The IRS is daring you to make this investment now

An obscure tax loophole from the Reagan years may be your best plan for locking in decades of worry free mega-profits from the $396 billion natural gas industry.

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Dear Investor,

What I'm about to tell you will probably sound like wishful thinking. Heck, it might even sound like a scam.

And I can't blame you for reacting that way!

We're all so used to reading the latest doom and gloom reports that good news like this just feels hard to believe these days.

So I hope you'll give me a few minutes to prove why I've become convinced that it's your absolute best investment for 2013 and beyond.

Here's how it works...

  • For the purpose of illustration, let's say you had invested a modest amount of your portfolio... say $15,000... at the beginning of this year (even though you could start tomorrow if you really wanted).
  • On February 14th they would have mailed you a check for $77.04.
  • On February 16th you would have received a second check, for $72.81.
  • On April 14th, you'd fill out a simple form that takes about nine minutes.
  • On May 15th they'd send you a third check for $78.58.
  • And then you'd keep getting a new check, every 6 weeks or so, for a larger and larger amount. (They must keep sending them to you. They're required by law...)

Meanwhile, your original investment is growing in value the whole time.

After the first year, your total gain adds up to a cool $2,400.

After five years, you've doubled your money...

And after ten years, your $15,000 has grown into more than $66,150!

Better yet, you pay much LOWER taxes than you usually would on investment income

As you probably remember, President Bush lowered the income tax rate for most dividends to just 15%.

But now we've seen Obama and Congress vote just voted to raise dividend taxes -- and they could raise them even higher in the months and years ahead.

Which means many American investors are now paying heavy taxes on the one source of income investing that benefits them most... and could pay more going forward.

Fortunately there's a much better plan of action... and I'll tell you about it today.

Plus, you get all of this income without placing a risky bet on some flashy "next big thing" technology company like Zynga.

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In fact — here's the really amazing part — even if the entire stock market fizzles out in the coming years, this investing plan can still deliver a reliable gain.

You see, it's basically IMMUNE from economic downturns. And from the Wall Street hype cycle.

I know what you're thinking:

How is it possible for a stock investment to generate monster gains like these, while providing such a safe return?

That's a good question. And it's also the first clue to understanding what makes this strategy so unique.

Because what I'm talking about isn't stocks at all.

It's not bonds either.

It's not mutual funds, insurance, annuities, gold, or real estate.

And it's definitely not options, credit swaps, or any other exotic "derivative" investment that only a Ph.D. mathematician can understand.

But I assure you, it's completely legal with the IRS.

In fact, Uncle Sam has practically been begging for Americans to invest in it since 1987.


Because it's the best way to break our nation's deadly addiction to foreign oil

I'm sure you agree that we won't achieve energy independence — and the national security that comes with it — by relying on biofuels, solar panels, or windmills.

Or any of those other pixie-dust "solutions" that won't be ready for prime time until your grandkids have gray hair.

And I'm sure you also agree that we won't get there just by expanding our offshore oil drilling.

legal code book

The United States legal code is more than 190,000 pages long, taking up 409 volumes. That's three entire shelves at the Library of Congress. And if you look hard enough, you'll see the one tiny page that explains how natural gas companies organized as "master limited partnerships" can DOUBLE your investment in five years with virtually NO tax liability and NO market risk.

But have no doubt, we definitely will get there. And here's how...

By tapping the "hundred-year supply" of natural gas that's right under our feet, everywhere from Arkansas, to North Dakota, to New York.

And if you're worried that Obama won't support an expansion of fossil fuel production in his second term, think again.

Remember, natural gas is also 30% cleaner for the environment than oil and 43% cleaner than coal...

The President is the guy who's lobbying for it hardest!

See, that "hundred-year supply" idea isn't a slogan his campaign team cooked up as a last minute appeal to independent voters in swing states.

It's a scientifically proven fact that Obama shared with his fellow Democrats — to resounding applause — at their party convention in Charlotte last September.

Which sent savvy investors back to a little-known tax loophole buried in Title 26, Section 7704 of the Congressional law register... that EVERY President... from Reagan, to the Bushes, to Clinton, to Obama... has thrown his weight behind since 1987.

You probably won't be surprised when I tell you that some of America's wealthiest families have been taking advantage of this loophole for an entire generation.

Or that the Blackstone Group (one of the most secretive hedge fund operators on Wall Street) has used it to amass more than $28 billion in assets.

But you probably will be surprised when I show you its surprising connection to the Boston Celtics basketball team.

And when I introduce you to two very unusual men...

