Halloween 1999
Tricks, Treats & Scary Stories

It's once again the witching season here at The Motley Fool, a time where we don our scariest masks and offer up some trick or treat stock ideas and some scary stories, too. These tricks are scary enough to make Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers close their brokerage accounts. The treats are tasty little morsels to whet your stock idea appetite. And the scary stories are so frightening that you'll be sleeping with the light on for a week.

Like all Halloween tricks and treats, we ask that you check that bag of candy carefully before diving in. Tricks and treats are ideas from Fool employees, not stock recommendations. Do your own homework, Fools! So, put on your Alan Greenspan or Warren Buffett masks, get that big ol' pillowcase ready to fill, and dig in to our 1999 Halloween collection.

Next Treat -- Home Depot

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