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Investing | March 13, 2014

Is AIG Poised To Be Stronger Than Ever?

AIG is seeing solid increases in earnings and liquidity. The company increased its share repurchase program and raised its cash payout to shareholders, as its fundamentals have dramatically improved ever since the financial crisis.

Investing | March 12, 2014

Why American International Group Inc Slipped This Morning

Does this analyst make a good case? Or is it just more noise from Wall Street?

Investing | March 09, 2014

Warren Buffett’s 4-Step Plan to Become a World-Class Company

Warren Buffett's annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders contains some of the best advice the insurance industry will ever receive.

Investing | March 08, 2014

The Radical Plan to Force the Biggest Banks to Pay the Government $86 Billion

A recent proposal to overhaul the tax code in the United States could result in the biggest banks like Bank of America shelling out billions more to the U.S. Government each and every year.

Investing | March 04, 2014

3 Reasons to Believe in the New AIG

AIG has completely turned around the company. It is now a focused insurer with improving performance metrics.

Investing | March 01, 2014

Why AIG Is the Biggest Position in My Portfolio

Why I think AIG is a great investment.

Investing | February 28, 2014

Where the Money Is: February 28

The biggest stories from Friday’s world of finance.

Investing | February 27, 2014

I'm Selling AIG Stock and Buying Warrants

Check out this special situation.

Investing | February 27, 2014

Where the Money Is: February 27

The biggest stories from Thursday’s world of finance.

Investing | February 26, 2014

This Company Remains a Thorn In Bank Of America's Side

Just when the mega-bank thought that its legal troubles were resolved, an active adversary has raised its hand once more to overthrow a positive legal resolution.

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