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How we tripled our money in 12 months -- and why I suspect we can do it again...

In June 2008, I traveled 14,302 miles in search of a tiny company with an explosive business. That stock has tripled, but you can still get in cheap (name and ticker symbol revealed below).

Now I've uncovered another opportunity that's eerily similar. And here's why I think it can make us even more money this year...

Dear Fellow Traveler,

They say opportunity only knocks once, but that's nonsense.

To prove it, I just flew 14,302 miles around the globe. I might as well have traveled in a time machine. To see what I mean, you have to step back with me 12 months...

To a steamy industrial greenhouse in Xi'an, China. Row after row of precision green plots are bursting around us -- with cucumbers, peppers, and ripening tomatoes.

But it's not the heat that's making us sweat! We are looking at a social and economic miracle -- and it's about to make us a great deal of money.

You see, the tiny fertilizer company we just discovered stands at the nexus of a cultural and political revolution -- with the full weight of the most-determined government in the world at its back.

Yet we can still get in at a mere 5 times earnings.

Was I dubious? You bet I was!

If markets are efficient, then surely this story was too good to be true. But the deeper I dug, the greedier I became. It turns out the story was better than I imagined!

Even now, after a 200% pop, you can still invest ahead of the next leg up. In other words, I think it's still cheap, given its phenomenal growth prospects -- but it may not stay that way for long.

Intrigued? You haven't heard the half of it.

I'll explain everything in the pages of this dispatch, including the company's name and exactly what made it such a "no brainer." But right now, I want to tell you about a second, nearly identical opportunity I discovered on my recent trip.

I think you'll see at once why the similarities with last year's 200%-plus gainer are nothing short of uncanny -- and why I've made it my No. 1 Global Stock Idea for 2009.

Learn Marketing from Chairman Mao?

Whatever we think of his world view, Mao Zedong knew how to build a brand.

Time magazine named him one of its 100 most influential people of the 20th century, and he's still viewed by many in China as a "poet, philosopher, and visionary."

Can't you just see his face now? The receding hairline, buttoned up collar, and smug, all-knowing glare. Talk about an enduring brand -- to say nothing of market penetration!

Maybe I shouldn't have chuckled when a top marketing exec told me he was using Mao's techniques to gain the confidence of millions of China's rural farmers -- in a uniquely capitalistic endeavor.

China's no. 1 brand.

China's no. 1 brand.

And the more I listened, the less wacky it sounded...

Mao, as this gentleman explained to me, had little use for the urban proletariat, but rose to power on the hearts and minds of China's farmers, its so-called peasant class.

And contrary to what we learned in school, Mao didn't just rule with an iron fist. He built himself a fiercely loyal following in China's countryside -- in other words, a brand.

At the height of his power, The Cult of Mao was everywhere -- his posters, politicized art, and "jingles" permeating every aspect of Chinese life. He's even on the money!

Now flash-forward with me to July 2009...

Slugging through the fields of modern-day Mongolia, it's plain to see that one tiny agricultural products distributor -- led by its ingenious marketing officer -- has indeed stolen a page from The Great Leader's playbook.

Here are just two of Mao's powerful "tricks of the trade" I picked up during my hours of in-depth conversations with this remarkable company's top marketer...

Iconography. The trick here, I was told, is to pick a town or rural district, then get your name and logo EVERYWHERE -- in other words, 100% saturation. Eventually, the locals will trust you, if only because they think you're important...

Penetration. Next, strive for EXTREME market penetration. Only when you've earned total support in one village or district do you move on to the next. This "social proof" and growing support base make it easier to convert each new customer.

Thus, in classic Mao fashion, this tiny agricultural products company has spread like wildfire across the countryside (its stated goal is a staggering 80% market share), plastering its target markets with billboards and signs. But that's just for starters...

To build on its rapidly expanding base and gain instant credibility with the locals, the company also "sponsors" thousands of branded stores (picture your local Ace Hardware) in small villages in return for relentless on-site promotion and prime product placement.

