July 1, 1999

The Freedom
Foolishness Brings

In celebration of 223 years of American Independence, all U.S. stock markets will be closed on Monday July 5th. So you won't find any new portfolio reports or news updates at the Fool that day. We Fools will be home hanging with our friends and families, mowing parched lawns, sipping lemonade, and enjoying a day away from the usual grind. Hopefully you will be, too.

But really, Monday July 5th shouldn't be much different from any other day for Foolish investors. It should serve as a reminder that there's much more to life than checking a portfolio balance and fretting over every downtick. Fools can take their kids to a ballgame without worrying about where the Dow closes. They can spend a week at the beach without checking the local paper for stock quotes. Foolishness gives us the freedom to enjoy the good things in life without worrying about our investments.

In celebration of this freedom, we've come up with a few things to keep you entertained over the long holiday weekend:

  • Go Back to School -- The Fool's School that is. Spend your weekend learning the basics about investing, discovering the truth about mutual funds, and more. It's a great place to start your Foolish adventure.

  • Free Yourself From Debt -- Becoming debt-free is a giant step towards Foolishness. Find out how to take control of your debt and pay it off. You'll find helpful tips in our Dealing With Debt area.

  • Emancipate Yourself From Your Full-Service Broker -- If you're still paying full-price for brokerage service, you're probably paying too much. Find out how a discount broker can save you bucks.

  • Read a Great Fribble -- Bob Bobala (TMF Bobala) captured the spirit of Foolish freedom in a recent Fribble entitled "Red Sox, Yankees, the Market." Find out how the All-American game of baseball took his mind off of his investments.

  • Write a Fribble -- Do you have an investing tale you'd like to share with other Fools? That's what Fribbles were made for. Find out how you can write one of your own. Send it in and we may publish it.

  • Hang Out in the Fool Community -- There are always Fools conversing out on the message boards. We've got thousands of active boards. You're sure to find one that's right for you.

    Fools on our message boards aren't just talking stocks. Here a few non-financial message boards you might want to visit:

  • Get Cooking! -- Chances are you'll either be hosting or attending no fewer than three barbecues between Friday and Monday. You'll find some great barbecue recipes in our Recipes message board.

  • Read a Great Book -- Find out what other Fools have to say about recent reads on one of our message boards devoted to books.

  • Try to Save Your Garden -- If the weather in your area has been anything like the weather in Alexandria, VA, your garden is probably looking less than stellar. Find out how to perk it up on the Gardening message board.

    Happy 4th of July, Fools!