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Anand Chokkavelu, CFA

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Before becoming a writer/editor for The Motley Fool, Anand was an auditor, a financial monkey at a Fortune 500 company, employee No. 64 in a failed start-up, and a member of a $10-billion-dollar-deal team. He uses this real-world experience to vet potential investments beyond the raw numbers. He also believes that patience to wait for an excellent entry price is just as important as identifying an excellent company. His stock tastes are as eclectic as his tastes in music, books, and people, but he has particular expertise in the banking and financial sectors.

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Anand's Portfolio (as of 4/10/14 close)

  • Total Portfolio Return: 36.92%
  • S&P 500 Return: 66.73%
  • Difference: -29.81%
  • Cash Value: $9,117
  • Stock Value: $30,468
  • Total Portfolio Value: $39,468