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Your long term wealth may depend on how you answer this question...

Since 1993, how many years was the U.S. stock market the world's top performer?

Dear Opportunistic Investor,

Would it surprise you to hear that the answer is "NONE?" Well it shouldn't.

Not if you follow the money. Certainly, not when you consider that more than half the market capitalization of all public companies already resides beyond U.S. borders.

It's no wonder that since May 2003, the iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Index fund, which tracks the performance of international stocks, has gained more than 130% — while the S&P 500 has only gained 9.9%!

Frankly, we've got a stampede of riches overseas that's fast approaching a tipping point. After all, it's driven by raw demographics...

Forbes points out, "India's population is among the world's youngest, with 60% of its people under age 32. An emerging middle class of 300 million provides a phenomenal growth prospect."

The Washington Post remarks, "Since 1978, China's economy has grown at a compound rate of more than 9% per year. It's morning in Asia."

And that's exactly why Fortune is saying "for those with a long-term horizon... now may be the time to hunt for bargains beyond U.S. borders."

Of course, India and Asia are tips of a global iceberg. Economic upstarts from South America to South Africa are developing at an alarming clip. FAR faster than we can expect from a mature economy like ours.

Wait! This is GOOD news...

If this sounds grim, let us clarify. This is the best news we've heard in years. At least for sophisticated investors like us — those with specialized knowledge and the courage to identify and CASH IN on what may be an once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity.

But let's step back a moment. Let's assume for a moment you're not 100% convinced you have that kind of detailed specialized knowledge... or courage. Well, don't worry. You're not alone.

In fact, despite everything you just read, major U.S. institutions like pension funds continue to invest just a miniscule percentage of their client portfolios in foreign stocks! (There's a systemic reason for this we'll share with you just ahead.)

And you know what's worse? A recent survey by the National Association of Investors Corp. found that just one in three individual investors feels "comfortable" putting ANY of their hard-earned money to work in foreign stocks or bonds.

That spells trouble. You see, if this kind of backward thinking continues, many hardworking Americans could be headed for years of woeful underperformance.

So, how exactly is this GOOD news? Simple. It's times like these when fortunes are made — when Wall Street falls asleep at the switch and "disconnects" (i.e., opportunities) arise in free markets.

Right now, all we have to do is decide that WE will be among the ones who PROFIT from the NEXT great bull market. You're about to discover how we're going to make it happen today.

It starts with being in the right place at the right time

Our names are Tim Hanson and Nathan Parmelee. We're co-advisors for Motley Fool Global Gains. Over the next few minutes, we intend to show you exactly how you can position yourself to profit from the next great bull market.

Of course, when we say "the NEXT great bull market," we mean the massive growth and opportunity awaiting us overseas.

But most U.S. investors don't have a clue. And you can thank Wall Street for that.

But when you think about it, that makes perfect sense. After all, the high-paid MBAs on Wall Street have spent years entrenching a network of U.S. investment bankers, business leaders, buy-side money managers, and high-rolling institutional investors.

We bet you know as well as we do how Wall Street analysts tend to cover (and issue top ratings on) the very companies their investment banking arms do business with. Doesn't it stand to reason, then, that they would have little use for overseas companies that rely on largely international financing?

Of course it does. And that's just one of the reasons these Wall Street insiders all recommend the same U.S. stocks and why North American institutional holdings remain overwhelmingly concentrated in those same stocks... despite the clear strong performance of international equities.

And this is infuriating. It's a massive disservice to U.S. investors. On the plus side, however, it creates huge inefficiencies (i.e., opportunities) in overseas markets — for those of us who take advantage.

We think this new opportunity overseas may be even more powerful.

For one thing, we're convinced we're catching this profit wave even earlier in the cycle. And we say that even though the international revolution has been bubbling beneath the surface for years.

We should know — we’ve been harvesting it for a half decade

In my research (Tim here), I've seen a lot of companies in a lot of countries catch a spark and ignite. And I've seen a few falter. All told, I’ve got a bagful of ideas that should bring investors staggering returns over the next few years.

