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Welcome to the Eggulator!

At eMeringue, we know how tough it is to follow a recipe perfectly from start to finish. You'll have sugar caramelizing in one pan, water boiling in another, and puff pastry baking in the oven. Then, scrolling down the recipe, you read something like, "Add 5 dozen eggs." What!?!? The last thing you need to worry about at this hectic moment is solving a math problem.

That's why were proud to offer the Eggulator. Simply enter the number of dozens that your recipe calls for and the Eggulator will tell you how many eggs you'll need. Or, if the recipe provides the number of eggs required, you'll quickly be able to know how many dozen to buy at the store.

Just enter a number, and specify which kind of conversion you'd like to perform. Leave the math to us!

Eggulator® is a registered trademark of eMeringue, Inc.

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