The first one was an ordinary investor who used tricks like the one I'll tell you about in just a minute, to retire at the tender age of 38.

The second one was the investing expert he turned to for advice.

He has a black belt in kung-fu. He's ice-climbed in the Rockies, the Alps, and the Himalayas. He started college at just 16, and was invited to join the Mensa society. He belongs to one of the world's most prestigious gardening clubs. And you've probably heard his voice on the radio and seen his face on TV.

But that's not the real reason why he earned his nickname as "The Most Interesting Investor in the World."

Not by a longshot...

First, please allow me to introduce myself

My name is Scott Schedler.

And I'll admit that I'm not the "most interesting" anything. Some might call me just another businessman in a suit.

Then again, I do have a pretty interesting job.

You see, I work for a unique company called The Motley Fool.

It's a small, family-owned company with a simple, but ambitious goal:

To help everyday investors like you systematically build real wealth, by leading them to great companies they can buy and hold for the long term.

I used to work in corporate finance at GE. But like the renowned investment advisor I'll introduce you to in a minute, I've traded in my power suit for a Motley Fool jester's cap... in order to help individual investors like YOU get a leg up.

Over the years I've served The Motley Fool in a variety of roles... from chief financial officer, to international operations director, to company president. These days I'm an "executive strategy consultant." And yeah, if that sounds like I'm spending a little more time on the golf course, it's because I am. But I want to make sure that the best secrets for easing your way to a secure and hassle-free retirement don't get monopolized by lifelong business insiders like me.

See, I was pretty high up in corporate finance at General Electric.

So I became quite familiar with GE's financial policy. Specifically, the way the company used dividend payouts to reward shareholders who owned its stock.

And when I came to The Motley Fool, I pledged to bring that expertise to investors like you.

Which is why it's so important for me to tell you this today... from the perspective of a guy who's built a modest-sized nest egg working in the executive suite, dividends don't look like the best deal out there anymore.

Lately, I'm investing in something else.

And so can you.

Wait, what's wrong with a simple stock dividend?

We need a time machine to answer that question.

Because for the past ten years, the answer has been... nothing is wrong with dividends at all!

Motley Fool Income Investor's chief analyst James Early is good at lots of things. Like ice-climbing, gardening, fixing cars... even kung-fu. But most importantly, he's good at making our small (but savvy) group of everyday investors a TON of money. Income Investor has outpaced the return of the S&P 500 by 10.3% for over 10 years.

They allow you to own a stock, and profit from all of its growth upside, while also getting steady income year after year that you can put in your pocket, or reinvest in more stock.

And as you probably remember, President Bush lowered the income tax rate for most dividends to just 15%. Back in 2003. Then President Obama extended those cuts to soften the recession.

But raising the dividend tax is a key part of Obama's agenda. And very few investors have a plan of action.

In other words, you could be right back to having no advantage at all!

Unless, that is, you learn to master the little-known "MLP loophole."

And fortunately, doing that is a lot easier than you might think.

As easy as filling out a simple form just once a year

Now, if you're reading this and thinking "what's the catch?"...

... then you're about where I was when James Early first explained it to me. After I hired him to provide investing analysis for The Motley Fool in 2004.

He was working at a boutique hedge fund called TSL Capital, where he was using some of the most sophisticated investing methods on Wall Street to generate big returns for some very wealthy clients.

But like me, he'd grown tired of playing the role of "rainmaker" for insiders and millionaires.

He wanted a bigger stage — and I was happy to give it to him.

And in the years that followed, you could find James popping up almost everywhere.

One day he'd be on CNN or National Public Radio. The next day you'd see him interviewed in Men's Health or even The Wall Street Journal.

Just in the past week, you could have watched him talk investing on YouTube, caught his thoughts in the Cincinnati Business Courier, and listened to him host the latest episode of Motley Fool Money, our wildly popular national radio show.

But from where I sit, all of that is a sideshow to James Early's most important accomplishment.

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Which is the incredible success he's had as the chief analyst for Motley Fool Income Investor.

It's our Cadillac investing service for pragmatic investors who care more about making money steadily, year after year, than they care about finding "the next Apple." (How many times have you heard that one? And how many times did it turn out to be true?)

Investors like Paul N. from California.

James and I got to know him on our exclusive Income Investor online message board. We later found out that he was able to retire from his career as an engineer at just 38. In part because he felt so confident about the returns he was earning from our recommendations, that he didn't need any other source of income.

Not all of our investors are THAT successful. But we've heard a lot of variations on that same story.

