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Michael Olsen, CFA

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Michael Olsen (TMFAgewone) is a dyed-in-the-wool proponent of buying cheap. No surprise then, that he's senior analyst at Special Ops. In his real-money portfolio, Michael plans to bring a healthy skepticism, an appreciation for the market's (and life's) ironies, a dose of irreverence, and the love for things hated -- scouring the market high and low for cheap, maligned, or misunderstood stocks. During his years at the Fool, he's also played the role of senior analyst at Hidden Gems, analyst at Inside Value, and contributed to and special reports including Stocks 2010, Stocks 2009, Stocks 2007, and The Motley Fool's Oil, Gas, Precious Metals, and Timber Report (among others). Michael graduated from the University of Richmond with a degree in business administration with a finance concentration, and was awarded his CFA charter in 2010. Though he spends much of his time buried in Securities and Exchange Commission filings, he recognizes the need for a bit of sun and social interaction. His passions include travel to foreign lands, pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee, his guitar, and good books. As a New Jersey native, Mike has a treacherous soft spot for good pasta. He does his best to counteract these effects with another one of his passions -- swimming.

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Michael's Portfolio (as of 9/11/14 market close)

  • Cash Value: $4,401
  • Stock Value: $34,737
  • Total Portfolio Value: $39,138