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What Recession?

While the rest of the investment world is sweating
through one of the most chaotic market rides in
history and bracing for a global economic meltdown
we'd like to show you an alternative reality...

One where revenue is growing at a record pace...
backlogged orders are closing in on $165
million... and facilities are expanding just to keep up
with demand...

So what is this alternative reality? Why is it seemingly
immune to the current economic pinch? And how can you
access it for up to 50% gains?

Here's everything you need to know...

Dear Fellow Investor,

Right now you're at one of the biggest crossroads of your investment lifetime…

On one hand, you have stock prices near their lowest point in almost a quarter of a century and Warren Buffett, the world's smartest and wealthiest investor saying there's no better time to buy…

Which means… make some wise investment choices today and you could grow wealthy beyond your dreams.

But I also know it's hard to ignore just how scary things have gotten …

Falling home values… rising unemployment… dismal corporate earnings… businesses folding left and right…

So what should you do? Where do you begin?

Well, that's exactly why I'm writing you this letter…

You see, what most investors don't realize is that there is a crisis-proof, maybe even recession-proof way to get through this mess…

One that could reward you with gains of 100% or more over the next three years -- regardless of what's going on in the U.S. and world economies.

Which means that while everyone else is on the sidelines trying to figure out exactly what to do, you could be way ahead of the game… safely in the market and profiting.

Think about it… you have the chance today to not only protect your wealth but also position yourself for some of the biggest gains of your lifetime.


Good. Here's everything you need to know…

A Chance to Safely Capture "Once in a Lifetime"
Type Gains…

This is the time when fortunes can be made…

And while things may seem pretty tough right now, looking back over the past few decades you'll see that during this type of "financial Armageddon" is one of the best times to invest and make money…

For example…

Back in January 1973, when OPEC announced an oil embargo on the U.S., the stock market went into a freefall. And by the time October 1974 came around, the S&P had dropped 48.2%.

But anyone who bought stocks at the beginning of that same October saw gains of 31% within a year and gains of 64% within 2 years.

And who could forget Black Monday…

On October 19th, 1987, stock markets around the world crashed and the S&P tanked 20.4%, the single largest one day percentage drop in history.

According to author and financial journalist Jim Jubak, if you had bought stocks the day after Black Monday - you'd have captured 11% gains within the next 12 months.

Not only that… you'd have scored 52% gains within 2 years following the crash.

Or how about back in 2002?

Mr. Jubak says that by simply investing on October 9th, 2002, the day the S&P hit its lowest mark after the 2000 dot-com bust, you would have made 33% in 1 year and 44% in 2 years.

The point is, these types of market busts and booms go in cycles.

And it's the smart investors, those who take advantage of these low price points, who come out much, much wealthier on the other side.

Which is probably why master value investor Martin Whitman (manager of the $4 billion Third Avenue Value Fund) calls our current market the "opportunity of a lifetime."

It all adds up to one thing: Now is the time for you to start investing and adding to your portfolio.

But before you go any further, I have to caution you…

Before You Invest 1 Dime in This Stock Market --
You Must Read This…

There are some alarming drivers behind the market's recent slide …

The housing meltdown… growing unemployment… consumer confidence levels dropping to their lowest point in 40 years…

There's no doubt that the U.S. economy (and the world economy for that matter) is under some intense pressure right now.

Low sales… growing debt… tight credit markets…it's a perfect storm, and that means businesses are going to get slammed.

Only the best will survive and thrive.

So while we want to take advantage of this "once in a lifetime" buying opportunity, we must proceed with caution.

And I'm going to show you one of the smartest and safest ways to do just that.

It has to do with buying businesses that are thriving despite the current economic storm.

Think it's impossible to find a business like that these days?

Well, it's not.

We're so sure this is the best way to play it safe, while still positioning ourselves for huge gains that we've spent hundreds of hours over the past few weeks combing through the numbers.

And what we've come up with are some of the best crisis-proof, recession-proof businesses in the market today.

They have rock-solid balance sheets with ample cash… no long-term debt… are managed by some of the smartest guys on the planet and… represent an unbelievable value to their customers…

Simply put, these are the businesses that are thriving despite the current economic storm.

Even better… their stock prices are currently off their highs for the year.

Which means that you're getting great businesses… unbelievable businesses… at a discounted price.

In short, these are the stocks your friends, your family, and your neighbors wish they knew about today.