You see, what really makes James the most interesting investor in the world is that he has the patience and discipline to make his readers life-changing gains from what some would call "boring" stocks.

So if I say that those Income Investor readers march to the beat of a different drummer — that they simply care more about making money than they care about sounding smart at cocktail parties — maybe you'll know what I mean.

And maybe you'll want to learn more about that "drummer," and how he led them to gains like these:


Health Care REIT (NYSE: HCN)
Up 267.3%, with a 5.3% annual yield


United Breweries (NYSE: CCU)
Up 119.8%, with a 2.7% annual yield


McCormick & Company (NYSE: MKC)
Sold for a 162.8% total gain


Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO)
Up 115.7%, with a 2.8% annual yield


Heinz (NYSE: HNZ)
Sold for a 166.6% total gain


Unilever (NYSE: UL)
Up 158.1%, with a 3.7% annual yield


Southern Company (NYSE: SO)
Up 129.4%, with a 4.9% annual yield

Sounds pretty good, right?

But thanks to our leaders in Washington D.C. these gains — which add up to a total return for Income Investor that has outpaced the S&P 500 by 10.3% for over 10 years running — are just the beginning.

Because now, the unusual strategy that James first clued me into when he joined The Motley Fool back in 2004 has suddenly taken on renewed relevance.

I know you're eager to find out what it is.

And I don't want to keep you in suspense.

So to understand why investing in Master Limited Partnerships could be your ticket to the retirement you always dreamed of... we need to start by looking at a very scary chart.

The green line represents the amount of natural gas the U.S. is producing. As you can see, it's rising more and more every year.

But the red line represents the spot price for natural gas during the same time period. (Spot price is a fancy term that commodity traders use to mean "going rate.")

So you see, even though natural gas is about to overtake coal as our #1 source of electricity, with National Geographic reporting that we can put 2.2 QUADRILLION cubic feet of nat gas resources into production in the coming years...

Even though oil companies Exxon and Shell are finally starting to admit that natural gas is our best long-term energy solution....

And even though analysts say this "bipartisan phenomenon" will turn the U.S. into "the next Saudi Arabia," and help create 3.6 million new American jobs in the process...

... It doesn't always make sense to invest directly in natural gas as a commodity. Or in nat gas drilling companies like Chesapeake Energy, Encana, and Devon Energy.

(Take a look at that red line again in the chart above. Is that a roller coaster ride you want to take your nest egg on?)

So what's an investor who wants to cash in on the natural gas boom supposed to do?

And — from more of a "big picture" standpoint — how can our government ensure that there's a stable investment of capital into our natural gas infrastructure... so that we can tap those quadrillions of production and support American energy independence?

Now if you're a cynic, you're probably expecting me to reveal that the natural gas industry benefits from huge federal subsidies.

It doesn't.

Instead, it benefits from something much more clever. And much more meaningful to investors like you.

Something that's given our members in Income Investor their biggest gains in recent years... and their fattest income yields:


Magellan Midstream Partners (NYSE: MMP)
Up 582.0%, with a 3.6% annual yield


Oneok Partners (NYSE: OKS)
Up 145.8%, with a 5.5% annual yield


Alliance Resource Partners (Nasdaq: ARLP)
Up 237.5%, with a 6.3% annual yield


Enterprise Products Partners (NYSE: EPD)
Up 447.8%, with a 4.5% annual yield

Notice I said yields, not dividends. Because as I mentioned before, these investments aren't stocks.

Which means... (you're really going to like this part)...

They're required to distribute 90% of their cash flow directly to YOU

And by the way, there's quite a lot of cash flow to distribute.

Why? Because these companies don't have to pay corporate taxes at all.

It sounds crazy. But it's true.

That's how badly the U.S. government wants to play matchmaker, and pair natural gas companies hungry for investment capital with savvy investors hungry for a steady flow of cash payments.

This unique arrangement is called a "master limited partnership." MLP for short.

I won't go into the legal details just yet.

(I'll give you a special opportunity to get all the nitty gritty from my friend James Early in a few minutes.)

What you need to know right now is that even though any company can organize itself as an MLP —like the Boston Celtics did back during the Larry Bird era — since 1987 only a very small group of companies have been allowed that one-of-a-kind tax break.

And these tax-exempt MLPs are all in the energy industry.

But they're not the drilling companies that take natural gas out of the ground, or the utility companies that pump it into your house or your office building.

They're the middlemen.

And here's why... because natural gas infrastructure is arguably America's most important national security priority.

