June 1, 1999

The "Save Planet Hollywood" contest is officially over. Click here for the winning posts.

Enter the Save the Planet Contest

If you've made it this far, you've probably read Rick Munarriz's two-part feature on the rise and fall of Planet Hollywood. If you missed it, I recommend that you click this link and go back and read it. How can you enter this contest? Here's the deal --

First, a word from our contest sponsor... TRIP.com

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TRIP.com -- Simply Brilliant.

Now, back to the contest...

You've been appointed the CEO of Planet Hollywood. Your company is in trouble and on the verge of bankruptcy, and shareholders are starting to get restless. You need a plan and you need it yesterday. Tell us how you're going to save Planet Hollywood.

All entries should be posted on the Planet Hollywood Contest message board and will be judged by a group of us Fools. Here are a few of the things we'll be looking for -- post content, originality, humor, and overall Foolishness. Rick has already posted his entry on the board, so check it out before posting your own. Of course, Rick can't win. To find out who else is ineligible and the rest of our rules, click here.

Speaking of winning, here are the prizes:

One Grand Prize -- A Trip to Los Angeles Compliments of TRIP.com
You and three of your closest friends, family members, or coworkers will fly to LA and stay four nights at the Beverly Hills Renaissance Hotel. We'll also give you a $150 gift certificate for dinner at Planet Hollywood. While you're there, you can share some of your ideas with the wait staff and management.

One 1st Prize -- A Palm III Organizer Courtesy of 3Com
You too can walk around town with one of these super cool electronic organizers. Small, light, and totally connected, the Palm III� organizer makes it easy to store and access all your important information and exchange it with your desktop PC.

Five Consolation Prizes -- Fool Ball Caps Compliments of FoolMart
Five other winners will walk away with brand-spankin' new Fool.com baseball hats.

All right Fools, on your mark, get set, POST!

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