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Future IPOs

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Future IPOs | Played Along | Misc.

Here are some responses from people who wanted to get in on future Fool IPOs.

"Please tell me how I can be in your fortunate 'pre-notified Motley Fool group' in next Fool's IPO?"

"I only today registered because I realized that it is part of the way I can get included in any future IPOs you may offer. If I read correctly, for the eMeringue offering, you made this IPO available to frequent contributors who were also subscribers to 'The Motley Fools Daytrader Alert'. Since I am a very small investor (right now), how am I to 'get in' on future such opportunities? I am really not in a position to dispense information and advice on your message boards, so unless you want me just to take up space with meaningless drivel, I don't see how I can become one of your 'hard-core Fools-the ones who contribute most actively to our site' anytime soon. Even though I consider myself one of your Foolish brothers, I am disappointed that regular, old Wisemen had a better chance at getting in on this IPO. In order for me to have a shot at the next one, will I need to post everyday on every message board, and subscribe to every one of your newsletters?"

"I do not understand why other readers of your problem were not e-mailed upon opening of the your IPO. Where do you find the day trader alerts? Please let me know."

"I am an avid user of your site and am currently subscribed to the daily e-mails. In your IPO article you could only offer shares to certain users who were subscribed to your day trading message folder and Fool's day trading alert. I would like to receive those postings as well. Please forward the info or input my e-mail address accordingly."

"I was wondering if you could give us the rules for being a `diehard' fool so I can prepare for your next IPO."

"How would I get involved in future IPOs and how is it possible to pay with credit card. Fool does not act as a broker do you? Can I buy shares through you or do I need to go to another Internet trading site? Thank you."

"11:34, I am reading your article on emeringur, go straight to a foolish stock quote, to discover a foolish gain of WHAT? 600%! I come to the site everyday, read your newsletter everyday, and would have loved to be part of this little treasure. How can I have the opportunity to buy the nest IPO you will underwrite?"


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