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"The Motley Fool's panache is a cover for a belief in the old-fashioned virtues of patience, simplicity and prudence."
— U.S. News & World Report

From the financial resource The Economist calls, "an ethical oasis"...

"Motley Fool analysts uncover the world's most profitable stocks before
Wall Street gets its
hands on them."

Now you can see the stocks that can turn your nest egg into a fortune… before your neighbor, your boss and even Wall Street…

If there's a silver lining to market meltdown it's this: stocks are cheaper than they've been since the early 1990s… and investing in the right ones now can make you wealthier than you were before the sell-off.

Think that's impossible? It's not. There are stocks you can buy right now that not even Wall Street, your neighbor or your boss knows about that could hand you a small fortune in the coming years…

Want proof? Just think back to 1999.

A lot has happened over the past 10 years… the burst tech bubble in 2000… the brutal bear market of 2002… and of course the market crash in 2008. If you could travel back in time and buy stocks in 1999 with the knowledge you have today, what would you buy?

  • Tech juggernaut IBM?
  • Mega-cap Berkshire Hathaway?
  • Or maybe healthcare goliath Johnson & Johnson?

While these rock-solid businesses made great investments in 1999 and would have held onto their value nicely through the rough patches… independent analysis by The Motley Fool reveals that NONE of the top-performing stocks of the past decade were blue chips like IBM or Berkshire Hathaway…

In fact, the best investments of the past 10 years were these small, obscure companies:

  • Hansen Natural -- Up 4,801%
  • Celgene -- Up 4,167%
  • Quality Systems -- Up 4,002%
    *Returns from 1999 to 2008

Surprised? Well imagine if you had invested $15,000 in just one of these stocks back in 1999…

Today you would have more than half a million dollars!

That's a heck of a return! And there's not a blue chip stock out there that could make you money that kind of money in just 10 years…

Starting today you don't need to use your imagination to know what it's like to amass a small fortune. Hardworking people just like you are building lasting wealth by investing in unfamiliar cash-generating businesses like the companies listed above, before the big institutional players on Wall Street scoop them up.

And you can too. All you need is an edge. A trusted, independent resource. And that's where Motley Fool Hidden Gems comes in!

Hidden Gems is like your own personal "inside source." Quietly sending you the latest in-depth analysis of the world's very best stocks each month. Helping you build lasting wealth over the long term… all in the comfort of your home.

In a moment I'll tell you more about this exclusive group of dedicated individual investors… and how you can join them today and see all of their very best ideas for new money right now -- completely without risk or obligation. But first…

How to turn your nest egg into a fortune

Each year, millions of Americans diligently sock away money for retirement in 401(k)s and in investments like mutual funds and blue chip stocks. Maybe you're one of them.

It's tough to argue against gradually building a nest egg using this strategy. That's exactly what we are taught growing up: work hard and save your money, and everything will work out. For most people this plan pays off, but since you're reading this, you may have bigger plans.

Maybe you want to start your own business, build an addition on your house, send your kids to college or give more to your favorite charity. If so, and if you want to increase your chances of making these dreams a reality, you need an edge.

History proves that one of the surest ways to build wealth quickly is by adding a few carefully selected small-cap stocks to your investment portfolio.

You see, while a portfolio made up largely of mutual funds and large-cap stocks will appreciate nicely over time, it likely won't double your investment -- at least not anytime soon.

For that you need to own high-growth companies whose share price can realistically rise many times in value.

Here's why…

Take a widely held company like ExxonMobil, for example. The oil giant would have to pack on another $390 BILLION in market capitalization to double your investment -- a monumental feat to be sure.

Now consider a smaller company like Black & Decker. The power tools leader would have to pack on just $1.8 billion -- less than 1/100th of ExxonMobil's value -- to double your money. A much more reasonable figure, you'll agree.

It's no wonder that not one of the top-performing stocks of last year was a familiar large-cap company. Instead, they were unknown, underfollowed companies like…

  • Emergent BioSolutions -- Up 416%
  • Star Scientific -- Up 379%
  • Crawford & Co. -- Up 250%

You can see how adding companies like these can have a dramatic effect on your long-term wealth. Best of all, it doesn't take a large portfolio allocation or extreme risk of capital to reap the benefits of small-cap stocks

How to turn $10,000 into $1.7 million!

