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Welcome to eMeringue.com. We're glad you found us.

I'm Larry McCloskey, President and CEO of eMeringue. When I converted my Boise, Idaho auto parts dealership into a meringue-delivery service, I really had no idea we would grow to the size we are today. 45 employees. $11 million in revenue. Somebody pinch me! Just kidding.

CEO Larry McCloskey and
eMeringue chef Serge LeGrenouille
At eMeringue, we're not resting on our success, though. We're still committed to our guarantee that we will deliver a pie meringue to anywhere in the United States in seven days. And as usual, if we miss the deadline, your meringue is 50% off. But we have some additional goals. I can't mention them all here, but let's just say by the new millennium, we hope to be able to pipe meringue straight into your home. Whoa, I better stop. I'm getting chills!

We didn't become the world's number one meringue-delivery service overnight. It took the hard work of everyone at eMeringue to get to where we are today: the chefs, the factory workers, the brave tasters, my management team, the Boise State Chemistry Department, Nell Carter, and Fluffy our mastiff, who ate more than his share of irregular meringues before sadly passing away.

Before we part, I thought I'd give you a little guidance to our site. You could spend all day at eMeringue.com, so we don't want you to get lost! A good place to start is the History of eMeringue. After that, why don't you learn more about the process of how we get a meringue to your doorstep? Now you'll see why it takes us seven days!

If you're a little hesitant to order from us, then our customer comments will put your mind at ease. Oh, and I almost forgot! We have tons of great and tasty recipes you can make with eMeringue products. And if you're bad at math, you might want to try the Eggulator. It won Runner-Up for Best Dessert Calculator at this year's Webbie Awards.

And once you're done. It's time to order your meringue! Oh, and please give us feedback to help us get even better.

Have a sweet and fluffy day,

Larry McCloskey
CEO of eMeringue, Inc.

ADDENDUM!! eMeringue is having its Initial Public Offering today and will be traded under ticker symbol HAFD ("Have a foamy dessert!"). The SEC prohibits us from commenting on the IPO much more, but you can follow the progress of our IPO on the Motley Fool, the underwriters of our offering.