The Motley Fool SIPP –
Self Invested Personal Pension

A great alternative to a private pension, The Motley Fool SIPP is designed to put you back in control of investing for your retirement.


A Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) is a government approved personal pension scheme, which allows individuals to make their own investment decisions from the full range of HMRC approved investments.

The Motley Fool SIPP gives you complete flexibility to invest in shares, funds, ETFs, cash and many other types of asset classes. Plus you also benefit from all of the tax breaks* offered by a traditional personal pension.

* Please bear in mind tax laws may change

Key Features:

  • Trade ‘real-time’ online: £10 per trade for UK shares and £17.50 per trade for International shares
  • Invest in a range of asset classes, including Shares, Investment Trusts, Funds, Trackers, ETFs, Cash and more
  • Get tax relief * on your own contributions at the highest tax rate you pay and take 25% of your pension fund as a tax-free lump sum from the age of 55.
  • Tax efficient * no Capital Gains Tax to pay on profits you make or dividends which you receive on investments within your SIPP
  • No set up or inactivity fees
  • Competitive annual administration fees
  • Transfer a personal pension plan, company pension scheme, or even another SIPP into a Motley Fool Share Dealing SIPP.

* Please bear in mind tax laws may change

Before you apply:

Please read The Motley Fool SIPP Key Features document which provides a full summary of the SIPP’s Key Features (including a breakdown of charges).

Foreign Exchange Information

Foreign currency conversions are required to facilitate the settlement of international transactions and include a spread, which can vary from time-to-time, applied to the Available Exchange Rate*. The current spread is 1.0%. Indicative exchange rates are provided prior to trading, and the rate applicable to the individual trade is confirmed on the contract note once the deal has been completed.

* The available 'Available Exchange Rate' is based on the exchange rate provided within the Global Treasury Information Services foreign exchange feed supplied by Interactive Data Corporation.


Dealing charges

Action Charge
UK real-time purchase (online) £10
UK real-time sale (online) £10
International real-time purchase (online) £17.50
International real-time sale (online) £17.50
Set up or amend a TradePlan £2 (dealing charge reduced to £8)
Planned Investment £2
Dividend Investment 2% capped at £10
(UK CREST eligible shares only)

SIPP Establishment and Administration charges

Action Charge
Set Up Free
Transfer in of another registered pension scheme £50 per transfer (maximum £300) per SIPP
Quarterly administration charge (see note 1) £18.75* for a SIPP value less than £50,000
£37.50* for a SIPP value of £50,000 or more
Insufficient funds e.g. to pay benefits or charges £25
Transfer out the SIPP another registered pension scheme or annuity purchase £75
Transfer out the stock to another registered pension scheme or annuity purchase £25 per investment

SIPP Benefits – Income Withdrawal

Action Charge
Income Drawdown to age 75 £150* per annum, payable annually in advance
Income Drawdown from age 75 £250* per annum, payable annually in advance
Designation of additional funds to existing income drawdown fund £75*
If you register for flexible drawdown pension
(see note 2)
If you close your SIPP through flexible drawdown or trivial communication £75
Payment of death benefits time/cost basis

* Plus VAT

Note 1: Payable in March, June, September and December. The quarterly administration charge is not pro-rated. This means that the full quarterly administration charge will be payable for the quarter in which you open a TMF SIPP and in which you cease to be a member of the TMF SIPP.

Note 2: Applies only on initial set up of flexible drawdown entitlement. The fee is separate and, where relevant, in addition to income drawdown fees. All charges except the transfer in charge will be deducted from your SIPP. These charges may be shared between A J Bell Management Limited and The Motley Fool Share Dealing limited

Points to note: The annual income withdrawal charge will become payable immediately where funds are designated to provide USP, even if you elect to take "nil" income. No additional charge is made when the first funds are designated to provide unsecured pension.

Apply Now:

We’ve put together a SIPP Application Pack that contains all the forms that you’ll need to apply for your SIPP account. Please ensure that you have also read our Terms & Conditions before you apply.

To view these PDF documents you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The Motley Fool SIPP application pack contains:

  • The Motley Fool SIPP Application Form
  • A Direct Debit Instruction Form
  • A Transfer Form
  • A Benefit Form
  • Details of how to fill in these forms

Other Forms (for existing customer use only)

If you already have a Motley Fool SIPP, and you’re looking for a specific form in order to update your account, you’ll find these below:

Direct Debit Instruction

To be completed if you wish to set up regular payments into your Motley Fool SIPP.

Transfer Form

To be completed if you wish to transfer benefits from another registered pension scheme into your Motley Fool SIPP.

Additional Contribution Form

To be completed if you wish to pay an additional one-off contribution or establish a regular monthly contribution by Direct Debit. If you wish to change your existing regular contribution Direct Debit arrangements, then please write to A J Bell Management Limited with details of any changes and do not complete this form.

Benefit Form

To be completed if you wish to start drawing benefits from your The Motley Fool SIPP or purchase a lifetime annuity.

Already a customer?

Before you apply:

Please read our Terms & Conditions


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