According to research by Ibbotson Associates, small-cap stocks have put up annualized returns of 17.5% since 1976, while large-cap stocks have returned just 12.8% annually. Over time, the effect on your wealth can be staggering.

Consider: If you invested $10,000 in large caps in 1976, today you would have $471,944. Not a bad result.

If you had put you that same $10,000 in small caps, you would have $1.7 million!

You read that right, $1.7 million! Obviously, that can mean the difference between retiring "comfortably" and living out your dreams on St. Thomas.

So how do you find these stocks?

It's actually quite simple in theory. Invest in small companies that enjoy rising demand for their products that have great business models, firm financial foundations, and straightforward management teams that hold significant stakes in their businesses.

In practice, you need something else -- good old-fashioned discipline and hard work.

That's why The Motley Fool has an entire team of analysts dedicated to helping you find these rare cash machines.

Our team, led by our co-advisors, no-nonsense value hound Andy Cross and veteran top Foolish investor Seth Jayson, logs countless hours, often late into the night, researching and crunching numbers before recommending a company to our exclusive group, Motley Fool Hidden Gems.

That's what led us to recommend an obscure maker of commercial ovens that's shot up by 168%. Hidden Gems members who followed our advice…

Turned every $2,000 invested into over $5,300

Just because a stock puts up big gains, doesn't mean it's an internet start-up or breakout biotech. Often the best performing small-cap stocks are little companies with simple business models that are on the forefront of a global megatrend.

For example, fast food and casual dining.

Demand for faster yet higher-quality food is skyrocketing around the world, especially in emerging markets like China. This puts a lot of pressure on restaurants looking for a competitive edge. And that's exactly where our first hidden gem comes in.

This commercial oven manufacturer makes ovens that cook super-fast and preserve food quality, while consuming less energy than the standard commercial ovens. This gives restaurants that switch to these ovens an advantage by allowing them to save on their power bills and generate more revenue by getting more orders out faster.

Some of the world's top restaurant chains -- Pizza Hut, McDonald's, KFC and Red Lobster -- already rely on this company's ovens to help fuel their growth and meet demand. And when you consider this company's superior management and an ever-increasing demand for its products, it's easy to see why a 168% increase in value in 5 years is only the beginning…

So what's our secret?

It's not what you might think.

We don't chase hot stock tips. We don't rely on supercomputers or fancy algorithms. And we don't have a surefire system for timing the market (all good ways to lose money).

Instead, we simply seek out well-managed companies with unbeatable products or services, that are undervalued and unknown by most investors… except for members of Hidden Gems, who have the opportunity to invest in the market's most profitable stocks before they make their big moves. Stocks like this international small-cap that's up 52% in 3 years despite the worst financial meltdown in history…

China's answer to Expedia.com

Investors are pouring their money into China looking to get in on its massive economic and manufacturing boom. But investors who are looking to get on board with the next big public Chinese company like $ 137 billion goliath, PetroChina, are missing a much larger trend at play.

It has to do with one of the biggest beneficiaries of all this growth -- the prosperous Chinese middle class. A decade ago, making a better life for yourself and having the chance to own a home meant you had to leave China. Today, China's growing middle class is flush with working professionals and entrepreneurs who are achieving this dream at home.

With higher salaries and a better quality of life come an increase in disposable income. And while many Chinese are still saving up for their first car or home, others want to spend their cash right now and get away on vacation.

As China's No. 1 travel agency, this company's millions of middle class Chinese customers are booking flights and hotels, and traveling the world. Last year alone, this website booked 9.6 million hotel room nights.

With 1.3 billion citizens and an economy that's shows no signs of slowing, this could easily be one of the largest travel agencies in the world. This could be your one-time opportunity to get in on the ground floor!

This Hidden Gem grew revenues by 35%… in 2008?

And it could very likely do so again this year. Because it just acquired its No. 1 competitor -- giving this company the freedom to raise prices on its products and services. And it's in such high demand, no one's complaining. In fact, 92% of customers are renewing their contracts.

