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From Capt. Dave Lawson:
(regarding our top-rated podcast)
"Gents, Great Job. Listen everyday possible."

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Capt. Dave Lawson and Rob Burnett are based in Al Kisik, Iraq.
Capt. Dave Lawson and Rob Burnett are based in Al Kisik, Iraq.
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Market capitalization

  • Market capitalization, also called market cap, is the overall price of the company as measured by... more »

Financial statement

  • The financial statements include the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Shareholders'... more »

Cash flow statement

  • A company's cash flow statement provides an overview of all cash-related activities for a given... more »

Earnings per share

  • Earnings per share is the company's total earnings or net income divided by its shares outstanding... more »

Income statement

  • The income statement tracks a company's revenues, gross profits, operating income or loss, and net... more »

Operating margin

  • Operating margin is defined as Operating Profit divided by Revenue (or Sales). more »

Free cash flow

  • Free cash flow is the cash a company produces from its operations less the cost of expanding its... more »

Dividend yield

  • Dividend yield is simply the annual dividend divided by the current share price, expressed as a... more »

Balance sheet

  • The balance sheet is one of four financial statements. It shows the financial position of a company... more »

Gross margin

  • Gross Margin or gross profit margin is gross profit divided by revenue (or sales), expressed as a... more »

Net margin

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P/E ratio

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