Best of the Fool 2000
Week of March 13, 2000

The Motley Fool publishes more than a dozen articles every market day. Most are replaced by brand spankin' new articles within 24 hours, and then the articles are banished to the Motley Fool archives. Though not a bad place to hang out, veteran archived articles recently revolted and demanded better placement on the Fool site. After hearing their demands, we wholeheartedly agreed.

There are numerous articles whose Foolish message and timelessness deserve a place to call their own. We quickly signed a treaty with the articles and created a place just for them. And that place is (trumpets please!)...The Best of the Fool.

One week each quarter, five of our favorite and most memorable Fool articles will find a new home in this hallowed hall. Check back each day during that week to find out the new entrant to our Foolish Hall of Fame.

  • Friday 3/17 -- Stock Splits
    David Gardner sets the record straight about the most overrated topic in equity investing in today's Best.

  • Thursday 3/16 -- The Compounding Fribble
    Money isn't the only thing that compounds, as Selena Maranjian demonstrates in this classic.

  • Wednesday 3/15 -- Rats
    In this great old column, Randy Befumo uses his favorite behavioral science experiment to explain the irrationality of technical analysis.

  • Tuesday 3/14 -- Do You Invest to Live or Live to Invest?
    Bill Mann's resonant review of what's really important in life is as fitting today as the day when he wrote it.

  • Monday 3/13 -- The Big Strike Out
    In this Foolish classic, Jeff Fischer questions the "visionary" predictions of investment professionals.

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