with state-of-the-art equipment like weld-less blowout preventers.

And this visionary CEO’s company was right there ready to meet the demand.

With the very best new technology in the energy industry, and a standardized “end to end” solution that made it all work together seamlessly... and, yes, quite profitably too.

(This company’s working capital reserve is up to a staggering $9.9 billion... it’s grown 24.4% in the past year alone!)

But meanwhile, something even bigger was happening. Deep underground.

The greatest energy revolution in 102 years. And why it's making us safer... cleaner... and whole lot wealthier.

You’d have to go all the way back to 1911 to find a change as massive as this one in the global energy industry.

That was the year when a young British gentleman named Winston Churchill was appointed “First Lord of the Admiralty.”

Putting him in charge of the Royal Navy... the single largest energy consumer in the world. And putting him in position to switch the Royal Navy’s fuel supply.

From coal... to oil.

Changing the course of world history with the stroke of a pen.

Because every major nation soon followed Churchill’s plan. Not just for their navy but for almost all their energy needs.

And as you know, they still follow it. And they still get a lot of their oil from the same place the Royal Navy did: The Middle East.

By the time we got to the 1970s, the Middle Eastern oil producers had joined together to form OPEC.

Bringing the world to its knees by controlling the global supply of energy.

Over time they were joined by other major producers, like Venezuela and Russia.

Meanwhile, global energy demand nearly doubled. And with growing economies like India and China entering the equation in recent years, it’s now skyrocketed to the equivalent of more than 190,082 barrels of oil per minute.

And let’s face it. Alternative fuels — whether they be nuclear, biofuels, “clean coal,” or solar — have never come close to meeting this demand.

One day they might. Perhaps even in our lifetimes. But right now, it’s just tough to plan on.

See, “energy demand” is a theoretical concept for folks like us... oh sure, it might mean a few extra bucks at the pump, or in our power bill. And that pinches.

But for most of the world’s 7 billion people, access to energy is a matter of life and death.

Think growing enough food to keep from starving. Think powering the lights in hospitals and schools. Think not cutting down every tree in a 150-mile radius just to stay warm in the winter.

So the world still needs oil. No question about it.

The good news is, over the past few decades we’ve become better and better at recovering oil... and the natural gas that’s bound up with it.

The bad news is, the easy-to-get oil and gas deposits, closest to the earth's surface, have mostly been tapped out.

That’s what led energy skeptics like Jimmy Carter to warn us about “Peak Oil.” Even George W. Bush — an oil man if there ever was one — warned in his 2006 State of the Union address that America was dangerously “addicted” to foreign petroleum.

Fortunately, a lot can change in a few short years. And investors who stay on top of those changes get richly rewarded.

  • First, we discovered that the reserves of oil and gas underneath American soil are actually way bigger than we ever expected. And that we can unlock them through a new process called “horizontal drilling.” Adding hundreds of thousands of jobs to local economies, and driving an economic renaissance in the heartland. (Crazy but true... if you check the prices for apartments in Williston, North Dakota you’ll find that they’re actually higher than those in Manhattan!)
  • Second, we developed much better -- and safer -- technologies for drilling for oil and gas offshore. That’s why an American “deepwater” well operation in the year 2013 is the greatest engineering marvel in human history... picture a diamond-tipped drill plunging through two miles of water, then blasting through four miles of solid rock, to strike a target the size of a bucket of golf balls!

Add it all up, and the energy picture suddenly looks like this...

oil exporter

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.

When the blue line passes the red line, that means the United States is producing more oil than it’s consuming.

And it’s happening RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT.

Now, it’s certainly true... horizontal drilling on land and deepwater drilling offshore must be done with pinpoint control.

But that’s exactly what makes this company’s technology so revolutionary. And so lucrative.

What they’re achieving now in the energy industry is a lot like what Apple did in the personal electronics industry over the past two decades.

Replacing an outdated, piecemeal system that was prone to failures (and difficult to maintain) with an all-in-one solution that just works better.

And charging through the teeth for it... because it’s worth it.

That’s why they’re:

The most powerful company you’ve never heard of... and why they're taking dead aim at a $1.2 trillion market niche we just can’t get enough of.

It’s also why I’m so excited for you to invest in this stock today.

See, when you strip away all the fancy economic projections and geology lingo, it really comes down to an idea that’s so simple it even starts to sound stupid:

  • The market for high-tech drilling equipment is up to $1.2 trillion, and it’s projected to grow 15.9% this year alone.
  • This one company controls more than HALF of that market... in fact, their technology shows up at 90% of all drilling sites worldwide!
  • This company also profits from tougher government regulation of the oil and gas industry. (Like the new legislation I’ll tell you about in a minute.)
  • They’ve outmaneuvered all of their rivals since 2010. Using their massive profits to buy up all the best new technology innovations in the oil and gas industry.
  • And most of the revenue they make is RECURRING. Meaning they sell their components, services, and upgrades to the Big Oil companies over and over again. (Remember, the line out the door is already so long that their sales backlog extends all the way to 2016!)

