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Asia Rising: 5 Pacific Rim Stocks You Can't Afford to Miss

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You’ve probably heard the buzz on the evening news or from one of those talking heads on CNBC.

Chances are you’ve read about it in your local newspaper or in one of the hundreds of articles now flooding the pages of Time, The Economist, and The Wall Street Journal.

Or perhaps, like our top research analysts, you’ve crossed the Pacific and seen it with your own eyes.

It’s official. China is booming.

According to top Motley Fool analyst, Bill Mann…

“China’s growth trajectory is unlike any witnessed in a millennium”

Bill has just returned from Asia, where he met with top management at several leading companies and conducted research for The Motley Fool’s newest premium report, Asia Rising: 5 Pacific Rim Stocks You Can’t Afford to Miss.

Today, you can get an electronic copy of this report instantly. You’ll get all the details just ahead. But first, get a load of what well-respected international business consultant Daniel Kieckhefer recently told reporters …

“Chinese cities I’ve never heard of are building skylines that rival New York’s.”

Now, that’s just incredible. But what’s even more jaw-dropping is that much of the rest of Asia is growing just as fast, if not faster!

To give you some context … last year, Finland had the fastest-growing GDP of any “highly developed” nation — that includes the U.S., Great Britain, and Germany.

Surprised? Well, get this …

24 Asian economies grew faster than Finland’s — and five of those grew more than twice as fast.

This has some people dumbfounded. Others worry about what it might mean for our economy.

But, for savvy investors like you, this is …

The opportunity of a lifetime

Economists are comparing China’s current growth to that of the United States in 1911 — but with the benefit of modern technology and five times as many consumers. And remember, the rest of Asia is right on China’s heels.

Just think about those who had the foresight to begin investing in up-and-coming American companies back in 1911 …

Undoubtedly, almost all of them amassed obscene fortunes. Not to mention that their children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren have probably led lives completely free of financial worry.

Now, odds are you aren’t from one of these “old money” families. And, like the rest of us working stiffs, you probably have your fair share of financial worries. But, starting today, that could all change, because …

Now it’s your turn to cash in!

According to analyst Bill Mann, “Asia is a continent blessed with every kind of wealth imaginable, and much of its potential is just now being tapped.”

Our 18-page report, Asia Rising: 5 Pacific Rim Stocks You Can’t Afford to Miss, reveals five breakout companies poised to tap that awesome economic potential and make untold fortunes for early investors like you in the process.

This isn’t just some laundry list of shot-in-the-dark stock picks for you to consider putting on your watch list. These are five buy-now stocks — with lit fuses and a wide-open sky above them.

Pacific Rim Stock You Can’t Afford to Miss #1

This under-the-radar purveyor of traditional Chinese medicines is “growing like wildfire.” In fact, it more than doubled its revenue last year and looks poised to continue this impressive growth for quite some time.

Insiders hold an impressive 25% share of this high-margin, non-capital-intensive, cash-generating business. Not to mention, it is one of the very few Chinese companies that meets Warren Buffett’s stringent criteria for what he’s said he considers an “attractive business.”

Combine that with the fact that investors who act now have the chance to buy in at a price well below the company’s fair market value, and you can see why analyst Tim Hanson insists you get this one into your portfolio this instant.

Pacific Rim Stock You Can’t Afford to Miss #2

This Asian juggernaut is already one of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers, yet it still managed to grow sales by a whopping 28% last year. And that was no surprise. Over the past five years, its revenue has shown a stellar compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33.6%. Meanwhile, net income has jumped from an $85 million loss in 2002 to a $539 million gain for the recently-ended fiscal year.

This company also benefits tremendously from the fact that it’s one of the most trusted brand names in India. As analyst Seth Jayson puts it, this company “is well known, well loved, and well positioned.”

And the fact that it’s trading at a “very nice” discount to intrinsic value only sweetens the deal, leading Seth to conclude, “If ever there was a time for investors to get behind the wheel, it’s now.”

You’ll also get David Gardner’s No. 1 pick for Asia

David is a co-founder of The Motley Fool, and over the past five years his picks for Motley Fool Stock Advisor have returned an amazing 86% — more than doubling the return of the S&P 500.

Not to mention, a full 18 of his picks have at least doubled in value as of September 18, 2007, and he’s led Stock Advisor subscribers to gains of 496%, 554%, and even 586%.

You owe it to yourself to check out what David has uncovered this time …

Pacific Rim Stock That You Can’t Afford to Miss #3

This bottle rocket is now China’s No. 1 medical device company, and it boasts a globally recognized brand to boot. Revenues were up an impressive 56.7% in Q2 of ‘07, and net profit jumped a whopping 62.4%. David also notes that, “few companies short of Apple or Google can claim to have grown owner earnings as fast as this one has over the past three years.”

And management doesn’t see this growth ending anytime soon. In fact, the three top managers are so confident in the prospects of their company that they have amassed more than a 40% stake in the business.

David thinks those who invest now could rake in annualized returns of as much as 33% before any dividends over the next three years. You can certainly see why David says this is, “exactly the type of stock we relish” and thinks it would be a terrible mistake not to buy into this one right now — before Wall Street catches on and drives the price through the roof.

Fortunes are about to be made …

But only by a very select few.

And YOU could be one of them.

If you seize this incredible opportunity … right now … before it passes you by.

You see, just like with the U.S. in 1911, most investors will miss their chance to get on board this runaway money train.

In the coming months, you’ll hear these very people talking about h