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Dueling Fools

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Dueling Fools

eMeringue Bull's Pen
by Rick Munarriz (TMF Edible)

It's finally here! Sweetness -- online. I know I'm not the only one who has been anxiously awaiting the day when eMeringue would go public. It is the last of the great Internet business models, and anything shy of the stratosphere in share price action today would be a shocker to Wall Street.

If I sound a bit emotional today it's because, gosh darn it, I love eMeringue! I think back to my youth when my mother would be slaving away in the kitchen. Dinner seemed ready but dessert had her breaking a sweat. The pie and lemon filling were sitting listless and lonely on the counter as she was beating sugar and egg whites into a frenzy.

"Mom," I asked, "Can I help you?"

"Nobody can help me," she said as salty tears dove into her makeshift meringue.

Nobody? How about Larry McCloskey, mom? eMeringue's visionary CEO is Willy Wonka incarnate. His story is as inspiring as it is amazing. From the moment he inherited that Idaho chicken farm he did things his way. The Meringue Man Can.

Today we see the dawning of a new empire where equity success goes hand in hand with the feel good fuzzies of knowing you can profit by buying into a company that not only peddles convenience -- it guarantees seven day delivery of that convenience!

Right now eMeringue has a huge head start over the competition. Other major online retailers have announced that they won't be entering the meringue business for at least another three years. Three years! That's an eternity in e-tail. It will give eMeringue enough time to build up the barrier to entry so high that the mighty will buckle under, possibly moving into pie crusts and trying to work their way up

Yet even if another dessert domain attempted to rip-off eMeringue's success, those are some greased coattails that eMeringue is wearing. The clones would slip right off. Why? Quality. McCloskey has a special family recipe that has been handed down for generations. He uses sugar and a top-secret ingredient that makes the delicious confection irresistible.

The financials may not look too sharp today, but doesn't tomorrow belong to eMeringue? When was the last time you mail-ordered meringue? It's probably been awhile, right? Now, don't you think it's possible that with eMeringue out there you are bound to place an order for some of the tasty pre-made puff in the not too distant future? Heck, you might want to go there right now. That is growth. That is eMeringue.

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