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Finally, U.S. investors
can profit from China's
"final" revolution...

The last time I spotted a megatrend this irresistible,
our investors tripled their money in less than 12 months.
Here's why I say we can do it again -- and you can, too...

Dear Fellow Traveler,

In June 2008, I circled the globe in search of a tiny business with explosive potential.

The stock promptly tripled.

A year later, I took off after a similar opportunity. That stock has already earned my readers 106% -- and counting. Yes, in this dicey market.

Can lightning strike a third time? I say it can. In fact, I just flew 14,302 miles at no small expense to prove it. Don't worry...

I'll explain everything just ahead -- including the details of my latest discovery and why I think you should consider adding this stock to your own portfolio as soon as possible (note: 99% of U.S. investors have never even heard of it).

I think you'll see the similarities with the 106% and 387% gainers I brought back from my previous travels to China -- and why I just named it my No. 1 China Stock for 2010...

Your No. 1 takeaway from
my recent trip to China...

China's Final Revolution

Get it FREE!

Prepared for Motley Fool readers who followed along on our China 2010 trip.

Reveals full details on my 4 top stocks to profit from China's Consumer Revolution.

Including my Top China Stock for 2010 -- the media powerhouse poised to profit from the massive "brand" build out that's sweeping across China.

Read on for details, plus how you can save $100 on The Motley Fool's best global stock research.


In fact, the opportunity we're about to discuss is one of four companies I want you to buy as soon as you can. Together, they will position you to profit from the most important, unstoppable, and potentially lucrative emerging trend in China today.

You might recognize one by name. It's a U.S.-based super brand that's perhaps the single biggest winner in the historic China land grab -- but as you're about to see, it's just getting started. You'll hear its name and stock symbol just ahead.

The other three are little-known China companies you probably won't recognize. But when you combine them in the "mini mutual fund" basket you'll read about below, they'll give you the best, safest opportunity to cash in on the next and final stage of the China growth miracle.

You see, having returned from Asia, I'm convinced that after 30 years of stunning 10%-plus economic growth -- and having lifted more people out of poverty than any nation in history -- China has reached a moment of truth...

I'd even go so far as to say that what's unfolding right now is the single most important turning point in the most breathtaking cultural and economic development in history. Failure may not even be an option.

Success, on the other hand, could set in motion an explosion within China's economy (and the portfolios of profit-seeking global investors like us) not seen since Deng Xiaoping threw open the country's doors in 1978.

I know that must sound fantastic,
but please hear me out...

It's widely agreed that China's export-driven growth is unsustainable. Put simply, if China wants to be counted among the all-time great economic stories -- and investments -- merely serving as the low-cost "factory to the world" won't cut it...

To complete its transformation, China must undergo a final, ultimate revolution.

Only then can it surpass the U.S. as the world's premier economic superpower -- and in the process bless a generation of investors like us with historic long-term profits. Again, none of this is new. You and I already know this.

So what's changed now? Two things...

First, as veteran global analyst Louis-Vincent Graves points out, rather than some distant concern of economists and central planners, "the end of cheap labor in China is squarely behind us."

Among other things, this means that China's economy can no longer be fueled by "squeezing labor". And in Graves' words, "workers in China are about to get a fairer shake" -- the significance of which we'll discuss just ahead.

Second, and most important, the officials in Beijing finally seem to be waking up to this reality. If you've followed along with our annual research trips to China, you know that this kind of "all-in" government support is all I need to start scrambling for opportunities!

So please read on. I think you'll be pleased with what we've dug up to help you cash in on these stunning developments.

Who else wants to cash in on
China's "final" revolution?

My team and I spent a full week conducting our final due diligence on the top portfolio candidates I'm about to share with you -- the handful of companies that most impressed us during our face-to-face meetings in China.

This meant poring over the financials, verifying everything top management told us about their strategies, opportunities, competition, and strengths -- and preparing dozens of follow-up questions we would need to ask.

Now that our due diligence is complete, I can't wait to share the results. But there is one twist...

Rather than present you with just one "take-it-or-leave-it" opportunity, we instead whittled down the hundreds of possibilities to FOUR top picks -- each one hand-selected to help you profit from China's "final" revolution.

