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Here are some responses from people who figured it out and then played along.

"I've GOT to have this book!!! Send me 10 copies!! Here charge my credit card NOW! The number is 9876-5432-1234-5678 and it's a MasterVisaAmEx card!"

"What a terrific Find! I got in seconds before the three-for-one split was announced and I couldn't be more joyful. I'm going to celebrate by ordering a Mount Everest to share with my kids this evening...It sure pays to check the Fool daily. Or hourly. In fact I'm going to spend all my time hitting the refresh button!"

"I have a question about one of your excellent recipes. The "Mount Everest" is very tasty, but I find that adding the [Mulan] action figures makes it a tad too crispy for my taste. While Fa Zhou is scrumptious, Mushu and Cri-Kee are positively murderous on my dental work. Is it the type of plastic in the figures? Should I boil them in vegetable oil first? I think I'm following the recipe, but I'm just not sure. Signed, Toothless and Hungry"

"Wow, this is fantastic! I don't even know what meringue is, but if the Fool is involved then I definitely want to blindly follow up on this IPO offer. Just tell me where to send my check, I'm sure I'll be obscenely rich before my next house payment is overdue. I've already pawned our jewelry and the kids don't need food EVERY day."

"From what I can tell, your company is great!!! Your logo is clean and simple, with great brand name possibilities. Your trucks look clean and new. Your CEO looks like a respectable character. I can't wait to get my meringue that I ordered. I really don't have a need for it, but I'm certainly curious!!"

"It is incredible. I took all of my money. Margined myself to the hilt. Charged the maximum on all of my credit cards. Took out a second mortgage, and borrowed money from all my friends and family. I put all of this money into eMeringue. I got it at 30 dollars per share and about 10,000 shares. It is 11:57am and I am worth 1.7 million. I have to thank you guys. You have changed my life forever."

"I really appreciate the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this tasty IPO. However, being the chairman and CEO of RAINBOWSPRINKLES.com I am announcing my intentions to acquire eMeringue. We have developed and patented a rainbow sprinkle recovery system, known as Sweet Suck that captures any errantly placed sprinkle before it hits the floor, allowing us to save an estimated 13 minutes a day. Gentlemen it's hard to compete with that!"

"My inside sources tell me that Amazon.com is strongly considering a Meringue tab. What this means to eMeringue is anybody's guess, but it bound to fall when the news hits."

"I just got off the phone with the CFO of eMeringue. They definitely are interested in taking meringue to any person who may be hungry. His exact words were, 'Whenever a stomach growls, we want them first to think of meringue.' That sounded to me a lot like McDonald's goal and I asked him about it. As soon as I mentioned McDonald's he when completely silent and then said, 'That's something I can't talk about.'"

"Has anyone looked into eMeringue's treatment of its so-called executive chefs? Larry McCloskey admitted in his interview that he keeps these chefs in a warehouse. Why isn't there a picture of this warehouse and the so-called 'love' that goes on in the production process of the Meringue. And did anyone really look at the pictures on the web site...those pans look awfully dirty."

"Yeegads! I made the mistake of deep-frying four (not three as directed) Italian Meringue Balls immediately after reading the mouthwatering recipe. A semi-catastrophic explosion did in fact occur. Do you know how long it takes to scrape thousands of specks of Italian meringue balls off your ceiling?"

"I just spoke with Investor Relations. eMeringue is planning on expanding into Auctions. Customers will be able to get their favorite topping through interactive bidding."

"I know you Fools are the ones to take my new net business public: eWedgie.com. That's right - now you can be a mouse-click away from seeing your victim's BVDs tied to his ears."

"Larry, I just wanted to drop you a note to personally thank you for your vision and for making eMeringue a reality. My wife and I recently threw a retirement party for a dear friend and we ordered a dozen meringues from eMeringue. We used the Eggulator at eMeringue.com to determine how many meringues to order and voila! The Eggulator did all the math for us! The meringue-a-ritas were a hit with all as were the Italian meringue balls - thank you, Nell!"

