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Enjoyed the Joke

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Here are some responses from people who really enjoyed the joke.

"This is quite possibly the greatest, most well executed, simply hilarious Aprils Fool's joke ever. Excelsior, my good chaps!"

"Fantastic job guys! A lot of well thought out work went into the exercise. I have been laughing all day. Your banner head says: Educate, Amuse, Enrich. Realistically, all three have been fulfilled today. Fool on!!"

"Not on only is this entertaining to read but, you have successfully made fun of major Brokerage Houses. Underwriting some poor useless company... Hyping the IPO to no end... Rating their own stock with a STRONG BUY... Offering most of the initial shares to 'people standing in the shadows'... Telling us to GET ON while it's hot so everyone else can sell at 2:00 and buy that condo in Aspen..."

"ROFLOL!!!! Positively the BEST feature the TMF has ever published!! Keep up the good work!!! Hilarious! Your best Fool's Day joke since ZEIG.H! You almost got me with that company Web Page. But then all the hype about the stock, with splits and takeover rumors... all that was just too real and familiar to be true. You really captured the essence of modern IPO and day trading frenzy."

"I forwarded this Internet site address to a co-worker whose horrible investment advice cost me thousands of dollars this year. Hopefully he will try to invest in the IPO."

"I love reading the Fool day in and day out, and it never surprises me how far you will go to educate your little fools. However, I really think you've outdone yourself with eMeringue. I logged on to the Fool this morning looking for a great April Fools day joke and I found one. The bogus book, the whipped up web site, and the cream of the joke: the bogus stock ticker HAFD (Happy April Fools Day). Wonderful Job! I feel safer just knowing that you work for the Fools and not the Wise."

"I am in tears laughing, and in shame reflecting on my past trading practices."

"The pain in my sides from this unending belly-laughing is truly worthy of some equivalent payback...be prepared!"

"I almost wet my pants. That's got to be the most hilarious thing I've ever seen on foolish investing in my life. I'll laugh even harder when I find how many people will want to buy in from outside the Fool. Couldn't have done better. Thanks!"

"This is one of the cleverest bits of satire I have ever witnessed. You've captured it all: pathetic web site with huge graphics, unreadable text on black, lame rollovers and the predictably awful "interactive element" (the Eggulator). The news flashes are hilarious. And Marty Meringue is a perfectly cuddly and disturbing spokesblob."

"Hats off to TMF. I've never laughed so hard at something on the Internet. You captured the atmosphere of the IPO hype perfectly, all compressed into one day. You're the masters; you the man; you're just not replaceable, EVER....Don't ever quit jabbing, pestering and plaguing the Wise. And, most importantly, don't ever lose your incredible, biting and deadpanned sense of humor."

"Brilliant concept. I especially liked the way you rewarded your loyal fools with first crack at shares. Really puts things in perspective. Somewhere in America, the next cyber Betty Crocker has had her dream squashed by you guys beating her to the punch. The scary thing: as funny as your idea was; in the world of the wise... it is reality."

"I can't think of a single moment when my broker ever entertained me at all, much less educated me the way you guys have. I'm a hard core lurker but had to come out of hiding for the foolish launch of eMeringue."

"Absolutely awesome, guys. The first time I saw seven days mentioned as the delivery time I thought to check my watch. I can't believe it took me that long. Then I had to wait a half hour for the stomach cramps to stop. It would seem that reading about that stuff is almost as bad as eating it! Fabulous job!"

"As a professional chef for the last twenty years, I particularly enjoyed "Crazy Larry's Hangover Cure" recipe. Now I know what to do with all my pesky leftover London Broils! Thanks for the inspiration and kudos to Chef La Grenouille-such a talent!!"

"eMeringue is a timeless classic! We loved it! What a great way to show the absurdity of some of these IPOs! Thanks for a great laugh!"

"I just wasted two hours of a good work day laughing myself sick!!"

"Maybe if we all get together and pool our resources, we'll be able to get the adult meringues back online, where they should be!"

"Haven't seen such news coverage since Buckwheat was shot! Thanks for the info."

"Well at least DANNY FONTANA can't shoot you over this one. Thanks for the smile."

"I love the gag, but you guys went to a lot of trouble for this one - a full-fledged website and everything! I wish I was that creative-All I could think of was hiding the fresh pot of coffee my husband had made this morning."

"Thanks for a good laugh on an otherwise crappola day."


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