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Jason Moser

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In Focus

Jason has decided to discontinue his portfolio. Thank you for your interest. You might consider following another one of our other Real-Money Stock Picks analysts.

Jason's interest in investing started when he was just a child, thanks to his father. This passion led him to study economics in college. After seven years as a PGA club professional, he traveled the world with his wife and daughters before finding his way to Fool HQ as an analyst for Stock Advisor. One part Graham and one part Lynch just about sums up Jason's investing style. Never one to shy away from a compelling story, he also wants to make sure he is paying a fair price and believes that many of the best investments are the ones right before our very eyes.

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Jason's Portfolio (as of 1/24/13 close)

  • Cash Value: $1,930
  • Stock Value: $33,037
  • Total Portfolio Value: $34,968