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David Meier and John Reeves

David Meier & John Reeves

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David and John have decided to discontinue their portfolio. Thank you for your interest. You might consider following another one of our other Real-Money Stock Picks analysts.

David Meier (TMFHumbleServant) began his Foolish journey as a reader of the site back in 1997. He later joined the company as an analyst in 2005. Currently an associate advisor on Million Dollar Portfolio, David has invested in numerous multibaggers over the course of his career. As a former engineer for GE, he's pretty handy with a spreadsheet, though he doesn't like the terms value- or growth-investor. He wants to be known simply as an "investor."

John Reeves (TMFBane) began learning about investing as a five-year-old, over cups of weak tea with his Irish-born grandmother. Nowadays, he's continuing his education by looking for great companies with tremendous long-term growth prospects. John's investing hero is Peter Lynch, and he believes that One Up On Wall Street is the best investing book of all time.

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