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Joe Tenebruso

Joe Tenebruso

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Joe (TMFGuardian) is an analyst on The Motley Fool's Stock Advisor and Supernova premium service teams, and a writer for Before joining the Fool through its ultra-competitive Analyst Development Program, Joe worked in the protection services industry. After earning his finance degree from Rutgers University and graduating summa cum laude, Joe's new mission is to help ensure our members' financial security. As portfolio manager of Tier 1 Investments, Joe will be seeking out and investing in the world's elite businesses.

An Announcement From Joe Tenebruso, March 3, 2014

All of us invest so that we can improve the lives of ourselves and our families. Here at the Fool, we also invest in a way that honors our commitment to you, our members, by disclosing what we own and putting our public advice ahead of our personal actions.

Both principles are at the heart of this brief announcement: My wife and I are purchasing a home, and in order to raise the necessary capital for a down payment, I need to sell my shares of LinkedIn and Disney.

Rest assured, I continue to believe that LinkedIn and Disney are outstanding businesses that will outperform the market over the long term. LinkedIn and Disney are sizable positions in both the Odyssey 1 portfolio (of which I am a voting team member) and Tier 1 -- the Real-Money Stock Picks portfolio that I manage for The Motley Fool. The Odyssey 1 team has no plans to sell these positions of which I am aware, and I have no plans of selling LinkedIn or Disney in Tier 1.

But I wanted to let you know, up front, what my intended actions are in the Foolish spirit of transparency. And so after our waiting period, I will be selling my personal holdings in LinkedIn and Disney.

Fool on!

Joe Tenebruso

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