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Initially Fooled

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Here are some responses from people who initially believed the joke, but then figured it all out.

"Thanks guys for maybe the best AFD I have been subject to in a long time. I was thinking about selling my shares of the S&P 500 to get in to the deal. I wanted to see what it was currently trading at...only to see that it was at 200+!!! I was furious. How unbelievable! An initial investment of 5,000 gave someone approx. 227 shares, and now that 5,000 was worth almost 50,000!!! Then it clicked. HAFD... Love it...Love it. Ahhhh, life is truly never boring. My personal rule for life. Guess that is why I am a Fool!"

"You guys got me good, Checked your web page on my way for a little midnight snack, and ended up staying up all morning "researching", even thinking of calling in sick so as to not miss the big IPO. Think I will go to bed now. Fool ON!!"

"Can't wait to try your product. What an innovative and unique idea! I gotta admit you had me going till about 10AM! One of my co-workers called his aunt who is a broker and was in a major panic because she could not locate the symbol HAFD!!!"

"Well, congratulations, guys, on a well played and executed April Fool's ploy. I must, somewhat shamefully, admit that you did have me going for a moment or two. It took me a number of mouse clicks before I finally caught myself and realized just what type of "FOOLS" I was really dealing with... Thanks again, guys, for opening my eyes and putting me on higher grounds than the all-powerful wisemen. You have transferred another fool into a Fool, who now takes his place upon that hill, shouting, 'I'M MOTLEY, and I'M PROUD!!!'"

"I could not believe what I was reading - the concept was so absurd (not delivering groceries - just limited to whipped egg whites). I even went to the web page because I knew it had to be a farce. I did not figure it out right away - I just thought the world had gone mad. I had completely forgotten the day! Great, great joke!"

"Very funny joke - yes you had me going for a while (longer than I care to admit). At first I clicked off the article when I saw that it was a "pie" delivery service -- get real. I made the mistake of checking the stock price and "boom" I was hooked -- kept checking it and seeing how it was taking off. I even e-mailed my parents -- retired in Florida and avid fools themselves -- and told them to check it out. Jeez, I wish I were able to retract that message! Great scam and good lesson learned! It's so easy to get caught up in the race."

"Very good!!! Almost had me and a guy I worked with ready to buy. I was going to start searching the company. The two of us were going to call our brokers to see if we could buy on margin. Would have looked kind of foolish, glad we thought about it for a second."

"Ok! Ok! I give up. It's a joke. Possibly the best one I've ever witnessed. You guys really put a great effort into this one. But something smacked of "fish odor". What's that? That the Fools do not engage in this type of "exclusionary conduct". This is the Wise hype I see so much off. Oh yes! I fell for it. I was keeping my wife informed of the price jumps. And yes, I opened my National Discount Brokerage web site and well, tried to check the changing price. Of course, it wasn't listed. You know those brokerages, always a little slow. Maybe they don't list the ticker symbol on the IPO's first day. Finally my wife, who knows nothing about investing, except that it makes her eyes cross, told me, 'It's a joke.' And as usual (this is why we have had a long marriage) she was...hee hee...right. So, Fools, I love you guys. You never fail to exceed my expectations. Thanks for a really great joke...and a good lesson in getting to know myself better."

"As a recovering penny stock investor, I was given great pause by the very impressive job that The Motley Fool staff did in presenting the diverse aspects of your IPO. I am in tears laughing, and in shame reflecting on my past trading practices."

"Is this a joke? I can't image one company having so many problems in one day, per hour."

"I admit it. I went to your stock quote page. I went to emeringue.com. I got half way through the hourly updates. All before I realized that it was April fools day, and just how stupid I was. You guys are awesome, keep it up!"

"Great fun! It took me a few minutes to get the yoke! I didn't realize IPO stood for Inventive, Playful Obfuscation."

"When I first saw the IPO I thought, 'Not another Internet stock.' Then I read further and thought, "Who would buy such a product, let alone wait seven days for it to be delivered?' Then I got to the hourly update page and got the punch line. This has to be the funniest story I have read in a long time. This is a great illustration of what occurs on typical IPOs. Usually the only people that make the money are the people who already have the money."

"You guys had me going. I actually typed the symbol into Yahoo! quotes. You guys had me reading until the intra-day stock split. I became annoyed at how absurd the idea of announcing a split on IPO day was. Then reality hit me and I started laughing. I even read last years April Fools Trick, and it still took a while."

"A company that sells pie toppings? That's odd. And what's this about a Day Trader's message board? I thought Fools avoided day trading. And what's with that funny ticker symbol? Then I'm telling my co-worker about it and saying how stupid an idea an Internet meringue company is and he says, 'Jim - what day is it?' Oh man! Thanks for a good one. I shoulda known better."

"Very good! I thought to myself, I'm not an experienced investor, but this sounds pretty weird. I sent you an earlier email for the IPO info, then I started reading the info you had on your site and thought this is even weirder than I thought (especially the CEO interview). Then I remembered someone called earlier and wished me a happy April Fool's Day. What a Fool I am..."



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