Back to School Special
September 1, 1999

Big yellow buses. Chilly Friday night football games. Out-of-control toga parties. All signs that another school year is upon us. In this collection, you'll find some Foolish content you may want to consider as you pack your little ones and big ones off to school.

Investing for Your Kids
You may be putting your little Fool on the school bus for the very first time, but it's not too early to start thinking about her future. Use our step-by-step guide to learn how to invest for your child.

A Place for Foolish Teens
Teens need a place to learn about money, too. Our Teens & Investing area is the place to do it. Hip and happenin' teens can learn all about saving and investing their cashola.

For the College Crowd
College-bound Fools should take a virtual roadtrip to Fool U. It's an entire website dedicated to financial issues college students have to deal with.

Paying for College
A college degree doesn't come cheap, but there are plenty of ways to help pay for it. We've got the details on college costs, scholarships, grants, loans, and more.

Financial Independence for Collegiate Fools
How can you make it through college with your degree of choice, a good head for personal finance, and no credit card debt? We show you how in ten easy steps.

Talk to Other Fools
Lots of Fools are out on the Family Fool message board talking about these topics and others. Join the discussion.

A Back to School Poll
Should financial education be taught in schools? Is it the parents' responsibility? Or someone else's? Tell us what you think in this week's poll.