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Believed the Joke

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Here are some responses from people who believed the joke (at least we think).

"I don't know what kind of pie I need to prepare in order to make a meringue pie. Why don't you make a complete meringue pie?"

"The whole eMeringue IPO story seemed like a soap opera with the day's events planned out before it happened. I just started looking at your web site, and I love your books, but how did you mess up on this one? Is there any way to tell if a company is 'fudging' their balance sheets and annual reports? I feel sorry for all the fools out there that bought into this stock at $22 or more. That's the risk of those Internet stocks though."

"[The meringue] would get here faster if you asked for my address."

"Got here from Motley Fool. Can't seem to get myself to order without an image of what I'm buying. Why no pictures???"

"I have become a BIG fan of yours and have turned on a lot of other people. I think your latest venture, however, is very WISE and seriously undermines your credibility. This is a sad day."

"I agree, this is crazier than Priceline.com! People are jumping on this, and I don't even think they realize that you still have to bake a damn pie. A lot of people are going to have egg on their faces."

"Hey, Gardner boyz. I am a faithful listener to your show and I hit your web site every day but I gotta tell you, I'm totally mystified as to why you see this lemon meringue pie stuff going anywhere. I can understand clicking your mouse and having lunch delivered within an hour from your favorite restaurant but how many people eat lemon meringue pie each day�If I'm wrong in three years then I'll eat myself sick with eMeringue."

"People have been buying this stock all morning. How many people have actually done any research? If the fool said the sky was green, would you believe them?"

"Sorry folks, but like most other IPOs, this one seems to be a lot of volume with very little substance."

"Why would anyone order a meringue? It takes 3 egg whites, 1/4 tsp. cream of tartar, 6 tbsp. sugar, and 1/2 tsp. flavoring and about 10 min to make a meringue. My 5 and 6 year old granddaughters could do it. With delight. Why take the time to order, wait days and pay for it? It's just a stupid topping on a pie. The lemon part is the hard part."

"Just wondering why you offered this stock to the day traders. It has always been my impression that the gist of the Foolish message has been 'investing instead of trading' and here you are rewarding the traders. I can recognize that you have a hard time figuring out how to offer an IPO to the PUBLIC without the speculators getting involved in the offer and upsetting the whole offering. But day traders are SPECULATORS!"

"Aside from thinking that eMeringue is a dumb idea, I'm sorry to see you launching it on your web site...First of all, anyone I know who is willing to go through the steps of making a pie, is willing to make a meringue. It's not that difficult, especially since the advent of electricity. Second, anyone who wants a pie doesn't want to wait a week - they want it now! And lastly, although you write that people should do their homework before investing (a Foolish credo), the fact that you are backing it will no doubt be enough to lure enough fools into investing. What are you guys drinking????"

[Ed: the above letter was shortly followed by the one below]

"Just after I sent off that pissy email, I heard someone on the radio announce that it's April 1st! I should have known...So here I sit with meringue all over my face!!! Thanks for the wake-up call!!!"

"I think you are starting to sound like the full-service brokers that you warn us about in your books. Meringue over the Internet? Are you serious? This is the next BIG THING? I'll have to look at the numbers and business plan myself."

"Thanks for nothing. What good does it do to tell us about an IPO the day it is released, if I'm not home to see it? I work for a living and don't get home until way after the market closes!!!!!!!!!! Looks like I missed a good ride yesterday! Disappointed old fool :-("

"You guys are the greatest! But this IPO thing...I am okay with the advertising on the web site, okay with FoolMart to sell the books and software, and more than okay with the Foolish Four�I understand we all want to make an honest buck here, but this IPO thing somehow puts your veracity into tremendous suspicion...Please be careful, this one's too easy for the Wise to cast into something bad in appearance...I hope this doesn't mark the decline of Fooldom."

"To this point I've seen the fool's (little f) as a fair bunch. But now it seems that a little Joe like myself can't be trusted to belly up to the bar when a good thing is laid out in front of me. And why is that? Because I'm not a day trader (which the Fool Books call a 'no-no' anyway), and because I'm not a daily contributing author to your site."

"Sorry guys, some of us aren't high-falutin' traders like you and have to work for a living. It just seems to me that you two talk out of both sides of your mouth, depending on who is listening! So you write one thing in your books and do a different thing in real life. My question now is 'Why should I continue to listen to a damn word you say, and why shouldn't I use your books for kindling in my fire?"

"Can you please tell me a little bit about your adult meringue section? I understand that the sit was closed off do to particular reasons but I would just like to understand what it had on the site before it was closed off."

"Are you serious? I really can't figure out if this is a dumb joke or if you honestly deliver meringue. If you do, why would anyone in their right mind want a meringue that's 5-6 days old when they could make a fresh one in less than an hour?!"

"You Fools couldn't have flipped out this far...could you have? I'm speechless. Just please tell me this isn't for real."

"What? How can a pie accessory possibly succeed. Unfoolish. (At least until I see the numbers.)"

"After looking at the web site, i was amazed at how simple this business is. If someone or investors can make a capital gain on such a silly business, I wonder what's next. Really, going to a web site to have a computer calculate how many eggs are in 'x' dozen. I will watch the progress but not with my hard earned $$$ you don't."

"Forgive me for questioning Fooldom, but it seems to me that you have committed the very same sin that you scream and yell about when the Wise do it."

"Well, now you've done it! Everyone who thought you'd lost your marbles when you bought eBAY is surely preparing your eulogy now. Only the brothers could step out on thin ice with meringue on their noses. I applaud your consistent willingness to intelligently but foolishly go against the grain."

"Meringue in seven days, haven't they heard of FedEx?"


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