Yet, ingeniously, the company doesn't actually operate these stores (2,000 at last count, up from 775 just last year). Rather, each store is independently owned and operated, yet they are all branded in the company's name -- with its products prominently featured.

The result is a vast network of specialized outlets with a local feel and longtime recognition in the neighborhood. And mixed right in with the posters and banners -- a computer blasting promotional videos touts the benefits of the company's products!

2000 stores... and counting!

2000 stores... and counting!

In another modern twist, the company runs commercials on CCTV 7, the nation's agricultural channel, highlighting the success stories of real local farmers who have made more money as a result of using the company's patented organic fertilizer.

It's a long cry, indeed, from the old days when traveling sales reps actually drank the company's fertilizer to convince skeptical farmers it was organic and safe to use!

(In case you're wondering: No, I didn't drink the stuff myself. But I did do the next best thing and can personally attest that it works -- as you're about to see for yourself.)

And I can prove beyond a doubt that the company's guerilla marketing works, too. But before we go deeper into this remarkable story, I promised to reveal the name of the company that tripled our money last year, and why I'm so certain history is repeating itself...

How we tripled our money in a year

The company is called China Green Agriculture. When we visited last year, the company's organic fertilizers were just coming into favor -- largely due to Beijing's commitment to increasing the nation's food production.

For different reasons, the Chinese government had simultaneously identified eliminating rural poverty as a Top 5 Priority, and as a result was flooding the nation's farmers -- China Green's customers-- withraw purchasing power.

Finally, in what can only be called the final blow of a perfect storm, the company had plans to bring 40,000 metric tons of new manufacturing facility online -- funded with the capital raised in a favorable private placement.

As I said, the stock was a no-brainer, right? You'd think so...

Yet, despite these obvious catalysts -- and $100 billion in government stimulus at its back -- we were able to buy the shares of this remarkable little company as recently as November 2008 for five times earnings.

A quick triple with room to run --
China Green Agriculture (AMEX: CGA)

So what gives? Here, I can only speculate. Presumably, most investors either weren't paying close enough attention or were too focused on the perceived risks of investing in China Green Agriculture.

Then again, that stands to reason...

Most investors hadn't traveled halfway around the world to Xi'an and spent two days touring this company's state-of-the-art facilities...

Most investors hadn't looked the company's top managers in the eye and pored over the financial statements and business forecasts...

Most investors hadn't spent hours talking over management's aggressive plans for the future and the company's breath-taking market opportunities.

Well, I guess that's their loss. Not only is the stock up more than 200% in less than a year, it outperformed China favorites PetroChina and Baidu, among others -- not to mention such well-known fertilizer plays, PotashCorp and Mosaic.

That makes sense, too. Remember, these are mature companies valued in the tens of billions -- in some cases, hundreds of billions. Even after earning us a solid triple, China Green Agriculture is capitalized at a mere $150 million.

(Put another way, when China Green grows into a billion-dollar company -- which I fully expect it will -- we'll be sitting on a classic Peter Lynch 10 bagger!) And that's just one of many reasons I'm convinced the stock has plenty of room to run.

Now, why history may
be repeating itself...

Even more so than when we were in China last year, the Chinese central government today is hell-bent on raising the incomes of the nation's 900 million rural citizens.

This is the single biggest story we took away from China this year.

The Rural China Boom

My No. 1 Global
Stock for 2009!

Reveals the little-known agricultural products distributor that's eerily similar to last year’s 200%-plus gainer.

Also shows you step by step how to assemble your own "mini mutual fund" to cash in on the coming rural China investment boom -- the REAL China miracle.

Read on for details, plus how you can get access to The Motley Fool's best global stock research.

After all, it's no longer just a social or public relations issue. With economies slumping around the globe, Beijing has no other choice but to boost its domestic demand and consumption.

