June 15, 1999

Stocks for Dad

Dad. He's got everything and Father's Day is close at hand. If you're like many Fools, you're probably stressing over what to get the "Big Guy" for his "Big Day." Way back in June of 1996, several Fools panicking over the exact same situation put their heads together and came up with a winning solution: Why not give dad a stock? Sounded like a great idea, so they ran with it. Each Fool wrote about a stock that dad should take a closer look at. All the articles were packaged together and an annual Fool tradition was born. Here we are a whopping three years later and the Stocks for Dad legacy lives on.

This year, you'll find stock ideas from 10 different Fools written especially for their dads. Before getting to our special feature, we do have a brief yet important Foolish warning. Keep in mind that these articles are just ideas and not recommendations. If you find a stock you or dad might be interested in, be Foolish and do some research. Buying one of these stocks, or any stock for that matter, without doing your own research is simply not Foolish. End of warning. Let's get started.

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