Yes, I want you to buy them all. You see, when taking advantage of this paradigm shift in China, I want you to be diversified. And to make that as effortless as possible, I've assigned risk ratings and position-size guidance for each pick I want you to buy.

(Note: We applied the same strategy last year, when we recommended a similar mini mutual fund "basket" designed to cash in on China's "Rural Boom." For the record, that basket is up 52%, compared to just 14% for the S&P 500. Our top pick, Yongye is up 106%.)

Again, these are the four stocks I want you to buy to position yourself to profit from Beijing's commitment to China's "final" revolution. Beginning with a remarkable company that's already captured the hearts and stomachs of China's heartland.

China's (not-so) secret addiction --
where McDonald's can't win

Secret addiction? Here's a clue: It's dispensed around the clock in more than 3,000 locations in 650 Chinese cities -- a number that's estimated to grow to a mindboggling 20,000 locations over the next few years.

And it's already earning one foreign supplier an absolute fortune in China -- to the tune of $139 million in profits in the second quarter alone. That's up a full 33% from a year ago.

So what is China's not-so secret addiction? It's chicken, of all things.

But not just any chicken -- Kentucky Fried Chicken. The kind sold exclusively in China by Yum Brands (NYSE: YUM), the first of the four companies I want you to get in your portfolio soon as possible.

"China: The new fast food nation" -- CNN Money

Clearly, Yum needs little by way of push from the Chinese government at this point. With three times as many locations in mainland China as McDonald's, it's already won the hearts and stomachs of China's 1.3 billion consumers.

And despite the fact that a brand-new KFC opens its doors in China every single day, here's an overlooked fact that tells me Yum is just getting started...

KFC China
China's secret addiction? You bet! It's already making one
U.S. company a fortune.

Worldwide, Yum operates 27,000 KFC and Pizza Hut locations. That's roughly 27 restaurants for every million people.

In China, by contrast -- where the company's product is most popular and sales are growing fastest -- Yum operates just 2.7 stores per million people, one tenth as many.

Suddenly, management's goal of 20,000 China locations doesn't seem so whacky, does it? I certainly don't think so.

Especially when you consider that the company's ultra-efficient distribution network allows it to quickly and easily establish new locations in China's massive second- and third-tier cities -- home to hundreds of millions of hungry citizens. And here's something else...

"Currency momentum in China will definitely help Yum
the most" -- R.J. Hottovy, Restaurant Analyst,

By now I'm sure you're aware that The People's Bank of China has announced plans to further the reform of its currency exchange rate policy, essentially enhancing the historically limited exchange rate flexibility of the yuan.

Among other effects, the inevitable strengthening of the yuan relative to the U.S dollar will provide a further boost to U.S. companies operating in China -- boosting their profits as income earned in China is converted to the dollar.

Pizza Hut China
The total package for investors looking to cash in on China's middle class and historic economic growth.

Global restaurant chains -- especially those expanding rapidly in China's mainland, most notably Yum Brands -- are at the top of most analysts' lists of businesses that can expect to benefit.

Finally, unlike most Chinese companies you can invest in today, Yum offers you the peace of mind that comes with steady free cash flow, international diversification, an attractive 2.1% dividend yield, and experienced, shareholder-friendly management.

It really is the total package for investors looking for low-risk exposure to the rise of China's middle class and historic economic growth. Frankly, it's as near a "no brainer" as I've come across in years.

You can see why Yum Brands is one of the four stocks I want you to buy today to take advantage of the impending revolution the Chinese government is not only tolerating -- but actually stoking.

By now, you've probably guessed what it is...

"Consumer demand rising among urban
and rural Chinese" -- Gallup Inc.

Of course, I mean "China's Consumer Revolution." To help understand why I'm so convinced it's for real... why I say it's a once-in-a-generation opportunity... and how I see it playing out, you have to step back with me 12 months...

If you read our dispatches from China last year, you'll recall we were struck by how determined the Chinese central government was to raise the incomes and better the lives of the nation's 1.3 billion citizens, including 900 million in rural areas.

