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Rex Moore

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In Focus

Rex has decided to discontinue his portfolio. Thank you for your interest. You might consider following another one of our other Real-Money Stock Picks.

Longtime Fool Rex Moore is a veteran of many market cycles and has learned from all of them. He has contributed analysis and stock recommendations for both Hidden Gems and Stock Advisor, and he developed the highly successful Modified Foolish 8 screen. He's bringing his screening expertise to his real-money portfolio, where all potential investments must pass a rigorous screening and fundamental analysis process. The portfolio can serve as a one-stop shop for any investor's needs. It will be well-balanced and diversified across size (large, medium, and small caps), style (growth and value), geography (ensuring a proper amount of international exposure), and industries.

Rex's Buy and Sell Recommendations

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Rex's Portfolio (as of 9/27/12 close)

  • Cash Value; $15,143
  • Stock Value: $13,480
  • Total Portfolio Value: $28,622