Someone's always going to drill it, and someone's always going to sell it to consumers, but what the whole system really depends on is everything in between — namely, specialized processing plants, enormous storage warehouses, and thousands of miles of pipeline.

And that means that I can show you another chart now. One that isn't scary at all.

Because it demonstrates why all the REAL value in the $396 billion natural gas industry goes to investors who support the system by supporting THESE guys.

You see, not only are these companies free from the stomach-churning ups and downs of the natural gas commodity market you see on the top of the next chart, and from the heavy state-by-state regulation of the retail utility market you see on the bottom.

They also pay no taxes because of their exempt status as energy infrastructure MLPs.

And, as if that's not enough, they're also quasi-monopolies that can continue to grow for decades with very little competition.

red down arrow

Drilling Extraction (heavily taxed & highly volatile!)

green down arrow

Processing (MLP "MVP" #1)

green down arrow

Interstate Pipeline & Storage (MLP "MVP" #2)

green down arrow

"Last Mile" Pipeline (MLP "MVP" #3)

red down arrow

Local Utilities (heavily taxed & heavily regulated!)

I'll explain more about how their business works below.

By that point, some of you may even be able to guess which 3 companies James was hinting at, when he passed that chart across my desk this morning.

But maybe you have some more pressing questions. Like...

No, really. What's the catch?

Think about everything this investment opportunity requires.

You have to be long-term oriented in your thinking... if you're the kind of person who enjoys chasing the shiny soap bubbles that the financial media blows out every day, then it's not for you.

You also have to be patriotic enough to care about breaking the U.S. dependence on foreign oil. I don't mean the rah-rah cheerleader sort of patriotism, like putting a giant American flag bumper sticker on your car or truck for all your neighbors to see. I mean the quieter kind that looks for the very best place to roll their sleeves up and start making a contribution.

K-1 tax form

This 1 page tax form is all that stands between you and a steady stream of tax-exempt profits from MLP investments.

And finally, you need to clear about 3 minutes from your calendar in April every year.

Because here's the catch.

It's called a K-1 form.


And I'm sorry to say that it's scared more than a few impatient investors away from huge returns from master limited partnerships.

Even though any tax accountant can do it in his sleep... and even though today's "file-it-yourself" software programs like TurboTax can automatically complete the form in just a few minutes.

So why does the IRS make you fill out a K-1 form for partnership income? Instead of the usual 1099 forms you use to report dividends, capital gains, and earned interest?

Because when you're a "unit-holder" in a partnership like the ones we've been discussing, you actually pay taxes much like the company would if it were paying taxes. (Which, remember, it's not.)

Oh no, I hope that didn't chase you away.

I promised James I'd try my best to explain this part right!

But you can see for yourself that the form is only one page long.

So even if you go ahead and invest in all three of the booming natural gas infrastructure MLPs I'll tell you about below, those 3 minutes every April will turn into...

Well, just 9 minutes.

And here's something else that will calm your nerves.

The most important lines on that form are the ones that allow you to "write off" the income that the partnership has invested in new property, like equipment and pipeline. Just as a corporate Chief Financial Officer usually does on his company's financial reports.

(And speaking as a former CFO at two companies, it feels really good to drastically reduce your taxes with the stroke of a pen. Believe me, it was my favorite part of the job.)

Which may lead you to wonder...

If these 3 companies don't pay taxes, and I can write off a lot of my taxes on the K-1 form, how does the IRS get its money?

The better question would be: when does the IRS get its money?

Because the cool thing about MLPs is, that "when" might be a long, long time in the future.

Maybe after you retire. Maybe even never.

You see, beyond all the other benefits of MLPs, and beyond the fact that the K-1 allows you to reduce your tax exposure, much of the income that comes from these investments is actually completely tax-free until you sell your investment. Often around 80% of it, in fact.

So you can keep holding it as the company grows more valuable. And you can choose either to cash all those checks that come to your mailbox every fiscal quarter, or to reinvest them by buying more "units" in the partnership.

But meanwhile, you're delaying most of the taxes until you decide to sell the units.

And — think about this for a minute — why would you sell them?

Sell them when you retire... knock the deferred tax off of your giant pile of accumulated gains.

You'll be more worried about your next tee time, or the fog horn signaling you back onto the cruise boat.

Or heck, if you're the really generous sort of grandparent, don't ever sell them. Because MLP investments are also exempt from inheritance taxes.