On examination, Beijing had little choice but to improve the income, well-being, and quality of life of its population, if for no other reason than to avoid civil unrest.

Mall in China
Not the Mall of America. Just another shopping mall in Beijing.

That's why we returned last year with a basket of four stocks -- including our top pick, "green" fertilizer manufacturer Yongye -- designed to help you profit from what we called "The Rural China Boom." (So far, so good. The basket is up more than 4 times the S&P 500.)

Only now, with economies slumping around the globe, merely raising incomes and stocking the pantries of mainland China is not enough. China's economic march depends not only on a boost in personal income -- but demand and consumption, as well.

Most important, the powerful central government in Beijing, long known for encouraging investment, massive infrastructure build-outs, and low-cost exports, finally KNOWS THIS -- with top leaders admitting publicly that domestic consumption is the key to China's further economic development.

All of which plays into our hands as U.S. investors clued in to this overlooked story and investment opportunity. Because here's the thing: It's no longer enough to invest broadly in "China" -- even in a low-cost exchange-traded fund.

"Those Asian ETFs may not be the winners a lot of people think" --
John Mauldin, Author, Bull's Eye Investing

Certainly not, as John Mauldin agrees, with most Asian equity indices comprised of 20%-25% exporters, which should struggle as labor costs and currencies move higher. And another 30%-35% financials for whom a flattening yield curve could prove a devastating headwind.

I agree with Mauldin wholeheartedly, investors who decide to get China exposure using benchmark ETFs are placing more than half of their investments in precisely the wrong sectors.

More than ever, you want to be selective in China. Though let's be clear, if you do pick the right megatrend -- even better, the right companies riding the right trend -- the potential upside has never been greater than it is as you read these words.

And I don't mean just for investors in Yum Brands, but all four China Consumer Revolution plays I'm writing to tell you about today -- beginning with my No. 1 China Stocks for 2010.

Here's how you can play
the "China Consumer Revolution"
in 15 minutes or less...

Last year we suggested that you hold off on the consumer and instead focus on the development of rural China. We're glad we did. Our rural China "basket" is up over 50%... while the broader Chinese market was down 2%.

Today, with consumer stocks down significantly in the first half of the year, the yuan free to appreciate, and the Chinese government firmly behind us, what once appeared a long-term story is now a much more timely -- if not urgent -- investment opportunity.

Though be aware: It's hardly a secret that, with Chinese consumers sitting on an estimated $2 trillion in spending power, virtually no debt, and an obsession with luxury brands, we're dealing with a sleeping giant here.

And while getting 1.3 billion consumers to open their wallets is no small challenge, a determined Chinese government, rapidly expanding exposure to Western consumerism via the media and the Internet, and a strengthening currency are all firmly on our side.

In short, while the rise of the Chinese consumer is a long-term megatrend that will play out over a decade, when it comes to getting in on the ground floor, the clock may be ticking.

"Never has an idea played out as perfectly and predictably,
according to the write-up assumptions -- quite a thrill and
a big pat on the back to the Global Gains team
for nailing this one!" -- S. F. Ashland, OR

Even so, I want to make sure you have all the facts you need to make an informed decision. So, here's the situation as I see it right now...

You've probably guessed that I have a small number of subscribers who pay to receive my premium global stock research.

So, I hope you can understand why it wouldn't be fair for me to pass on my No. 1 China Stock in this letter.

And there are two equally important reasons why providing the full details of my No. 1 China Stock for 2010 in this letter simply wouldn't do for you...

First, while you can buy it easily through your current broker, the company we're discussing today is small -- with a market cap just shy of $50 million -- and relatively thinly traded.

Frankly, I'm reluctant to forward it on to so many investors, some of whom may simply be unqualified to invest.

Second, my No. 1 China Stock for 2010 is just one of four remarkable companies I think you should buy together in order to cash in on China's consumer revolution.

Yes, I want you to buy all four. I even have a precise suggestion on how much of each you should buy, as I'll show you just ahead.

In my opinion, this approach -- essentially building our own basket or "mini mutual fund" of companies riding the China Consumer Revolution -- is the surest and safest way for YOU to cash in on this historic investment opportunity.

