July 20, 1999

One Million!

Meet Arlene Poff. On July 2nd at exactly 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, Arlene posted the one millionth message on the Motley Fool's message boards. There are a number of cool things about Arlene's post and her situation, so please take a moment to read a bit about Arlene and her one millionth post. To say thanks, we'll be barraging Arlene with small tokens of our affection (cars, furs, boats... ok, not really, but we will have some Fool stuff for her). Of course, Arlene is just one of thousands and thousands of people who have posted to the Fool. To everyone who makes this community a place where we can all learn together, we say a gigantic "THANKS!"

It's somewhat ironic, and very fitting, that our million post milestone was Arlene Poff's first post ever. With new people coming into Fooldom every day, we celebrate that Arlene made the commitment to post in our community. It's not easy for a newbie to gather up the courage to post for millions to see. Even more Foolish is the fact that Arlene's first post was in her Investment Club's message board, the Parimutual Fund. With the Fool so focused on individuals coming together to learn about investing, we couldn't be happier that Arlene posted our one millionth message in her club's folder.

Arlene Poff hasn't been investing all that long. In fact, she only really started to learn about investments last summer when she got her feet wet with some mutual funds. Arlene did admit that she and her husband Dennis lost $500 bucks in some penny stocks back in the 1970s. She says that the experience soured them both on the stock market and that it hasn't been until recently that they've gotten more involved.

Arlene has been much more active lately thanks to her friend Rick Fornoff, the president of the Parimutual Fund investment club. Rick showed Arlene how he buys stocks through an online broker and told her he would soon be getting some friends together to form a club. Arlene asked to be included and has been learning and researching ever since. Arlene and her clubmates use the Fool to research stocks and to discuss their investments.

In addition to Fooling around here, Arlene is working on her Master's degree in Human Resource Development. She also works at UNC Asheville as a Program Assistant for the Community Leadership Program. Arlene has her undergraduate degree in Psychology from UNC as well. It's a pleasure to have her as part of our community.

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