Wait, I said this was stupidly simple! So let me get this down to just one bullet point for you:

  • This technology means no more foreign oil from maniacal dictators. No drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife refuge, period. Plus no bumpy ride for investors when the international price of oil swings up and down.

Then again, maybe this says it all:

  • Game over. We win.

And remember, it’s not just me who’s in love with this “stupid” idea.

Motley Fool CEO Tom Gardner has now recommended this stock in our industry-leading Stock Advisor newsletter three times.

And this month, he’s tipped it as a Core Stock. He even bought $39,858 worth this spring for his personal Everlasting Portfolio.

Add it all up, and this is only the second stock in the 20-year history of The Motley Fool to be so highly recommended. (And that other one has nearly tripled.)

But that's not even the BEST reason to invest in this stock.

In fact, I can think of at least 4 more that are much, much better. Don't believe me?

Here goes...

  • You can make this stock the cornerstone of an investment portfolio that could secure the retirement you’ve worked so hard for your whole life.
  • Put a new car in your garage (at your new vacation home).
  • While sending your kids and grandkids to whatever college they choose.
  • And you can do it TODAY.

See, I believe that's what truly motivates the "Dr. Yes" in all of us.

Not the adrenaline rush of checking how high your stock is flying. Or the ego boost of watching your profits pile up.

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But something that's a lot more important in the long run...

We all want to leave a legacy of great investment returns for our families.

So when the right opportunity comes along, you need to know how to take advantage.

That's why I'm so proud to work at The Motley Fool. And so proud of the results that David and Tom deliver in their Stock Advisor newsletter.

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And an average return that’s more than tripled the rest of the stock market for more than a DECADE.

Look, anyone can have a lucky guess. Maybe even two or three lucky guesses. But to compile a reliable long-term track record like that one, you need something more.

You need to pick great companies.

Not great bubbles.

Because let’s be realistic. Truly timing the market — picking a stock on exactly the right day, the right week, or even the right month — is impossible.

Nobody in the financial media circus will ever admit this, but it’s true.

Good investments are made for the long haul. I don’t mean 100 years. 5 is plenty. 10 is even better.

And it doesn’t take much to make a “long haul” when we’re talking about Wall Street.

The trading algorithms that Goldman Sachs and the other big banks use to move most of the world’s money around change their mind every nanosecond, all because some other trading algorithm changed its mind.

That used to scare me (and make me angry). Until I realized that none of it really matters.

Because what does matter... what really builds life-changing wealth for ordinary investors like us... is focusing on the long-term, big-picture historical trends.

Like American energy independence.

And strangely enough, that means making great investments is easy.

You just need some sound guidance to point you to where the best long-term opportunities are, some spare cash, and the mental discipline to turn off all the non-stop, 24-hour noise from the financial media.

If you can do that successfully... well, here’s what investing looks like when you don’t outsmart yourself...

Motley Fool Stock Advisor's Top 3 TV Stocks

The red line in this chart represents the returns of the S&P 500. So if you had invested $10,000 in the overall stock market back in March 2002, you’d have $17,148 today.

The blue line represents the performance of the picks David and Tom have made over the years in Motley Fool Stock Advisor... with no cherry picking whatsoever. Which means that if you had invested $10,000 in the recommendations that they made over that same time period, you’d have $52,191 today.

I’ll take the blue line!

And I’ll show you how you can take it too. Plus, I’ll share one other story about the Gardner brothers that you can use to your own advantage today.

But first, I want to quickly explain:

Why you need this stock NOW... and the best way to get it.

Thanks for reading my letter today. I hope the information I’ve provided so far has been helpful to you.

And sorry for all those bullet point lists.

Truth is, I’m not the world’s most eloquent writer. And I’ve been rushing to make sure this email got to you before the Congressional Natural Resources Committee reviews Resolution #1820 this month.

It’s called “The Safeguards Act.” And it’s the growth catalyst savvy investors are monitoring closely...

After all, any further offshore drilling regulation from Congress or the Obama administration could cause their position in this stock to SKYROCKET overnight.

(Remember, that’s why David and Tom Gardner just named it a Best Buy Now.)

But if you’ll give me just a few more minutes of your time, I’d like to give you an even better “catalyst” for your investing portfolio.

It’s a special opportunity that The Motley Fool has never extended to anyone before. Even including our current members.

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  • An emerging company developing the technology behind the Internet of Everything (IoE). This is the massive trend The Wall Street Journal refers to as a"very, very, very Big Thing… in a world of ‘Next Big Things.'" It's poised to grow fivefold in just seven years. And this company sits right at the center...
  • A power player lined up to actually profit from Obamacare. Although the market has given it the cold shoulder,"this outlook couldn't be more short-sighted," according to one top analyst. That's because it's perfectly positioned to cash in on two massive trends that are aligning right now in America: healthcare cost inflation and an aging population…
  • An under-the-radar oil and natural gas development firm. This company provides state-of-the-art seismic data that makes complex drilling possible -- a service major companies like BP, Shell, and Statoil are ponying up big money for...

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