"After getting in on eMeringue's IPO late this afternoon, I'm also excited about my prospects of retiring early - perhaps next week. By the way, about six of the meringues (maybe seven, I'm not sure... I didn't have the Eggulator handy) seemed to have congealed into a very solid, rubber-like compound. I used one of these meringues to exercise Chowder, our pet Labrador Retriever. We played "meringue-o-bee" and it seemed to hold up well even after a long afternoon of fetch. I used another past-its-prime meringue as a base for a paste (just add water and a whole lot of elbow grease) which my wife used to strip the finish off of an antique dresser. Speaking of grease, a couple of the meringues and the cardboard shipping box did seem to have what appeared to be 30 weight oil residue."

"This sounds to good to be true. I can't stand by and let this one pass me by. I am faxing to you a check for $100,000. Please buy at the IPO price for me!!"

"By the way, do you offer throwing pies and service also? I'd like to have a "Nell Carter" delivered promptly to my lawyer's face if that is available."

"Imagine, expansion possibilities and acquisitions as the stock price increases. Ice Cream, soft butter, unfrozen fish, ice itself, day old bakery items, iceberg lettuce, bananas from some country, gold fish, small turtles."

"I can't believe you stole my idea for an internet IPO. My brother and I were brainstorming one night when we discovered the ideal way to really use the internet for a productive application. The idea: e-Merengue. Not the baked egg white stuff...the dance. The trick is that we wouldn't really dance for them each time, but we would send them Quicktime movies of my thirteen-year old niece doing the Merengue (she takes ballet in junior high), and Ralph would play the bongos."

"The minute I heard about your IPO of eMeringue.com I sold all my shares of iVillage, my Beanie Babies, and my mother's dialysis machine so I could jump in as aggressively as possible."

"If there's a higher grade than 'Crusty' ('Detroit Diamond', for instance), I'd like to order that instead. Please rush delivery, since someone stole my hubcaps, and the car does not look as sporty without them. Meringue wheels will be even cooler than my neighbor's grass-covered Chevrolet."

"I am looking forward to my crusty, jerky-flavored Nell Carters!!!"

"Any plans for a prune-whip flavor for the geriatric crowd?"

"I want one of those adult meringues..."

"What a wonderful concept. I really hope you get the eggs to bakers dozen algorithm figured out soon. That would be so helpful!"

"BTW, who do I have see to arrange to get the [arrested] CEO's reserved parking pass? I am working in the same building but have to park blocks away."

"In July of 1992 I purchased the first 'Meringue Ready' home here in Washington state. That's right I own a 'Meringue Capable' home."

"Please rush me this excellent book. This opportunity sounds better than the walrus polishing venture that I was considering. I now have a place to put *all* my money."

"I'm curious about the adult meringues! Maybe you could post one to alt.pictures.erotica.eggwhites."

"Only 7 days until I receive 100 Nell Carter-shaped jerky-flavored meringues!!!"

"In the future, please work on providing combination flavors as well, for instance, grape-jerky. The Internet is all about personal freedom and choice, and your selection of flavors is really quite limited."

"I am a fraternity brother of Eta Beta Pi. There is a striking similarity between your mascot 'Marty Meringue' and OUR mascot 'Tappa Keg.'"

"I await my meringues with bated breath. I wish I could afford to order 100 for the discount, however I only made 99 pies. Must be prudent."

"This company looks unbelievable! The buzz surrounding this IPO reminds me of the public offering last year for eE.com, the company that sells the letter 'E' over the Internet. To refresh your memory, eE.com sells displays of the letter 'E' in various shapes, sizes, fonts, etc., and comes in materials such as wood and metal."

"Meringue Rules! Meringue ROCKS! Finally, someone has recognized the value of this concept. I said to my little brother, Mo, I sez, 'Mo, you idiot, you shoulda thought of this. You love meringue! Whatza matta you?' (I talk like this even thought I'm not Italian). And then I give him a big smack up side the head."

"I wish to purchase the entire public float."

"Personally I am disgusted that eMeringue would have the audacity to take its company public without first adequately answering the questions surrounding the large meringue spill that occurred near Sugar City Idaho just a few short months ago!"

"What do you do with all those unused yolks?"


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