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EXTRA! EXTRA! Millions of Americans are (when it comes to newsprint) Fool-less in New York City, Boston, Baltimore, Cleveland, Fresno, and many other regions. Heck -- they're even Fool-less in our nation's capital. Isn't it enough to make you cry? Imagine� with their Bran Flakes and donuts each morning, your neighbors may be flipping through their newspapers, reading very little that teaches them important truths about investing.

Since the summer of 1997, The Motley Fool's weekly syndicated newspaper feature has been popping up in more and more papers across the country. (Here's a current list of papers that have signed up for us.) But since many of your local papers are still Fool-less, we thought you might like to review some sample content from our newspaper feature. In this collection you'll find several weeks' worth. Each full weekly feature has five elements:

  • Ask the Fool: questions and answers on basic investing
  • The Fool School: a lesson on an investing concept
  • My Dumbest/Smartest Investment: a reader's story
  • The Fool Take: a take on a recent stock in the news
  • Name that Company: a contest where you... name that company
If you'd like to read this kind of stuff in your newspaper each week, give its business editor a call and ask her (politely, of course) to consider carrying it. If she asks, we're syndicated through Universal Press Syndicate and she can get us through them. (You might even suggest that the editor just try running us for a few weeks and see what kind of response she gets from readers.) To get your newspaper's phone number, e-mail Selena Maranjian at selenam@fool.com or check your local phone book.

Hearing that actual subscribers and readers want to see certain features has a big impact on what editors choose to carry. Yes, you'll be doing us a favor by helping spread Foolishness across the land. You'll also be doing a lot of your neighbors a favor by helping them get their financial houses in order

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