And don't worry, just as with last year's Rural China basket, it's much easier than it sounds. Here's how I propose we get started:

To make sure you have the full story on all four opportunities as quickly, easily, and comprehensively as possible -- in more depth than I can provide in this letter -- I've spelled out my entire investment case in a brand-new report.

It's called "China's 'Final' Revolution -- 4 top stocks to profit from the rise of the Chinese consumer".

So let me tell you how to get access
to my new research report FREE...

Prepared exclusively for Motley Fool readers who followed along on our China 2010 research trip, my new report gives you the full details on my 4 top trades to help you turn the China Consumer Revolution into your profits.

In the pages of this brand-new report, you'll discover...

Check Mark

My first China Consumer Revolution Stock -- and the single largest position I want you take -- we've already discussed. Of course, I mean Yum Brands, arguably the most deeply entrenched and most successful U.S. company operating in mainland China. Full details in my new report.

Check Mark

My second China Consumer Revolution Stock is a pure play on the single largest and fastest-rising segment of the Chinese consumer population. A family-run business founded in Taiwan in 1972, this amazing $400 million company has brought in Western-trained management determined to expand its store count by 5 times.

And unlike its competitors, 74% of the company's sales are in China, where a unique business model allows it to thrive and penetrate quickly into China's massive Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, giving it a leg up on foreign competition. The company has zero debt and $72 million in cash on hand, despite paying out nearly 100% of earnings in dividends. Again, full details in my new report.

Check Mark

My third China Consumer Revolution Stock could have easily been my top pick. It's a leading (in fact, the largest) exporter of top-quality disposable medical products that's wisely turned its attention to China's 1.3 billion strong domestic consumer market -- driven by a patented "green" substitute for petroleum-based synthetics.

In the first half 2010 alone, domestic sales jumped 106%, with new stores opening across the country. An even larger jump is expected from the company's online store and exclusive partnerships with TaoBao (China's Ebay) to boost bulk sales.

With a solid core medical products business, and production lines for its new flagship product running at full capacity with new factories coming on line, the company's No. 1 challenge is meeting its rapidly growing demand. You won't hear about this one from your broker (at least not this year). Don't worry, I explain everything in my new report.

And then there's my No. 1
China Stock for 2010...

Global consultant McKinsey & Company has studied the Chinese consumer as thoroughly as anyone I know. Among McKinsey's top takeaways is that the Chinese consumer is fiercely loyal and extremely brand-conscious.

And this goes beyond a notorious infatuation with luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Coach. Even when shopping for routine daily items, the McKinsey survey reports that "63% of shoppers enter a store with a shortlist of favorite brands and don't stray from it when making purchases."

This makes sense given the relative lack of government oversight and the wide range of quality that characterizes the Chinese marketplace. In fact, recent surveys show that the country's shoppers are actually becoming less comfortable buying unfamiliar products.

"Television advertising remains the bedrock
of Chinese marketing"
-- The McKinsey Quarterly

What's a Chinese consumer company to do? Simple. Establish a BRAND consumers can trust. And given that "41% of Chinese consumers say they must see a new product advertised on TV before they'll buy it," it's easy to understand why China television is the place to do it.

All of which places my No. 1 China Stock for 2010 squarely in the path of a massive "brand" build out that's sweeping across mainland China. And we're not just talking Chinese consumer companies and ad agencies lining up with jobs -- but multinationals Nokia and Kraft, too. Both are among the company's numerous deep-pocket global partners.

And this is no ordinary ad agency. In addition to designing, producing, and packaging TV advertisements, the company also buys and sells valuable time slots on national television channels to its high-profile clients. Wherein lies the double-edged sword that makes investing now such a golden opportunity...

"Advertising is to business what steam is to machinery --
the great propelling power." -- Thomas Macauley

My No. 1 idea is the brainchild of an anointed "insider" -- a distinguished alumnus of China Central Television (CCTV). As a result, the company once enjoyed a monopoly on a valuable CCTV property, but no more.

