Details of The Motley Fool Blog Network

We're striving to create a platform that allows the best minds in business and investing to share their most compelling ideas in a way that is painless and simple, and we’d like for you to join us.

Development Strategy and Feedback

We are be seeking your feedback throughout the process, from the design we create to the tools we offer. We’ll be building the network using an iterative process – the first version will be shooting for effective rather than pretty – and we’ll add features as we go. We can to be sure we’re creating a system that works for you.


All blog posts that meet our basic requirements will be published to the Blog Network page, in which our large and growing community will decide which content rises to the top.

Additionally, contributors can have their content appear on major finance sites –, Yahoo! Finance, AOL DailyFinance, MSN Money, CNNMoney, and more – if it meets our higher quantitative and qualitative requirements.

Here are some examples (culled from our blog contributions in our stock-picking game CAPS) of the kind of posts we would love to see from you:

The more you post, the more insightful your articles, the more you develop a following, the faster you will be able to rise to the top of the network.

Trading Guidelines and Disclosure
We’re big on transparency and integrity at the Fool. That’s why we don’t allow anonymous bloggers, and that’s why we require each Premium Blogger to abide by our trading rules, which stipulate:

In order to post with us, you must agree that the submissions to The Motley Fool Blog Network are original, that you have the right to submit them for publication, and that they are either exclusive to The Motley Fool or cross-posted only from a personal blog or website -- i.e., that no article has been or will be submitted for publication to another site.  

Legal Copyright Stuff
You are not surrendering your copyright in your expression by joining The Motley