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Matt Argersinger and Paul Chi

Paul Chi & Matthew Argersinger

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In Focus

Paul and Matt have decided to discontinue their portfolio. Thank you for your interest. You might consider following another one of our other Real-Money Stock Picks analysts.

Paul (TMFBabo) is an analyst on the Motley Fool's Alpha and Motley Fool One services. Before finding his way to the Fool, Paul honed his investment skills as part of the Motley Fool CAPS community while working as an electrical engineer in the steel industry. He is currently the #1 rated CAPS player (out of 74,000+ ranked players). Paul co-manages the Street Fighter portfolio with Matthew Argersinger (TMFMattyA), senior analyst on Alpha and previously an analyst on Stock Advisor. Before joining the Fool, Matthew was an economist at the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. The Street Fighter portfolio is a focused mix of Paul and Matt's best ideas with the objective of finding stocks with home run potential.

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