June 28, 1999

Save the Planet Contest Winners

The response to our recent "Save Planet Hollywood" contest was truly overwhelming. More than 900 of you cared enough about Planet Hollywood to devise your own personal solutions to help save the ailing theme restaurant. Or maybe it was the trip to LA courtesy of TRIP.com that was the driving force behind the hundreds of posts. We're not quite sure. But we would like to thank each and every Fool who took the time to enter. And a special thanks also goes out to our fine panel of Fool judges. After several long days of deliberations we have our list of winners.

Drum Roll Please!

And the winner is�

Courtney Bateman!

Pack your bags, Courtney, you're heading to LA! Brian Moore was a close second and will be receiving a 3Com PalmPilot. Five other lucky winners will receive Fool T-shirts. You'll find all the winning posts to the right. All the posts you see here will be packaged up and sent over to the bigwigs at Planet Hollywood. Who knows, maybe they'll take a few of your suggestions and help send Planet Hollywood back into orbit.

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