You might be wondering how such remarkable numbers are possible given the state of the economy. Well, this is a niche-focused technology company. It makes essential software and platforms for college classrooms. The days of the pen and paper are numbered, and professors who don't use this company's services are decades behind those who do. And the proof is in the numbers…over the last 5 years this small company has grown revenue by a compound annual growth rate of 60%!

Motley Fool analysts believe this is only the beginning. This company could be in store for decades of growth. But by the time you read about it in the paper the lion's share of profits could already be booked! If there was ever a time to invest in this company… it's right now.

Of course, small-cap investing does not come without risks. We insist on telling you that right up front. Small companies can bear more business risk than larger entrenched companies, especially in a recession. That's why Hidden Gems analysts always disclose all risks when recommending a small-cap stock.

Because it's our mission to help you build lasting wealth with the very best small-cap stocks. And nothing short of full disclosure and transparency about all our stock recommendations will help you grow your nest egg for years to come.

So are you ready to claim your risk-free all-access pass to the exclusive Hidden Gems community of investors?

Here's how we'll begin…

When you accept this special invitation to join our group, Motley Fool Hidden Gems

You'll get full access to the Hidden Gems exclusive, password-protected website, where you can check out our interactive scorecard, revealing the performance and cutting-edge analysis of every past and current Hidden Gems pick -- including the three rock-solid small-cap stocks you read about earlier...

Then, every month, you'll receive our Hidden Gems advisory letter in the mail. I'll even alert you by email the moment it is available online, so you can access it instantly.

Each valuable Hidden Gems issue reveals not one, but two TOP undiscovered, undervalued stocks Andy and Seth believe are poised to CRUSH the S&P 500 over the next 3 to 5 years.

Of course, all the important reasons for our recommendations will be included, so you'll get everything you need to make sound investment decisions.

PLUS, when you join our Hidden Gems community without risk today, you'll also receive these features, benefits, and bonuses that are sure to make you a more successful investor:

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And not only do we lead our members to these highly-profitable stocks, but we also help them STEER CLEAR of the flashy, high-risk, low-quality stocks that other advisors recommend, because these almost always end up losing you money.

Let me show you what we look for in the companies we recommend, and what you can count on getting when you become a Motley Fool Hidden Gems member at no risk:

  • Experienced, shareholder-friendly management
  • Pristine balance sheets
  • Visionary founders with MEANINGFUL stakes
  • A competitive edge
  • Massive potential for growth

In other words, these are companies that you can buy with confidence and hold on to for years to come… companies that help you build your wealth faster than you ever thought possible…

And here's another reason to proceed with complete confidence…

Our special "keep everything & lose nothing" DOUBLE GUARANTEE. Here's how it works…

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Of course this kind of guarantee makes it possible to snap up everything we have to offer and pay nothing!

And that's fine with us. Because that's how confident we are in what we have to offer you. Why are we so confident? Quite simply, we work hard and get results. We always have.

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  • A global entertainment powerhouse that has "thrived through every business cycle imaginable." Tom Gardner believes investors who get in right now can see 20% annualized returns over the next five years -- at least!
  • An industrial juggernaut averaging 25% gains per year since 1991. In a dreadful market, this company increased revenues 32% in the latest quarter. Global investing guru Tim Hanson thinks it's worth twice its current price!
  • An under-the-radar oil play dividend expert James Early calls the "best way to hit the mother lode." This company counts international oil giants like Aramco and Petroleos Mexicanos among its top clients, and the orders keep pouring in.

Those are just three of the amazing profit opportunities you'll discover the instant you download your FREE copy of Stocks 2009: The Investor's Guide to the Year Ahead.

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Every investor who is serious about making money in small-cap stocks will consider these reports must-haves.

All these special bonus reports and your copy of Stocks 2009: The Investor's Guide to the Year Ahead (a $99 value) are yours FREE the instant you sign up today!

By now, I hope you've seen why Hidden Gems is a worthwhile investment. But don't take my word for it… many of our members think so like this longtime subscriber from Melrose Park, Illinois, who writes:

"I can't believe I shelled out so little to gain so much in such a short period of time. My investment in Hidden Gems has me at a '68-bagger' in relation to the cost to join!"

Or like J.M., from Santa Rosa, California, who recently re-upped for 2 years and declares… "I have made multiples of my sign-up fee."

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