UPS Goes Public

(November 10, 1999) -- UPS took its place in the financial record books yesterday after raising $5.47 billion in the largest U.S. initial stock sale in history. In this collection, you'll find more information on the offering and the company that has Wall Street buzzing.

It's a Record
Who did UPS unseat to become the the company with the largest IPO in U.S. history? What makes UPS such an intriguing company? Yi-Hsin Chang has the answers.

UPS Delivers on IPO
Fool writer Richard McCaffery covered the story in this morning's Breakfast With the Fool. Find out what the company plans to do with all that cash, and what potential investors should keep in mind.

Talk About UPS
UPS has been one of our most popular message boards since the company announced in July that it was going public. Join the conversation.

The UPS IPO Announcement
Yi-Hsin Chang discussed UPS's forthcoming IPO the day after the company made the announcement. You'll find her thoughts in this July 22, 1999 Fool on the Hill article.

Why a Fool Wanted UPS to Go Public
Several months ago, prior to UPS's IPO announcement, we asked Fools which companies they'd like to see go public. Find out who picked UPS and why.

The ABCs of IPOs
They're not the get-rich-quick vehicles they're made out to be. TMF Puck has the skinny on initial public offerings.

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