I can't stress enough how important it is to play it smart in this current market. Make the right moves and you could make some huge gains over the next year.

That's why I want to share with you some important research we just finished compiling.

It's called The Best Recession Proof Businesses to Own Right Now.

Inside this special report, you'll find all the details on these extraordinary businesses. And in a moment I'll tell you how you can receive this important briefing absolutely free…

But first let me tell you a little bit about one of the company's we uncovered …

On Sale Now… a Virtually Recession-Proof Business
Poised for Big Gains…

An investment story like this doesn't come along very often…

It's a business that is sailing through one of the most difficult financial markets we've seen in decades.

In fact, it's been able to do what very few businesses can- not only grow its business, but protect its stock value along the way.

What's even more amazing is that during 2008, as the subprime mess escalated and the economy started unwinding and the stock market fell more than 38%, this stock has jumped nearly 50%.

It's a point worth repeating… up 50% over the course of one of the most difficult financial markets we've seen in decades.

Yet, there's a good chance you've never heard about this company before.

It creates and manufactures cutting-edge surveillance technologies and it's quickly becoming a niche leader in the security and defense industry…

  • Sales have almost tripled since the end of 2003…
  • Current backlog orders equal $165 million…
  • The company has NO debt…
  • During the past 12 months, sales are up 43%…
  • The company recently expanded manufacturing operations to keep up with demand.

Can you imagine… a business right now… in this economy… needing to expand its operations?

Well, as Investor's Business Daily points out, "This company is selling its systems faster than it can make them."

But that's not all…

It's also adapting its technologies to the private sector and to markets abroad. In fact, its systems played a key communications role in the Beijing Olympics this past summer.

And right now, as I write this letter, this company's business is expanding further into the Middle East and other Asian markets.

I honestly can't say enough about what a smart buy this business is right now.

So who else is bullish on this company?

Apparently the folks who work there…

Nearly 20% of its outstanding shares are owned by company insiders.

A few weeks ago, Warren Buffett said it's time to "buy America" and we believe this is one the safest and most potentially profitable places you can invest your money right now…

Add in the market's recent sell off, and you have the chance to scoop up an incredible business at an amazing price.

The bottom line… this is one company you need to know more about and consider adding to your portfolio today.

Which is why I'm including everything you need to know about this business… the name… the stock symbol and… and a fully detailed write up on it. It's all inside The Best Recession Proof Businesses to Own Right Now.

And for a limited time, this very important report is our gift to you. You can claim your copy right now and right from your computer. (I'll explain how to access it in a moment.)

It's all part of our strategy to get you off the sidelines and into "the greatest buying opportunity of our generation… "

The Secret to Growing Rich…

Let me introduce myself…

My name is Kate Ward, and I'm the Executive Publisher of Motley Fool Stock Advisor.

Stock Advisor is an investment advisory service created by stock picking gurus David and Tom Gardner. Six years ago they started this special service with one purpose in mind…

To build lasting wealth for you and your family by helping you find the world's best investments.

So is their strategy working?


Just check out these huge gains…

  • Marvel Entertainment… up 837%
  • Activision Blizzard… up 538%
  • Quality Systems… up 1,023%

So how do they do what they do?

By drawing on a combined 40 years of stock picking experience and using a smart blend of growth and value investment strategies.

You see, David's a dedicated growth guy. And aside from solid financials, he's always on the look out for companies that have an "unquantifiable greatness" - companies that consumers need, want and don't want to be without.

And this knack for uncovering the "best of the best" up-and-coming businesses has paid off in a big way…

Including gains like 211% on Netflix and 356% on Priceline.

Tom also has a great track record - he's more of a value guy who spends hours upon hours digging through the financials.

Which means not only is he able to weed out those businesses with toxic liabilities, he's also able to uncover those best-buy businesses - companies with valuable hidden assets that Wall Street and the rest of the world know little about.

Tom has helped readers move into some amazing gains… like 87% on UnitedHealth Group and 99% on Affiliated Managers Group.

The bottom line…

David and Tom help you build your wealth by showing you great businesses at great prices each and every month.

And here's something else…

These guys are not hyperactive traders.

That's hugely important because hyperactive trading is actually the key reason why 149% of the people on the planet will never grow rich from investing…

You see, most people try to capture gains by timing the ups and downs of the market.

They do this by moving in and out of positions often.