CCTV China
CCTV in Beijing: Proud partner of my No.1 China Stock for 2010

In response to the temporary setback as this exclusive arrangement was unwound, the company took a 60% hit to first-quarter revenue. Lost amid the handwringing, however, are two important facts that stand testament to the company's superior management: Through it all, the company remained both profitable AND cash flow positive.

And here's the kicker: Despite sitting on $3 per ADS (essentially a U.S. share) in cash and investments -- nearly twice the current market price -- the stock trades at less than 1 times sales and 6 times earnings. And if that's not enough there's a final near-term catalyst, you'll read about it my report.

Again, despite its massive upside potential, this company is not necessarily right for every investor, especially beginners. But, like all four of the stocks I want you to buy today, it's a textbook (though exceedingly rare) opportunity to profit from the rise of the Chinese consumer.

These are the BEST OF THE BEST opportunities to help you profit from the investment story of the decade. I want you to see it as soon as possible.

So what do I ask of you in return? Simply that you do something I think you'll find just as valuable: Agree to sample my Motley Fool Global Gains international stock research for 30 days without risk.

That way, you'll not only get my new report on how to profit from China's Consumer Revolution, the biggest story in China today, you'll also enjoy full, ongoing access to all of my team's top global stock recommendations and research, including...

  1. My top two global stock recommendations each month, hand picked for you from thousands of global opportunities...
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And, of course, you'll get instant access to my brand new report, "China's 'Final' Revolution -- 4 top stocks to profit from the rise of the Chinese consumer" -- revealing the full rationale behind each recommendation, including the exact proportion in which I think you should hold them.

As important, when you're a member of Motley Fool Global Gains, there will be no need for guesswork. No more isolation. No hemming and hawing. It simply couldn't be easier for you to get started profiting from the world's fastest-growing economies.

You can even download the entire report to your computer right now, if you like. Then you can enjoy my Motley Fool Global Gains research without risk for a full 30 days. So let me tell you a little more about what you can expect to receive when you join.

Or if you're ready to download your new report and get the details on my top 4 China Consumer Revolution stocks, simply click here to accept your no-risk trial membership to Motley Fool Global Gains and get started now!

At last, an intimate, profitable investor
community you can call your own

I probably don't have to convince you of the unique and potentially massive opportunities available to investors with a global perspective.

For starters, global stocks expose you to the blowout returns that only faster-growing economies can provide. Second, you benefit from business and currency diversification -- a must-have in these uncertain times for the U.S. dollar.

Third, and perhaps most important of all, you get more choices and a global perspective, which means that you're equipped at all times to find the very best values -- and a bull market -- no matter where they are.

But again, I imagine you know all that. So let me tell you a little more about the Motley Fool Global Gains experience.

The first thing you'll notice is the more sophisticated, "private club" feel of Motley Fool Global Gains. You don't have to be an expert to join, of course... but it helps if you take your investing seriously.

Also, because we focus on international stocks at Motley Fool Global Gains -- and let's be honest, investing directly in overseas companies demands a little more attention -- we watch them more rigorously and keep in closer contact with you.

That extra contact -- and the fact that we keep our membership base small -- helps you sleep better at night, knowing that my team and I are personally monitoring your overseas investments.

It also adds to the intimate, small-club feel. As soon as you join, I think you'll see that Global Gains is unlike anything you've come to expect from an "investment newsletter." Have a look at some of the benefits you'll enjoy...

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Every investment made with focus: Every month, my team and I will feature 2 opportunities more in-depth than any advisory service you've experienced. You'll find yourself as close to the opportunity as any analyst can possibly take you.

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Total access, with up-to-the-minute reporting: You're provided with ongoing research on each investment that's easy to follow and act upon, plus weekly updates, direct from me and my team. Think of it as having a trained guide to be your eyes and ears on the ground, helping you put your money to work profitably overseas... and keeping tabs on your investments around the world.

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Your personal password to the private Motley Fool Global Gains website: Including up-to-date feature articles on global investing topics, detailed special reports on international stocks and opportunities, and country-by-country breakdowns. There are even nuts-and-bolts-type things like the international trading capabilities of your broker...