One company in particular recently caught my eye. It makes fire detection and extinguishing systems for steel mills and power plants... certainly not the most exciting business in the world. Yet amazingly, while this "boring" company may not be a household name, it has an enormous growth opportunity because of where it does business.

So I was intrigued, but also a bit leery...

You see, I discovered that most analysts were either looking down their noses at this one or not looking at it at all. They saw a tiny company in a risky market with significant multinational competition. But after doing some digging, I discovered something different...

What's special about this company is that it’s bringing world-class fire safety systems to industrial buildings in China... a country that's overlooked safety standards for too long. As it turns out, not only is this company in on the ground floor when it comes to installing fire safety systems at all of the new factories, mills, and power plants in China going forward, it's also winning work to retrofit the more than 10,000 facilities that already exist in China with fire safety equipment the government now strictly requires.

When I first found this company and met with its CEO in Beijing, it was trading over-the-counter for $4 and was too small to tell anyone about in our publication. But it kept posting stellar results, got bigger, and listed on the Nasdaq... before the market meltdown, it had skyrocketed to $18 a share.

That's when we first brought it to the attention of our subscribers. Then the global economy broke down, and this company slid along with the rest of the market down to $7 -- giving us a rare opportunity.

The way it grew its business and booked new deals all across China made me think it had the potential to shoot back up. So we were able to tell our followers "buy" at just the right moment.

Sure enough, investors who followed this advice were able to picket a cool double after we gave this company a sell recommendation in a special June update. Long story short, we scored 106% gains in the most brutal market in recent memory.

Still, few American investors are paying any attention to overseas opportunities like this one. But as foreign markets grow, investors -- regardless of which country they live in -- stand to reap a financial harvest.

Because, as you're about to see, this same story is unfolding for dozens of other foreign companies Nathan and I would like to reveal to you today...

Introducing Motley Fool Global Gains!

If you're still reading, you're a savvy investor. And that's good.

Most investors simply aren't ready for international investing. Remember, even Wall Street is asleep at the switch!

But our passports read like a map of the world. It's plastered with brightly colored stamps from China... Singapore... Brazil... Vietnam... Indonesia... Mexico... Mongolia... the list goes on.

So, unlike other newsletter writers or sell-side analysts on Wall Street who shy away from international stocks... global investing is right in our wheel house.

At the same time, you can also see why the invitation we're about to extend to you is not for beginners — or cheapskates.

It's for serious investors only. Folks who know the value of a premium newsletter service — one that can help you make money.

In a moment, you'll have the opportunity to become a member of this exciting investing service. Or, if you prefer, you can sample the service for 30 days free (read on for full details).

When you accept this special invitation, you'll benefit from two top international investment ideas per month, delivered to your inbox — each culled from the vast universe of global equities.

Which means you can rest assured that every international stock you'll read about in Global Gains has been thoroughly vetted by our dedicated team of equity analysts.

And unlike what you'd expect from a Wall Street research house, with its secret relationships, hidden agendas, and conflicts of interests, you know that the advice you receive is objective and unbiased.

That's all true. But what really sets our Global Gains service apart is a state-of-the-art password-protected website. We made it our No. 1 priority to make sure this is the most sophisticated and useful interface you've ever seen.

Think you don't need another investment newsletter...

That may well be. That's why when you accept our invitation to join us as a member of Global Gains, you're not buying another investment newsletter.

You're hiring a trained guide to be your eyes and ears on the ground, helping you put your money to work profitably overseas... and keeping tabs on your investments around the world. You'll also be assuring yourself unlimited, secure online access to...

  • Two premium stock recommendations per month
  • Detailed special reports on international investing and global asset allocation
  • Specific country reports and real-time research reports from the road

You'll also receive full access to our premium international research, including detailed country-by-country breakdowns and such practical information as the trading capabilities of your U.S. broker.