And you don't need me to tell you that this means developing its massive rural countryside -- what CHINA daily predicts will "grow into a powerful growth engine for the Chinese economy."

"Just imagine: If every farmer buys one cell phone, that would be 900 million units." -- Xhu Xinkai, Renmin University, China

Calling agriculture"the foundation of the economy," Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao recently pledged to pump an additional 120 billion yuan into rural China -- bringing the total commitment to 716 billion yuan ($104 billion U.S.).

And with this massive cash infusion, China Confidential reports, the government "aims to double rural incomes" and "eliminate 'absolute' poverty in rural areas by 2020."

The riots in Xinjiang accelerated the timetable, as the government rushes to raise living standards to quell the unrest. Even while I was in China, crews broke ground on anew highway to connect the province to the rest of China.

In other words, even more so than here in the U.S., China's stimulus is on a monumental scale -- as will surely be the spoils. I, for one, intend to get my share. I hope you will, too.

So, how serious is China about this?

In a move that must have Mao spinning in his grave, Beijing went so far as to allow single-household farmers to sell their precious land-use rights and consolidate their farmland into market-oriented farm corporations.

The result has been an explosion in modernization and capital spending in China's heartland -- on machinery, fertilizer, and feed stocks -- as new land consolidators look to recoup their investments as quickly as possible.

This explains why rural economies have held up better than those in other parts of China and the world. It's certainly why rural China looks like the safest and most profitable way to play the China growth miracle today.

Here are just a few other key factors driving China's Rural Investment Boom...

  1. Insulated from global shocks -- Unlike industrialized China which relies heavily on low-cost exports, rural China is immune to changes in global demand... and positioned to benefit from massive domestic stimulus
  2. Underleveraged -- China's rural economies are not burdened with debt and don't have to rely on free global or domestic credit to sustain their awesome growth -- currently in excess of 12% per year
  3. Billions in govt. subsidies -- A top 5 priority in Beijing, China's rural farmers benefit directly from a wide range of government initiatives, from tax breaks on income to subsidies to buy equipment and supplies -- even before the massive stimulus package

All of which plays into our hands as U.S. investors clued in to the largely untold rural China story. You see, contrary to what we're told in the mainstream press, it's no longer enough to blindly invest in "China" -- perhaps settling for an exchange-traded fund.

That ship has sailed. From here on, you have to be selective. Though make no mistake, if you pick the right sectors -- even better, the right companies -- the potential upside has never been more awesome than it is as you read these words.

And I don't mean just for investors in China Green Agriculture, but all five rural China plays I'm writing to tell you about today -- beginning with my No. 1 Global Stock Idea for 2009.

"Green revolution under way
in rural China" --

According to Sun Zhengcai, China's Minister of Agriculture, the nation's average crop yields must increase by at least 1% per year if China is to feed its 1.3 billion people.

Boosts Crop Yields, 100% "Green"

Crop Yield Increase
Carrot Up to 26.5%
Celery Up to 26.3%
Cucumbers Up to 21.7%
Grapes Up to 18.2%
Potatoes Up to 17.3%
Watermelon Up to 16.9%
Wheat Up to 10.7%

That's a monumental challenge. As Sun recently made clear to a group of local officials, "Our strategy must be based on stable farmland and seeking ways to improve yields."

Of course, this is what's driving the revolutionary land reform we discussed earlier. But with roughly half the arable land per person as the U.S., consolidating China's farmland can only go so far.

There's only one way out... If it even hopes to continue feeding the world's largest population (and you can bet it will), China must squeeze more production out of every square inch of its precious farmland.

We've discussed how a company called China Green Agriculture is helping thousands of China's farmers do just that, with new capacity coming online everyday -- and how we are already profiting from it as U.S. investors.

We've also hinted at how an even smaller agricultural products distributor has brazenly stepped forward to take the baton in the next, most explosive leg of China's green agricultural revolution.

