Help Stop Selective Disclosure

April 24, 2000

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is proposing to change the rules that currently allow companies to give important information to Wall Street analysts without simultaneously giving the news to the public at large. While Wall Street is spending big and lobbying hard to keep the current system of selective disclosure in place, Fools have their own opinions and have been letting the SEC know where they stand.

Find out what Fools are mad about by reading the articles below, then let the SEC know what you think. The deadline for public comments is Friday, Apr. 28. Don't wait for that election in November -- participate in democracy today, Fool!

To have your voice heard, click on and put "Proposed Regulation FD: File No. S7-31-99" in the comment header, and sign your name and company affiliation if any.

Wall Street Opposes Level Playing Field
The time for open comment is almost over, and Wall Street has predictably stated its opposition to the proposed regulation. Bill Barker gives equal time to the brokers.

SEC Levels Playing Field
When the SEC first announced that it was considering new fair disclosure rules, Bill Barker was there to celebrate the move toward fairness in investing.

Read What Fools Are Saying
The proposed regulation has been a popular topic on the Fool on the Hill discussion board. Here's what Fools are saying.

Comments From Investors
The SEC has assembled the comments it's received so far. Hear what investors are saying about the proposal.

The Opposition Speaks
Who are these Wall Street players who are opposed to the proposed regulation? Read the Securities Industry Association's comments against the proposal.

Announcement From the SEC
Read the SEC's Press Release, Chairman Arthur Levitt's statement, and fact sheets on the proposed regulation.