Plus, you'll enjoy full use of our proprietary tools, currency converter, and full dashboard access to global news agencies and foreign stock exchanges.

Finally, you'll have access to a robust archive of interviews and meetings with CEOs, money managers, and economists. And, of course, our complete real-time stock scorecard, where we track every Global Gains recommendation.

And then, of course there's the crowning jewel: Your completely interactive Global Gains community experience, where you can log on any time, day and night, to ask a question... make a statement... share your thoughts.

Or strike up a conversation with fellow members of the Global Gains community — some of whom have personal experience at the very companies we're investing in. You can even put a question to any member of our advisor team, including the two of us.

We firmly believe that you'll value the one-of-a-kind Global Gains community at many times the cost of your membership. We hope you can see why we say Global Gains is like no other service you have ever experienced.

At Global Gains, we NEVER sugarcoat the risks

You can probably also see why Global Gains is not cheap. Frankly, it's a premium newsletter service for experienced investors. Here's the biggest reason why you wouldn't want it any other way.

You see we've already discussed the HUGE opportunities overseas. But for all the potentially life-changing profits, it would be irresponsible not to mention the risks involved in investing overseas.

Yet, this may be exactly what you can expect from many stock advisors — and that truly is irresponsible. So, let's be clear upfront about the risks...

Exchange rates can move against us, governments can destabilize or grow less favorable, economies occasionally falter and reporting requirements rarely live up to rigorous U.S. standards.

And that's on top of the ordinary company risk associated with stock investing. Anybody who tells you these investment risks can be eliminated outright is either lying or delusional. Either way, they are not to be trusted.

That's why you need to be even more diligent when buying international stocks (and one of the reasons they can be so profitable). And that's all the more reason you don't want to go it alone when building out your international allocation.

Here's the secret of how Global Gains works and how it puts you way ahead of the field... When you're a member, you are free to draft off my years of experience running businesses and investing overseas.

And the profits can be life-changing.

That's right, you stay safe at home while we trek the globe for you

Because here's the thing: The NEXT great bull market will be overseas. But not every international investor will cash in. Just like here in the U.S., there will be blow ups and there will be crimes.

Only without the stringent U.S. government oversight, they will be 100 times worse. That's why you need our team at Global Gains on your side, if it's the only investment newsletter service you keep.

But your biggest risk is NOT being invested overseas

Here's why we say that. In all our years of international investing — backed by reams of historical record — we don't recall a time when international markets were as rife with opportunity as the period we're entering right now.

And the sooner you can spot these opportunities, the sooner you can begin to...

Supercharge your portfolio's growth. With stronger underlying growth, foreign markets can appreciate much more quickly than their more developed counterparts — particularly when a country becomes "hot" in the eyes of the professional investing world.

Swoop down on unique opportunities. Looking abroad exposes you to rare or even unique opportunities. Apple came out with the iPod, but the next consumer tech revolution will likely come from a company like China's Lenovo that most investors haven't even heard of today.

Build the perfect global portfolio. Investing overseas exposes you to different economic conditions and cycles. Spreading your money around the world can boost your overall returns, and help reduce your reliance on a struggling U.S. economy.

Those are just three of the benefits international investors have always enjoyed... and that you can enjoy in even greater measure as the current trend toward globalization continues.

“Global is definitely the way to go.”

— Jeremy Siegel, Wharton professor and author,
The Future for Investors, addressing the 2006 Motley Fool Investing and Writer's Conference.

Of course, we all WANT to be on the right side of history... the side where the MONEY is.

But you probably don't want to waste a lot of time and energy mastering the intricacies of international finance and investing.

Or maybe you just want someone to help you narrow the field of international investments. Someone with boots on the ground who can help you steer clear of the landmines. Who can blame you?

After all, we traveled across Asia, looking for the next great Pacific Rim opportunity for you to invest in. In the next six months, we will visit South America. And just this past November, we sought out great opportunities in Mexico.

