May 11, 1999

For the Grads

Is there a graduate in your life? Your daughter? Your nephew? Maybe you'll be the one wearing the mortarboard. Consider this collection a one-stop shop for your grad. You'll find great gift ideas, tips on paying for college, and a special area for college-bound Fools. Check 'em out.

Give a Grad a Stock! Forget the pen and pencil set and avoid the mall. Give your grad a stock.

How About a Fool Book?
So she has a degree, but does she know how to invest? Get her started with a Fool book. See what the bookstore has in stock.

Paying for a Higher Education
Tuition, room and board, takeout, pizza, ramen noodles. College costs add up quickly. How are you going to pay for it all? We'll show you how.

Go Straight to Fool U
If you have a child heading off to college, send them to Fool U first. It's a website for college-bound Fools.

Join the Discussion
Find out what collegiate Fools are talking about on the College Fools message board.

A Place for Younger Grads
The Fool has an area for younger grads as well. They'll learn all about money and investing in our Teens and Investing area.