In fact, with sales of its patented organic fertilizer growing consistently in excess of 100% per year, the company's biggest challenge is keeping up with skyrocketing demand.

Last May, the company raised $9 million in a well-placed secondary offering exclusively to fund the working capital needed to break through this distribution bottleneck -- and get new products it has waiting in the wings to market.

Surely, we can agree that keeping up with demand is a good challenge to have! But is it true? You're right to ask. Some things you have to see with your own eyes.

That's why, just as with China Green Agriculture last year, I personally visited with the company's management and toured its facilities. More important, I walked through the branded stores and fields, talking face-to-face with the farmers who use the products.

Effective andGreen

Making the world's best stock pickers better

This stuff works. The plants treated with the company's patented organic fertilizer are noticeably bigger, greener. The fruit and vegetables even taste better. I confirmed this for you myself when one farmer actually picked the fruit and handed it to me.

Also like China Green Agriculture, the company's products are 100% organic and actually good for the environment -- dramatically increasing crop yields, while vastly decreasing the use of dangerous fertilizers.

Finally, just as with China Green Agriculture last year, the company plans to move to a major U.S. exchange, probably within the year -- a huge potential catalyst.

But don't worry. You can invest right now through your online broker -- and perhaps most remarkably, for just 5 times trailing 12-month earnings.

Again, almost precisely what we paid for China Green Agriculture before last year's triple!

Now you're beginning to see why I say history is repeating itself. Well, as you're about to see, this amazing little company has one distinct advantage that might make it an even more explosive opportunity than last year's 200%-plus gainer.

"The Qianbutaqi Gold Rush"

It's said that the people who mademoney in the California Gold Rush were the ones who supplied the miners with their picks and shovels. True or not, it's a useful investment lesson.

And it certainly applies to the agricultural "gold rush" underway in rural China right now. The real winners will be companies that sell fertilizer, feed, and the three-wheeled vehicles that shuttle the Chinese farmers about their farms.

And, of course, investors who are smart enough to position themselves wisely.

The question is who will claim the lion's share of the exploding market -- and the profits? As we learned with China Green Agriculture last year, offering an effective, environmentally sound, and uniquely superior product is a solid start.

Of course, the farmers have to buy it, too...

Well, I saw with my own eyes at the company's main research facility and out in the village fields -- that treated crops grow faster, have sturdier roots, and produce much more fruit than control groups.

The fruit is noticeably bigger and, yes, even tastes better. Not only do farmers use less fertilizer and pesticides (the effectiveness of which is boosted by 10% to 50%), they can turn a 42 RMB investment (cost to treat one plot) into hundreds or even thousands in extra profit.

And because the patent-protected product is extracted from humic acids found in lignite coal, and supplemented by a proprietary mixture of macro and micro nutrients, it is pure green. Farmers simply dilute it and apply it directly to most any crop.

The nutrient has the added benefits of making treated plants resistant to drought -- a serious problem in China -- and allowing farmers to grow a wider range of crops. Both play directly to Beijing's desire for what it calls food security. Another major plus.

As impressive as all that sounds, you still haven't heard the single most unique competitive advantage that sets this amazing company apart from its competition -- making it as near to being a "no-brainer" investment you can make right now.

A 21st- century marketing machine

It's true. Even after everything you just heard, the real story here is the company's marketing acumen and unrivaled distribution system -- a model lifted, in part, from the early days of Coca-Cola.

As I mentioned earlier, the company oversees 2,000 officially branded stores across the Chinese countryside (up 158% over a year ago), with another 350 currently in a trial phase.

Again, picture a neighborhood Ace Hardware -- or an early 20th century, dime-store Coca-Cola soda fountain. The proprietor is well-known to the locals, maybe for generations. People trust him.

Fulfilling Beijing's promise.

Fulfilling Beijing's promise.

And his store is awash with the iconography of one dominant brand, essentially a giant, walk-in billboard! But how does this come to be? All across rural China?

