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Bryan Hinmon, CFA

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In Focus

Bryan has decided to discontinue his portfolio. Thank you for your interest. You might consider following another one of our other Real-Money Stock Picks.

Bryan Hinmon, CFA (TMF42), has been a Fool for a decade, though he has only been getting paid for it since February 2010. Before taking on his current post as an analyst for Motley Fool Pro and Motley Fool Options, Bryan performed equity research and managed money in the world of hedge funds (cue music of impending doom!). Because competitive analysis and valuation are (obviously) inherently exciting activities, Bryan strikes that all-important life balance by investing in less-than-exciting businesses. You can call his finds unknown, unloved, or just unsexy -- but making money by finding bargains in overlooked areas is definitely un-boring.

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Bryan's Portfolio (as of 10/13/11 close)

  • Total Portfolio Return: -2.26%
  • S&P Return: 2.87%
  • Difference: -5.13%
  • Cash Value: $10,277
  • Stock Value: $5,250
  • Total Portfolio Value: $15,527