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The History of eMeringue

eMeringue has not always been the respected company that our customers have grown to love. The story of our success, as with many companies, is filled with seized opportunities, well-spent capital, an occasional lawsuit, and most importantly, a man with a dream.

In 1993, Larry McCloskey had just become a subscriber to the rapidly growing Prodigy Internet service. McCloskey was blown away by this new medium. "To be able to simultaneously 'chat' with my cousin in Cleveland and my sister in Sri Lanka, was mind-boggling. I knew right away that my future was going to be on the Internet," McCloskey said.

But it would take five more years of languishing in the auto parts business before McCloskey would act upon his dream. He was in the grocery store buying some ointment for his wife when the fluffy meringues of the market's bakery caught his eye. McCloskey immediately knew he had discovered a gold mine. "I always thought about selling stuff on the Internet: books, software, pantyhose. But when I saw those meringues, my life was filled with newfound hope and excitement. Goodbye, crankshafts. Hello, egg whites!" McCloskey said.

Meringues and McCloskey were a perfect match. Larry finally had a practical use for the chicken farm that he had inherited from his uncle. In February of 1998, he folded McCloskey Auto Parts and converted his warehouse into a giant bakery. Hiring a marketing executive, a farmer, two chefs, and seven tasters, Larry and his company began making their first meringues, selling them mostly on street corners and at backgammon tournaments. Word started to spread and by the end of the month they were delivering their meringues to area homes. Once the logistics of making the meringues had been settled, Larry moved his company onto the Internet in May of 1998. eMeringue was