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Dueling Fools

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Dueling Fools

eMeringue Bull's Rebuttal
by Rick Munarriz (TMF Edible)

This is so typical of my buddy Mack. Maybe it's envy. Maybe he picked fights with Bill Gates in grade school and now he resents anyone and everyone who is on the cusp of wealth and greatness.

Fools, the lesson here is simple. Let's leave Mack whining in the lobby as we board the elevator going up. Those who never build up the courage to call the elevator in the first place are bound to spend the rest of their lives crying salty tears at sea level. His bearish case is just too misguided to take seriously. He begins by accusing the company of making motor oil meringue. Even Upton Sinclair would turn in his grave at such frivolity.

What gets me is that he calls eMeringue a "substandard" company. On what basis? Let's make one thing clear, eMeringue has a much larger target market than an online bookseller like Amazon.com ever will. Face it, there will always be illiteracy. However, hunger is universal.

Is eMeringue going public to cash in on the Internet frenzy as my fellow Fool suggests? Sure. What's wrong with that? I would much rather have a chance at owning the company today before the rest of the world grows to long eMeringue's prospects. Today is the ground floor. Enjoy terra firma, Mack. I'll let you know how the view turns out from up here.

Right now you're thinking, sure, we all love lemon meringue pies, but where will the company go from here? I'm not sure about the ingredients in shepherd's pie or humble pie, but I imagine that a meringue topping would go well with either one. I'll let McCloskey's great marketing mind figure out the finer details. He hasn't been wrong yet, has he?

Faith in management. I'm sure you don't see that every day. So let Mack bicker over the ticker symbol or something as petty as advertising costs, my money is on the McCloskey elevator -- going up.

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