Unfortunately what the average investor doesn't realize is that it's statistically impossible to ever make money this way.

In fact, a study done by Sanford Bernstein & Company, a global wealth management firm with some $69 billion in assets (as of December 31, 2008) and a private clientele that includes some of the nation's most prominent families explains why…

The results of Bernstein & Company's study revealed that over a 67-year period, roughly 85% of investment returns on stocks occurred in just 60 months or 7% of that whole time period.

The best 60 months averaged an 11% gain.

The rest of the months, or 93% of the time, returns were only 1/100 of a percent.

Simply put, no one can consistently predict when stocks are going to rally, so trying to time your investment gains with active trading strategies won't work.

I don't care how smart you are, how many degrees you hold, or how great you think your broker is… you will not get rich investing this way.

So what does work?

Well, it's the secret used by some of the greatest investors on the planet… Warren Buffett… Benjamin Graham… Sir John Templeton.

Buying great businesses at discounted prices and holding most of them for an average of 4-5 years. And holding the best of the bunch indefinitely.

Which is exactly what Stock Advisor brings you each month… great businesses at great prices… along with team of experienced analysts who watch over them every single step of the way.

Great businesses like the one we just discussed -- and just like this…

Another Recession-Busting Business You Need to Know
About and Own Today…

As I mentioned earlier, we're in unprecedented times…

We have before us of one of the best buying opportunity of our generation… but with the economy so uncertain it's smart to be cautious.

That's why we're helping you buy a great margin of safety with the best crisis-proof, recession-proof businesses around today.

You'll learn full details about these businesses inside our special report The Best Recession Proof Businesses to Own Right Now.

Not only will you read about the booming tech company I told you about earlier, you'll also receive the full details on an "under the radar" business seeing record profits in 2008…

What I like about this company is that it has a simple business model - one that's even more valuable in tough economic times…

And it's been able to explode its growth by taking advantage of an inexpensive and powerful resource… the Internet.

Which has allowed this company to go global in a big way.

Revenue grew a very solid 126% between 2003 and 2008.

And there'll be no worry about any type of credit crunch here… the company has a ton of cash on its books… $22 million and NO debt.

Then there's the fact that the guy who's steering the ship also happens to be vested in this company's performance in a big way… He's not only the president; he's also the largest shareholder.

So how is this business doing in this uncertain market?

It's another great recession-proof business I believe could double in the next few years.

That's the kind of business you need to own today.

You can read about it right now inside The Best Recession Proof Businesses to Own Right Now.

And it's available for you to access right now on our website.

It has the full details on these 2 safe and profitable businesses… They're a smart and profitable way for you to take full advantage of this discounted market and set yourself up for some big gains.

Best of all… I'd like to send you this report FREE of charge. It comes with our compliments when you begin a no-risk subscription to Motley Fool Stock Advisor.

Let me show you how your decision to subscribe to Stock Advisor today could help build lasting wealth for you and your family tomorrow…

How Stock Advisor Can Help You Turn $10,000
Into $96,200

What you may not know is that back in 2002, when David and Tom started Stock Advisor, we were smack in the middle of a brutal bear market.

And here's something else you may not know…

Of the 24 stocks they recommended that first year…

  • 18 are up or were sold for gains…
  • 9 positions are up double digits…
  • 9 have at least doubled…

And two of their top performers are up 887% and 837%. Which means that if you had invested just $5,000 in each of those picks you'd be $96,200 richer today.


You'd be sitting on $192,400 today.


Just imagine what you could do with an extra $192,400…

A down payment on the vacation home of your dreams… college tuition paid in full… a huge gift for your alma mater or favorite charity… the chance to reinvest for even greater gains…

The possibilities are entirely up to you.

And keep in mind, that's just on 2 of David and Tom's best picks.

We want to make it easy for you to get in on these kinds of gains.

In fact, the 2 companies you'll learn about inside our special report The Best Recession Proof Businesses to Own Right Now are a great place to get started.

So is Stock Advisor right for you?

I believe so…

The Top Ten Reasons You Should Join
Stock Advisor Today…

  1. Every month you'll receive not 1, but 2 detailed recommendations from the best investing gurus on the planet.
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  9. You get Stock Advisor and all the amazing, add-on wealth-building benefits for just $0.27 a day. Plus we give you…
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So here's the bottom line…

What you'll find inside Stock Advisor are proven strategies that can help turn ordinary investors just like you into millionaires.