Here's the ingenious setup that's altering the face of China's countryside...

In a one-time marketing expense, the company cleans up an old store, plasters the place with posters and banners (remember Mao), and gives the owner the centerpiece computer running its infomercials showing the farmers how to use the product.

In return, the store gives the company's products premier placement and promotion -- and a profitable, symbiotic relationship is born! No other fees change hands between the company and the store owner.

Even more so than being stunningly effective and efficient -- which it is -- the operation has an even more profitable appeal. It's diabolically scalable!

And I can't overstress what a massive advantage this model gives the company in a massive, but highly fragmented retail space. Especially, when you consider the skeptical nature of China's rural farmers -- and the tiny margin of error the scarce land affords them.

In rural China, trust is everything. But, remember, the company's top marketing officer learned everything he knows about "winning over the peasant" from studying Chairman Mao...

And everything he knows about distribution from studying the early moves of modern Western brand innovators like Coca-Cola. It's a lethal combination that I believe can make us a great deal of money.

How you can play the Rural China Boom
in 15 minutes or less...

As I've said, the company we're discussing today is small and relatively thinly traded. It simply wouldn't make sense for me to send its name to all those who signed up to receive my dispatches from China.

Moreover, there's a second reason why this approach simply wouldn't do...

You see, this is just one of five companies I think you should buy in order to cash in on the coming investment boom in rural China. Yes, I want you to buy all five -- I even have a precise suggestion on how much of each you should buy.

In my opinion, this approach -- essentially building our own basket or "mini-mutual fund" of companies riding the Rural China Boom -- is the surest and safest way for YOU to cash in on this historic investment opportunity.

And don't worry, it's much easier than it sounds. Here's how I propose we get started:

I've spelled out my entire strategy for you, including everything you need to know about THE 5 rural China opportunities I think you should consider getting into your portfolio today.

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Of course, you still might be nervous
investing in China right now...

Maybe you're rattled by last year's correction in China stocks -- or emerging markets in general. Frankly, that's understandable. That's why it's so important not to go it alone right now.

And why I'm offering to do the groundwork for you.

But, keep in mind, China's 25-year, 10%-plus annual growth rate was beyond anything we will ever see again here in the U.S. With that kind of phenomenal growth, periodic market corrections are to be expected.

In other words, we were due for a short-term pullback. I even warned my subscribers to expect it. And, yes, some of our own Global Gainsrecommendations were dinged in the sell-off -- but I'm not concerned.

In fact, if you take nothing else away from this letter today, you must understand this...

China is a long-term megatrend, and anyone who tells you the China growth story is over is flat-out wrong. Legendary investor Jim Rogers says, "China is going to be the most important country in the 21st century."

While legendary investor, and notoriously hard to impress Princeton Professor, Burton Malkiel echoes, "The hardworking Chinese energy makes New York look like a sleepy town."

After dozens of plane rides and even more meetings, I couldn't agree more. And with Beijing throwing its money around, rural China is shaping up to be the single fastest-growing segment in the world's fastest-growing market.

Trust me, no "global recession" or short-term market sell-off is going to change that.

Six months ago, at Motley Fool Global Gains we called China "The Greatest Value in the World."

True to form, since bottoming in November 2008, China stocks have nearly doubled in value (and don't believe for a minute we've seen the best of it).

The National Bureau of Statistics confirms that the Chinese economy grew by 7.9% in the second quarter, up from 6.1% in the first quarter. The growing consensus is that full-year growth should easily reach the government's 8% target.

And it's not just China, but emerging markets in general. As Rowan & Co's Tim Cockerill echoes a growing sentiment, "It has been a sensible assumption that the emerging markets will be the first out of the recession."

Of course, he's spot on. Buthe's actually referring to a small, short-term wave in what I expect to be a giant, long-term tsunami for opportunistic investors.

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Tim Hanson
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Unless otherwise noted, all figures as of July 6, 2009.

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