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Stocks 2008 — The investor's guide to the year ahead.

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Experts predict the coming year will be a rocky one for investors.

With the subprime meltdown, sky-high oil, and a looming economic downturn, they might be right.

The truth is investors face major challenges every year. Yet a select few manage to overcome these obstacles, beat the market, and build lasting wealth. What’s their secret?

Stocks 2008: The Investor’s Guide to the Year Ahead

Since 2002, forward-thinking investors have relied on one definitive resource to help them find fortune-building stocks like the ones you’re about to discover.

Now, you can be among the first to get the latest edition in this series (possibly for free). Before I tell you how to claim your copy, have a look at a few examples of the life-changing profits these investors have earned over the past five years � in “good” and “bad” markets alike:

  • 823% profits on ValueClick � recommended in Industry Focus 2002
  • 573% profits on Quality Systems � recommended in Stocks 2003
  • 455% profits on BioMarin � recommended in Stocks 2005
  • 437% profits on Activision � recommended in Stocks 2003
  • 358% profits on Garmin � recommended in Stocks 2004

Granted, not every recommendation from the Stocks series has performed as well as these have. But had you invested just $1,000 into each of these five stocks, you’d be sitting on over $31,000. As you can see, it only takes one or two big winners to change the course of your financial destiny forever.

“One of the best run companies on the planet”

That’s how Motley Fool Senior Analyst Seth Jayson describes the Latin American powerhouse he recommends in Stocks 2008 � and he’s made a career out of scouring the globe for companies with stellar management.

Its “triple threat” business model provides blue-chip exposure to some of the world’s most important up-and-coming economies � but with limited downside risk.

Over the past five years, revenues have grown a stunning 19.2% per year. Meanwhile, cash from operations and free cash flow have both grown at over a 9% rate. With numbers like those, you can’t expect this one to go unnoticed for much longer.

In fact, this stock is already climbing. But you can still buy in at a very attractive discount to intrinsic value, making right now the perfect time to get this workhorse into your portfolio.

You can get all the details on page 15 of Stocks 2008. Plus, you’ll also get Motley Fool Co-founders, David and Tom Gardner’s No. 1 stock picks for the year ahead.

“David and Tom Gardner are among the most widely
followed stock advisors in the world.” —

As co-advisor for The Motley Fool’s monthly investment newsletter, Motley Fool Stock Advisor, David’s average pick is up 87% � beating the S&P 500 by more than three-to-one. In just over five years, he’s led Stock Advisor subscribers to 18 stocks that have at least doubled in value, including:

Now, get a load of the seven-decade-old “character-based entertainment company” David thinks is going to turn heads in the coming months…

As you read this, its world renowned brand is being stamped all over a new theme park going up in Dubai. And according to LICENSE magazine, this company is the fourth largest licensor in the world. But the real story is a groundbreaking change to its business model that David is confident will send profits soaring through the roof.

David’s most conservative estimates project that investors who buy shares right now can realistically expect to see at least 25% average annual returns over the next three or more years.

David reveals this bottle rocket’s name and all of its details on page 23 of Stocks 2008. And if the past is any indication, your profits on this stock alone could make 2008 your year. Not to mention, they’ll pay for your copy of Stocks 2008 many, many times over.

Want to make even more money?

Then be sure to check out Tom Gardner’s recommendation on page 35 of Stocks 2008.

It’s a familiar name, yet it’s a stock Wall Street has begun to overlook. According to Tom, this is an iconic brand with a dominant position and excellent cash flow, and it’s currently selling at the biggest bargain in the stock’s history.

As a result, you have an unparalleled opportunity to make a fortune off this industry dominating best-of-breeder � without having to spend a fortune getting it into your portfolio.

Tom knows a thing or two about spotting great stocks selling at bargain prices too. His Motley Fool Stock Advisor picks are up 57% on average and he’s led subscribers to gains of 265%, 268%, and even 491%. (All returns as of 11/13/07)

You’ll discover both David and Tom’s top investment ideas for the year ahead in the pages of Stocks 2008. You’ll also get nine others � handpicked by a carefully selected team of advisors from a wide-range of investing backgrounds. Plus, as an added BONUS, you’ll also get the No. 1 mutual fund pick for 2008 from Motley Fool Champion Funds advisor Amanda Kish.

Think you might be too new to the game to benefit from Stocks 2008?

Think again! Our advisors pride themselves on giving you easy to understand investment advice in plain English. They’ll walk you through:

Worried you might be a bit too experienced for Stocks 2008? Don’t worry! Our analysts are savvy number-crunchers renowned for the depth and accuracy of their research. They dig deep to deliver all of a company’s pertinent details