Finally, there's our interactive Motley Fool Global Gains community, where you can log on anytime, day or night, to ask a question... make a statement... or share your thoughts and opinions.

You can strike up a conversation with me, my analyst team, or one of your fellow members -- some of whom live in the far-off countries we're investing in and have personal experience at the very companies you'll hear about at Motley Fool Global Gains.

Or simply kick back and take it all in! The choice is yours. You'll soon appreciate why our Motley Fool Global Gains website has quickly become the most heavily visited and active of all of The Motley Fool's premium dedicated destinations.

Here's how one Motley Fool Global Gains member describes the experience...

"The level of service, information, and responsiveness here is incredible, given the relatively low subscription fee. The near-constant feedback from Nate and Tim has allowed me to buy with confidence." -- P. M., Washington, DC

And we've barely discussed the most
important factor... performance!

Just ahead, I'll share the results I've delivered over the years to my Motley Fool Global Gains members. But first, to help you put my new report in context, let me tell you a little about my previous research trips -- and the profitable investments I brought home.

In July 2009, I traveled to China to help my members play the world's greatest growth story and a near-term pullback in Asia stocks. We returned with a little-known company called Yongye International, a tiny agricultural business, just then taking hold in rural China.

The stock has already doubled, and I'm not surprised. In January 2009, we traveled to Mexico. Our top pick from that trip, a leading Latin American micro-financier named Banco Compartamos, has already tripled.

Before that, in June 2008, our team toured Asia, visiting China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Singapore. We returned with China Green Agriculture, a company that was not yet trading on a U.S. exchange.

When the stock hit the exchange later that year, I promptly recommended that members buy. It's up more than 350% since. Now look at those results in summary...

  • "Asia 2008" -- China Green Agriculture... up 387%
  • "Mexico 2008" -- Banco Compartamos... up 238%
  • "China 2009" -- Yongye International... up 106%
  • "China 2010" -- ... can we do even better?

Nevertheless, as impressive as I believe those individual results are, they're just a piece of the overall puzzle. I don't have to tell you that it's your overall global portfolio returns that matter most. Have a look...

In 2009, the recommendations I passed on to my Motley Fool Global Gains members combined to return an eye-popping 71.1% per pick-- on average.

Yes, you read that right... 71.1% per pick. Making Motley Fool Global Gains the No. 1 performing Motley Fool newsletter service for the period (against some serious competition!).

In fact, of the 24 stocks we recommended in 2009, just two lost money. Put another way, if you had invested with us in 2009, you had a better than 90% chance of making money with any given pick -- and overall, you could have made a good deal of money.

And while 2010 started off rocky for emerging markets, this is all the more reason to be convinced that our global approach to value investing puts us right in the sweet spot for the next decade of market profits.

PIMCO genius investor Mohammed el-Erian agrees. When asked by CNN to name the most important thing investors need to do differently today, here's what el-Erian had to say....

"The average investor is too U.S.-centric... [but] the center of
gravity is shifting. So the first thing for the average investor to
recognize is that the asset allocation of tomorrow is much more
global than the asset allocation of yesterday."

I simply couldn't agree more.

You can see why I'm so eager for you to get started. Especially since I've returned from China with four remarkable investment opportunities I fully expect to perform as well as, if not better than, those from my previous journeys -- in fact, I'm as excited about this report as any from my previous research trips.

But I can talk to you about the benefits of joining Motley Fool Global Gains until I'm blue in the face. You need to see it for yourself. So let me make it even easier for you to join us today and put my money where my mouth is...

Your Special "Risk Nothing" GUARANTEE

To prove to you that Motley Fool Global Gains is everything I say it is... and to give you the opportunity to check out my new report and make sure the service is right for you... I'd like to offer you the opportunity to join us without any risk whatsoever.

Simply agree to give Motley Fool Global Gains a try. If you're not blown away, you can tell me to send your money back, up to the last day of your first 30 days. And I'LL GIVE BACK EVERY CENT, no questions asked.

Of course, everything we've discussed today -- including my new report and all the profits you earn from it -- is yours to keep with my compliments. It's that simple. All you're really saying today is, "Sure, why not? I'll give it a try."

