July 22, 1999

Midyear Review 1999

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What's Here

  • Introduction
  • AT&T & Broadband
  • Pharmaceutical Unrest
  • Online Financial Svcs.
  • Internet Stocks
  • InterNOT Stocks
  • See You Later, CEOs
  • Big Winners
  • Big Losers
  • Market Returns
  • Fool Portfolio Returns
  • We're six months into the year of 1999 and it's time to take a look back at some of the biggest market happenings of the first half of the year. Here's what Fool writers found most interesting in the past six months:

    AT&T and the Broadband Battle
    Ma Bell takes the lead in the ever-changing cable industry. Louis Corrigan reviews the activities and explains what's so important about broadband.

    Pharmaceutical Unrest
    These companies have lost favor to tech stocks over the past few years. Warren Gump takes a look at the state of the industry.

    Online Brokers and Banks
    Online financial service companies have been big winners over the past six months. Bill Barker has the scorecard.

    Internet Stocks Not So Hot
    The "frenzy" for Internet stocks appears to be waning. Yi-Hsin Chang highlights some of the cooling stocks and some that are still hot.

    InterNOT Companies
    The outlook for these seven companies isn't looking too bright. Yi-Hsin Chang explains why you might want to steer clear of them.

    See You Later, CEOs
    Which top brass have hit the road since the beginning of the year? Brian Graney has a list and the stories in limerick form.

    Midyear Winners
    Hip-Hip-Hooray! The six-month gains of these ten companies have left shareholders cheering.

    Midyear Losers
    Shareholders of these ten companies haven't been so lucky. Find out which companies have left shareholders with lighter brokerage accounts.

    Market Return Chart
    The returns of the S&P 500, Nasdaq, and Dow through July 16.

    Fool Portfolio Chart
    The returns of the Rule Breaker, Rule Maker, Drip, Boring, and Foolish Four portfolios through July 16.

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