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Adult eMeringue Store

This page has been permanently removed by order of the Idaho Commission on Electronic Commerce (hereafter and forever more, the "Commission"). Acting pursuant to Public Law 12345.7� (a)(iii), the Commission issued a cease and desist order on the grounds that this Web page contained offensive and obscene materials, unsuitable for human view and consumption.

The Commission also found that this page violated the rights of lactose-intolerant and hyperglycemic individuals as well as those of persons allergic to eggs and those without Internet access. "The egg and milk laden, sugar-rich elements of these pies and the fact that this page is only available on the Internet, deprive these discrete and insular groups from the opportunity of deriving the same, sick pleasure that the rest of us may experience when viewing this particular Web page," wrote the Commission in its 50 page opinion. "Besides," concluded the Commission, "they don't even taste good."