That's simply the life we've chosen.

But you have a job... a family... you have a life. But you also have your nest-egg to consider and your goals.

With Motley Fool Global Gains, you get actionable investment advice you can use... from an impeccable source with a verifiable track-record of helping investors just like you safely build their wealth.

Because let's face it. For investors looking to build serious wealth, the days of the 10% international stock allocation are long gone.

Even Professor Jeremy Siegel... one of the most conservative investors around... suggests that you consider holding a full 40% of your stock portfolio in foreign investments. And Mohammed el Erian — an expert bond investor at PIMCO — recommends at least 60% international exposure.

We know you can see how, looking back 20 years from now, your international investments could be the most important single determinant of your long-term wealth.

Of course, we also insist that you try Global Gains with NO RISK

By now, you're probably wondering how much it would cost you to join Global Gains. Research of this quality is costly to produce — but when you hear about the special free trial we have put together for you, we think you're going to be pleased.

Yet, even after all we've discussed today, you still might not know for certain that Global Gains is right for you... no matter how exclusive the deal.

The last thing we would want is for you to feel you'd made a mistake.

So, here's a simple solution to put us both at ease. Take a look at our Global Gains members-only web site. If you decide you're not 100% satisfied, no worries. You won't pay a cent.

In fact, there's no need to rush. Take a full 30 days to decide. Read your first issue and all our special reports. If at any point you realize you'd rather not be a member of Global Gains, you won't pay a cent.

Or why not become a member today?

If you do decide to stay on for the long term, take advantage of our latest offer, and get Global Gains for $299 for one year. We think that's a very fair deal, given the intricate nature of this top-quality research.

If you'd rather sign up for two years, you can take advantage of $100 in savings.

Is that a fair amount of money? It sure is. But you've seen how Global Gains is not for beginners. And how thorough our research is. But there's one more reason for the premium cost.

At Global Gains, we are intentionally trying to attract a certain level of investor. Novices are welcome, but we are looking for smart people and serious investors. After all, the quality of our community intelligence depends on it.

Right now we are building out an exclusive network of forward-looking investors to help us lock in on the best international investments.

If this sounds like you, we can't wait to hear from you and to personally welcome you as a member to what we are certain will become an important and influential investment community.

And remember, you get to sample the entire service for 30 days risk-free.

Join today and profit from a SECOND valuable report

9 immediately actionable investment opportunities to make sure YOU cash in on China and India's NEW Manifest Destiny... in our new report, "9 Plays to Profit – How Two Simple Words Could Make Every U.S. Investor RICH." Inside we'll reveal:

  • Our No. 1 Top Pick for New Investment Right Now
  • 3 "Tier Two" Monsters – Making Money off China and India's New Money
  • 2 Domestic Power Plays – making BIG money in Asia without leaving home!

One final reason why you can't afford to put this off

Earlier, we discussed how U.S. institutional funds are effectively ignoring global equities. And the majority of individual investors aren't comfortable looking overseas at all.

Sound familiar? It should! Two decades ago, less than a quarter of all U.S. households actively invested in U.S. stocks. That means 75% were positioned to MISS OUT on the greatest wealth-building opportunity in history.

Once again, U.S. investors... now on the sidelines... will be the rocket fuel that will drive the NEXT great bull market in the fast growing economies of Asia and Latin America.

Twenty years from now, this will look obvious in hindsight. Twenty years from now, everybody will see this is a once-in-a-generation disconnect.

And the clock is ticking.

A sleeping American giant may already be waking to the massive profit potential offered by global investing and billions of people around the world are ready to turn that capital into permanent value.

That means our valuable head-start may be slipping away. Don't let that happen. And don't risk going it alone.

Join Motley Fool Global Gains without risk today and start buying and cashing in on the most profitable investment opportunities the world has to offer.

Nathan Parmalee and Tim Hanson
Nathan Parmelee and Tim Hanson
Senior Advisors, Motley Fool Global Gains

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