  • Steady income from near-monopoly businesses (up to 16% a year)
  • Massive gains (like the 582.0% that our Income Investor members earned on Magellan Midstream)
  • A "do good, feel good" investment in our nation's future
  • Putting off some of your taxes now
  • Putting off most of the rest for decades, or maybe FOREVER

Is that everything?

Is that everything?

Geez, what more do you want? A giant pile of gold coins to dive into like Scrooge McDuck?

Just kidding. I know where you're coming from.

Because the questions you're asking are the same ones I asked our resident whiz-kid James Early.

I might have spent years as a corporate big shot, but it was really important for me to understand the ins-and-outs of these 3 MLP natural gas companies, and make sure they were right for our Motley Fool members.

And actually, there is something more.

I hinted at it earlier.

You see, once other income-minded investors like us realize that their decade-long joy ride with 15% dividend taxes could be over for good, they're going to start sniffing around for other ways to earn income for retirement. More specifically, other ways to get both a high yield and a favorable tax status.

So eventually, they're all going to realize that once the dividend tax and the ordinary income tax are equal again... the additional advantages that come from investing in these 3 unique MLPs will be even sweeter in 2013 than they were in 2012.

And I'm sure you know what will happen then.

The price of these 3 MLP investments could go right through the roof!

They're trading in a comfortable range now, but James tells me he doesn't expect that to last.

In fact, when he marched up to my desk this morning to hand me those charts I just showed you, his hands were actually shaking.

At first I was worried that something had gone wrong. But then he explained... he was excited!

He said that he'd NEVER seen such a good opportunity for investors with a basic to intermediate level of experience with the market to start growing their portfolios with Income Investor.

He also said that it didn't seem fair to limit this opportunity to the service's current members... an elite group who represent just 1.8% of Motley Fool newsletter subscribers, just 0.09% of all Motley Fool readers, and a microscopic 0.006% of American investors.

And that's how he convinced me to put this exclusive, high-end investing serviceon sale... for the first time in more than 3 years... and for the lowest price we've EVER offered...

What can I say? I got excited too.

So excited that I did him one better and made a decision that may benefit you even more.

I'll explain what it was in just a minute.

Right now I'm sure you'd like to find out a little more about these 3 superstar natural gas infrastructure MLPs.

So let's get right to it.

green down arrowMLP "MVP" #1

This company specializes in processing freshly extracted natural gas methane to remove impurities. And its distribution logistics network is so advanced that it also makes money by leasing unused pipeline to other energy companies. Allowing it to pay an attractive 6.1% annual yield. Plus, because this company has access to more than $12 billion available to invest in expanding its business, James believes that its current price of $47.42 per unit is still trading below its true value. Which means "discount shopping" for new investors like you!

green down arrowMLP "MVP" #2

This company, which operates 4 massive interstate natural gas pipelines, as well as a high-tech central facility that "re-gasifies" liquid natural gas after it's been chilled for shipping, is also trading at a discount. But the even better news is that it's dishing out a nifty 6.5% annual yield that's grown at an average rate of 20% over the past 5 years. And James says there's every reason to think that growth can continue for the long term, since the average length of its payment contracts with industrial buyers is — get this — 21 years!

green down arrowMLP "MVP" #3

This company may be the best bargain of all... according to James, below its true value. Even though its annual yield is an incredible 5.2% (and growing). Maybe that's why he's recommended it to his readers three times. Its business can be compared to a toll road. Utility companies have to pay the toll to transport natural gas (or electricity produced from natural gas) from the big interstate pipelines, and down the proverbial "last mile" of pipeline to the towns and cities where we live. Those utilities also bear the brunt of heavy regulations in many states, while this company gets a free pass!

And remember. You aren't buying stock in these three companies. You're buying "partnership units." But the investing process is exactly the same... and until your K-1 forms arrive in the mail and soak up 9 minutes of your time in April, you'll never notice the difference.

James asked me to tell you the names and ticker symbols of these 3 uniquely valuable Master Limited Partnerships, so you could start investing right away. And if it were just up to the two of us, we'd probably go ahead and spill the beans.

But our friends in the Motley Fool customer service department tell us we can't do that. Out of respect to the members who are already paying for our Income Investor service.

So we've put together what we think is an even better deal.

It's a special opportunity that The Motley Fool has never extended to anyone before. (Even including those current members.)

This offer allows you to request your very own copy of our new action guide, "Your 3 Pipelines to Worry-Free Wealth."

James just put the finishing touches on it this morning, and it has everything you need to know about the 3 companies we've been discussing. You deserve to get the full story about these master limited you can decide for yourself whether or not to take advantage of this historic investing opportunity.

