eMeringue - Customer Comments
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Customer Comments

"In a recent hiking expedition through Challis National Forest I found myself in dire straits. High atop Borah Peak my backpack came undone and tumbled down a steep incline. My Teddy Grahams! Gone! Just when I thought my hunger would get the best of me a kind couple from Nampa handed me an eMeringue. It was delicious. It had just enough sugar to keep me going all the way down to recover my backpack. You, are a lifesaver!"

-- Y.B.
Bear, Idaho

"Eggs-actly what I needed!"

-- H.D.
Twin Falls, Idaho

"My friend, the perfect prankster, came running to my house last week claiming he had proof that extraterrestials had landed in his potato field. He whipped out a picture of a spaceship and I was convinced. Just as I was getting ready to pick up the phone to call those X-Files people I see on the television he starts laughing. That wasn't a spaceship. It was an eMeringue in flight! Did you know, after a few days out in the open, your products become great frisbees?"

-- R.C.
Chester, Idaho

"Once beaten, twice buy -- I am amazed at the great texture and quality of your product. I will never beat my own egg whites again. Thanks, eMeringue."

-- J.C.
Clark Fork, Idaho

"This winter, I ordered ten [meringues] for our annual company banquet. Your meringues hadn't arrived yet when the guests began showing up. You wouldn't believe the sad looks on their faces when the saw the dessert table. Ten pies. No meringues. Well, sometime around Big Ed's annual roast, the meringues were delivered. Everybody was so excited! Except for Ed, of course, whose speech was drowned out by the happy growling of our stomachs."

-- G.E.
Chattanooga, Tennessee

"Your meringues are exactly what we need!"

President, Manhattan Stick-Ball League

"Gimme a break! An eMeringue break, that is!"

-- Nell Carter
Birmingham, Alabama

"You guys [do not] suck."

-- Name withheld

eMarang is really good. They are great. I use it all the time. Can I have my 20 dollars now?"

-- R.P.
Lansing, Michigan