In fact, if you decide you'd like out at any point after your first month, I'll even send you the full dollar value of the remainder of your membership term. If you make as much as I think you will, maybe you'll buy me a beer one day!

However, I'm pretty sure once you have a closer look, you'll want to stick around for the long haul -- and the beers are on me!

Of course, you still might be nervous
investing in China right now...

Maybe you're rattled by last year's correction in China stocks -- or emerging markets in general. Frankly, that's understandable. That's why it's so important not to go it alone right now.

And why I travel to China at least once each year and do the groundwork for you.

But, keep in mind, China's 25-year, 10%-plus annual growth rate was beyond anything we will ever see again here in the U.S. With that kind of phenomenal growth, periodic market corrections are to be expected.

In other words, we were due for a short-term pullback. I even warned my subscribers to prepare for it. And, yes, some of our own Motley Fool Global Gains recommendations were dinged in the sell-off -- but I'm not concerned.

In fact, if you take nothing else away from this letter today, you must understand this...

China is a long-term megatrend, and anyone who tells you the China growth story is over is flat-out wrong. Legendary investor Jim Rogers says, "China is going to be the most important country in the 21st century."

While legendary investor and notoriously hard to impress Princeton Professor Burton Malkiel echoes, "The hardworking Chinese energy makes New York look like a sleepy town."

After dozens of plane rides and even more meetings, I couldn't agree more. And with Beijing throwing its money around, China's consumer segment is shaping up to be the single fastest-growing segment in the world's fastest-growing market.

No "global recession" or short-term market sell-off is going to change that.

Quite the contrary, on June 18, 2010, the World Bank confirmed that China's economy continues to grow "robustly" -- with export volumes recovering rapidly and "household consumption growth holding up well."

Ardo Hanson, Lead Economist for China, forecast GDP growth of 9.5% for 2010 -- far exceeding any developed nation. Even then, we are still referring to a small, short-term wave in what I expect to be a giant, long-term tsunami for opportunistic investors.

Frankly, I don't think the question is whether we should be investing in overseas growth miracles like China, but how... or more specifically, how do we maximize our returns and minimize our risk. Fortunately, there's a solution...

Save 25% -- a limited-time offer

After everything we've discussed today, you may be thinking that joining me and my team of analysts at Motley Fool Global Gains is going to cost you an arm and a leg.

Let me put your mind at ease. True, premium stock research of this quality is frankly hard to find and routinely sells for upward of $1,000 per year -- in some cases, much more.

And that's run-of-the-mill domestic research. Quality global stock research, if you can find it, goes for much more. After all, this kind of research is valuable and quite costly to produce -- as I can attest, having traveled to China.

So, yes, Motley Fool Global Gains is priced a little higher than some "entry-level" services you see advertised. But you WON'T pay $1,000 a year to join Motley Fool Global Gains. You won't pay half that.

And while cost shouldn't really be an issue given the returns I expect you can earn off China's Consumer Revolution, I understand that every penny counts right now. So how about this...

I want to send you my brand new report, "China's 'Final' Revolution -- 4 top stocks to profit from the rise of the Chinese consumer," including everything you need to know to get invested today.

Including my top pick, the multi-media powerhouse I'm convinced can make us even more money than Yongye made us last year -- a 106% gainer.

Plus, I want you to profit from an entire year of The Motley Fool's premium global stock research and advice, and full access to the Motley Fool Global Gains community... for a full 25% off our regular membership price.

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  • A consumer goods company many are calling the Nike of China. It's conquered Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, and now has its sights set on launching higher-end brands in Tier 1 cities. If it can replicate its past success, it has the potential to "become the largest national brand in China."
  • A leading purveyor of broadband telecommunications equipment -- an industry where consumption doubles every 18 to 24 months. Just a $1 billion company, it offers massive growth potential or will make a lucrative acquisition for a larger competitor like Cisco.
  • An up-and-coming asset manager that has grown assets under management a mind-boggling 57% per year since 2004. It's out of favor on Wall Street, but when the sentiment turns, investors in this company stand to cash in on this tidal wave.

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China's Final Revolution
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