Judge Says Microsoft Is A Monopoly

(November 8, 1999) -- U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson declared Microsoft a monopoly on Friday following a lengthy antitrust trial. Below you'll find some links to articles and information on the case. Read the articles, cast your vote in the poll, and head out to the message board and find out what Fool's think about Microsoft as a monopoly.

Is Microsoft a Big, Mean, Illegal Monopoly?
The findings of fact are released in the antitrust case against the software giant, but investors' questions remain. Brian Graney has the story.

One Fool's Opinion
Of Course Microsoft Is a Monopoly
Bill Barker offers a different perspective on the case. What is actually going to happen to Microsoft under the existing state of the law?

One Fool's Opinion
Microsoft Isn't a Monopoly
Founding Fool David Gardner says it just isn't so. Why? Read his Rule Breaker report and find out.

CEO Bill Gates Responds
Microsoft CEO Bill Gates isn't too happy with the court's findings. Read the letter he wrote to customers, partners, and shareholders.

Should Microsoft Be Broken Up?
Breaking Microsoft up into a number of smaller companies has been presented as one possible solution. Tell us your opinion in this week's poll.

Discuss Microsoft
Fools are talking up a storm on the Microsoft message board. Share your two cents on the judge's findings.

The Case Filings
If you want to read the Court's Findings of Fact or see more information on the Justice Department's case, you'll find the complete Antitrust Case Filings on the Justice Department's site.

Fools' Opinions on Microsoft
A little over a year ago, we asked Fool writers to share their opinions on Microsoft. Find out what they had to say.

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