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The eMeringue Process

Hi! I'm Marty Meringue. I'll be your tour guide as we take a delicious journey through the entire eMeringue process. We'll follow a meringue straight from your computer to our factory and back to your doorstep! Won't you join me? Tee-hee!

Step 1: Customer places order
Hungry? I bet! How about a tasty meringue? Just log onto www.emeringue.com and place your order. Don't forget to specify the shape! eMeringue employees work round the clock processing meringue requests. If we didn't, we'd never be able to get you a meringue in seven days!

Step 2: Our hens lay your eggs
Cluck, cluck!

Who's there?

Meet Molly, one of eMeringue's hardest workers. She's one of 5,000 chickens that's ready and waiting to lay eggs for you.

Back to work, Molly.
Hungry customers are waiting!

Step 3: Time to build the meringue!
Every meringue is hand-made so that we can provide th