Best of the Fool 2000

1999 Archive

First Quarter

  • 3/17/00 -- Stock Splits
    David Gardner sets the record straight about the most overrated topic in equity investing in today's Best.

  • 3/16/00 -- The Compounding Fribble
    Money isn't the only thing that compounds, as Selena Maranjian demonstrates in this classic.

  • 3/15/00 -- Rats
    In this great old column, Randy Befumo uses his favorite behavioral science experiment to explain the irrationality of technical analysis.

  • 3/14/00 -- Do You Invest to Live or Live to Invest?
    Bill Mann's resonant review of what's really important in life is as fitting today as the day when he wrote it.

  • 3/13/00 -- The Big Strike Out
    In this Foolish classic, Jeff Fischer questions the "visionary" predictions of investment professionals.

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