Your 3 Pipelines To Worry-Free Wealth


This guide is officially valued at $29, but I want to send you a copy today — with my compliments — entirely free.

All I ask in return is that you listen to one more offer that could prove extremely valuable to you over the coming months and years...

It's my personal invitation to sample everything our Motley Fool Income Investor community has to offer with NO risk or obligation whatsoever.

That's right: I want to give you the chance to profit not only from these soaring natural gas pipeline companies, but also from every other recommendation Income Investor has made over the past decade.

And I want you to discover for yourself everything that Income Investor has to offer — without having to risk even one dollar.

This is our "Keep Everything & Risk Nothing" DOUBLE GUARANTEE

You see, at Motley Fool Income Investor we stand behind every piece of advice, insight, and recommendation we make, with 100% confidence. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed — or your money back!

So we want you to go ahead and take a FULL 30 DAYS to have a good look at every breakout company we've uncovered.

And then, if for any reason you're not totally thrilled...

... just tell us to send your money back.

Up to the last day of your first month, we'll promptly refund every penny, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Think about it... All the details in The Motley Fool's "9 minutes a year" plan for supercharging your investment portfolio. All the exclusive information on the members-only Income Investor website. All the reports and action guides. All the recommendations. All the articles and investing tips.

Plus a valuable fast-action bonus detailed below — THEY'RE ALL YOURS TO KEEP WITH MY COMPLIMENTS.

And just so I'm being clear... if you decide you'd like to opt out at any point after your first month, you'll be entitled to a refund of the full dollar value remaining in your membership account.

In other words, you're completely protected.

But I'm pretty sure that once you have a closer look at what our elite investment team is up to, you'll want to stick around and get all the upcoming Income Investor recommendations...

That way you'll have the chance to discover companies like these...


Tupperware Brands (NYSE: TUP)
Sold for a 158.3% total gain


Equity Inns (NYSE: ENN.DL)
Sold for a 134.1% total gain


Sold for a 120.0% total gain


Posco (NYSE: PKX)
Sold for a 112.0% total gain


Wrigley (NYSE: WWY)
Sold for a 76.0% total gain


Heinz (NYSE: HNZ)
Sold for a 166.6% total gain


Diageo (NYSE: DEO)
Up 231.0%, with a 2.4% annual yield


Health Care R.E.I.T. (NYSE: HCN)
Up 267.3%, with a 5.3% annual yield


United Breweries (NYSE: CCU)
Up 119.8%, with a 2.7% annual yield


Enterprise Products Partners (NYSE: EPD)
Up 447.8%, with a 4.5% annual yield


Oneok (NYSE: OKE)
Up 459.2%, with a 2.7% annual yield


Magellan Midstream Partners (NYSE: MMP)
Up 582.0%, with a 3.6% annual yield

Believe me, the full list of Income Investor winners is even longer.

But I've already kept you here long enough.

And I know that you need time to think about this investment for yourself, instead of just basing your decision on what I've been able to tell you here...

That's why I hope you'll take me up on my offer to get the full story on the companies we've discussed in this report, directly from hedge fund wizard James Early...

Because once Wall Street starts pricing these 3 MLPs according to their true income potential for 2013 and beyond, investors who had the insight and discipline to scoop them up now could become UNBELIEVABLY RICH!

Remember, when you accept my personal invitation and agree to sample everything Motley Fool Income Investor has to offer without risk or obligation today, I'll send your exclusive copy of "Your 3 Pipelines to Worry-Free Wealth" — absolutely free!

Because knowing the ticker symbols is just the beginning... what you really need is a complete plan of action.

How much is that kind of advice worth?

Well, there's a lot of folks who would charge you thousands of dollars for it. Maybe even tens of thousands.

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Scott Schedler
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P.S. If you want to position yourself for a low-risk windfall that benefits from our historic shift to an all-American natural gas economy, and take advantage of the MLP tax loophole before April 15th... then you absolutely must read James Early's brand-new action guide today. So please click the "Start Now" button above — don't risk missing out.

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All newsletter returns as of November 12, 2013. Unless otherwise noted, all numbers as of November 13, 2013. The performance data quoted represents past performance and does not guarantee future results. The model of periodic distributions given at the start of the letter is based on the sequence of actual 2011-12 distributions for these 3 MLPs; the model of long-term compounding that follows is based on the historical 10-year annual total return for 2002-12 published by Barron's. The Motley Fool owns shares of Apple, Devon Energy, General Electric Company, Google, and Netflix.

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