And what's so amazing is that Stock Advisor is so affordable…

A 1-year subscription costs just $149 and given all you receive each month it's an offer you can't afford to miss.

But we know that times are a bit tough right now so we want to make it even easier for you to join the Fool family and start rebuilding your wealth.

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Even better I'll explain how you can take full advantage of this limited time savings without risking a single penny.

But before you decide, there's something else I'd like to share with you…

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This is exactly what makes Stock Advisor and becoming a member of The Motley Fool so special.

We're not about shooting off crazy stock tips and questionable trading strategies.

This is about real results…

  • It's about giving you real wealth-building strategies…
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That's who we are… that's what we do and that's what Stock Advisor and The Motley Fool family are all about.

And if you join us today, you have the opportunity to take advantage of this additional special offer…

Investing Secrets From The Motley Fool Vault…

There's even more value waiting for you when you join Motley Fool Stock Advisor right now…

Sign up through this email today and you'll also receive these three important research reports…

Investing the Stock Advisor Way

Investing the Stock Advisor WayMarvel Entertainment up 837%… Activision Blizzard up 538%… Quality Systems up 1,023%…

What's the secret formula behind Stock Advisor's success?

David and Tom Gardner reveal all in "Investing the Stock Advisor Way."

Discover the strategies The Motley Fool co-founders use to pick so many triple-digit winners and help their readers beat the market by more than 39 percentage points.

Inside this special report you'll learn the full details of their 7 key investment principles plus… the individual stock picking rules they follow to uncover their biggest wins.

If you're serious about your investments (and who isn't these days?) this is one report you won't want to miss.

In fact I urge you to check in with these strategies often… they'll help you figure out whether a stock you're thinking about buying is a good investment or not.

Order Motley Fool Stock Advisor right now and we'll send you "Investing the Stock Advisor Way" absolutely FREE.

6 Danger Signs in 15 minutes…

Investing the Stock Advisor WayIs there an Enron in your portfolio? Here's how to tell.

David and Tom show you the red flags you need to look out for. These easy-to-spot, often overlooked factors can give you a window into the inner workings -- even the character -- of a company's leadership.

These quick and easy checks will help you sniff out "creative accounting," fictitious revenue and other ways companies can seek to deceive their stockholders. These shortcuts will help you cut through balance sheet chicanery like a laser.

Best of all, you don't have to pay a penny for "6 Danger Signs You Can Check in 15 Minutes." Just take us up on this Motley Fool Stock Advisor offer -- at no risk of course -- and we'll send you a copy absolutely FREE.

How to Know When to Sell

How to Know When to SellFar too many brokers and investment newsletters tell you to "buy" but never say a word about selling. But successful investing also includes knowing when to sell.

David and Tom don't believe in selling before a company's fundamentals change dramatically (or you find an even better company). But it is necessary now and then. In this special report, "How to Know When to Sell," they reveal their simple, easy methods for quickly assessing your stocks, based on fundamentals.

With these easy-to-use tips, you'll make decisions based on solid valuations rather than emotions or news of the day. Following the guidance in this report could help you avoid a meltdown like 2000-2002.

You'll know when to take profits, how to balance your portfolio, when to trim the dogs, and when to trade in your lower-performing stocks to pursue greater opportunities. YOURS FREE when you accept our no-risk offer today!

So… if you'd like to receive these three free reports…

Plus… download your free copy of Stocks 2009: The Investors Guide to the Year Ahead…

Plus… receive your free report, The Best Recession Proof Businesses to Own Right Now…

Plus… have the chance to capture some big gains like Marvel Entertainment - up 837%… Activision Blizzard - up 538%… Quality Systems - up 1,023%…

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Plus… receive investing secrets from The Motley Fool vault…

Here's what I suggest you do…

ALL This and…
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Special Report #1: The Best Recession Proof Businesses to Own Right Now - A safe and profitable way for you to take advantage of "the greatest buying opportunity of our time… "

Special Report #2: Stocks 2009: The Investor’s Guide to the Year Ahead - Don’t just make your money back – come out ahead with these 9 top stocks. Two of these picks are already up more than 20% in under 2 months. Get the rest before they soar, too!

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Our Foolish Best,

Kate Ward
Kate Ward, Executive Publisher

Scorecard data as of May 12, 2009.

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